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It shows this message please help guys

Fatal error: You PHP version must be equal or higher than 5.5.9 to use CakePHP. in /home/feits001/public_html/gms.feits.co/config/bootstrap.php on line 18

please share your skype so that i can contact

You need to update PHP version to 5.5.9 or 5.6 on you host side.

its required online hosting compulsory or we can create local host in system

After purchasing you can have it tried on localhost first.

I am currently using 5.5.38 php. I am reading 5.5.9 fatal error during the install of this software by a previous user, to use the cakephp framework. The requirement says 5.6. What is the correct answer?

Sorry but not able to verify your purchase.

This is a pre-purchase question. Im researching your software and concerned that my php version may not be correct

5.6 is recommended.

I am going to install this to my server but it shows this error .Please help .


Can you please tell me how to do it or can u share your skype please.It will be great help for me.

I have enble the rewrite_module and also the php version is more than 5.5 still not working please help


Please Check the permission level of fgms directory.Can you tell us which PHP version you have exactly.

can we setup auto payment from members bank account? is there any barcode scanner management systems support your system? like customer scan on bar code scanner and his profile show up to monitor so we can see if member is active or not.

We are checking on possibilities to connect bar code device to system. Can you tell us which bar code device you are using.

Love this software! Excellent build. I need to remove a couple of items such as Store etc..can you give instruction on where to do this as Cake is somewhat unfamiliar to me. Thanks

You need to edit this file.\src\Template\Cell\GymRenderMenu\admin_menu.ctp. Remove Line : 122 to 126. And remove access to others from from access right page.

Thanks. Receiving a javascrip:void(0) on the Assign Workout, Level “Add Level” button. It’s required and there is no other “Level” setting that I can find anywhere so I am unable to Assign Workout

It will open popup window to add levels.when you click on button.

I miss the visual information concerning the Daily Log of Workouts fro Members. Is this module software Available in last released version? Thanks

replied on email support

Do the invoice auto generate after every period? For example, if membership is per month for $50, does it auto generate the next month? and the next one? an so on. And, does the client receive it in his email? Or just in Gym Master panel?

Can the Admin see and filter which payments/member are pending for payment?



1. There is only one invoice per membership period if membership renewed then another invoice gets generated.You can see payment histories from membership payment view button.

2. Yes admin can see payment status of members from the same menu.

3. Signup fee not included in invoice so i will not include in invoice every time it gets renew.

Hi, I once / general-setting / save-settings:

CakePHP: the rapid development php framework An Internal Error Has chords

This was the error? Where is the problem?

replied on email support

hi, What is the version cakephp 2 or 3 ?

Cakephp 3

demo isn’t working!

Sorry for the trouble. please check now.

Hi. I tried log like a member a few times, but always have a message “Invalid username…”

Please check now.

Hi, I cannot create a member as I am not able to select/choose the class from the drop-down list. Despite adding new class list, it shows none in the drop down list.

replied on email support

Is there code for an android app which can accompany this system?

Thats great, thanks you

Hi, are you able to give me the link yet please?

Hello guys, You have done an excellent job with this software. Their support is incredible and they have solved all my questions in less than 24 hours. five stars for you :D

Glad to see your comments. Thanks for appreciation.

I would buy the software, but do not understand how to work the workout.

Please check the demo.

You can assign workout activity for members for any week days. that will show in members dashboard. Member can add workout data.

if u can consider integrate voguepay.com or https://www.cashenvoy.com/ as payment method i would get the script ASAP as paypal and stripe don’t works for us here

We can do that as custom development.


J2O Purchased


Your demo looks cool – I’m considering buying. I kinda wish you had more data in your demo though as its hard to test it when there is hardly any info there… add more members n’ stuff!

Looks good though..! still testing..


Thanks. We will check it.


J2O Purchased

Purchased! :) fyi the demo is not in English..


J2O Purchased

Hi Guys,

Just finished installing the system. Just wondering, how I can add another admin user?

Thanks, Jay

Another question, is there any way I can input information about members (or members in classes) which I can update every week to show their progress?

=> Yes, You can do this from daily workout page.

Also can you log members weight then update it weekly to show them their weight loss over the weeks/months?

=> Yes, You can do this from daily workout -> Add Measurement

can you set a class to cost extra or separate to the memberships? e.g. we have a special class that costs £5 to goto – how can I add that cost to the class?

=> Yes you can do it by creating special membership and add that class into it.

On the dashboard page, why doesn’t the calendar show the classes that are scheduled? ==>In current version it shows in class schedule page.

about to buy this program b4 that why there is no add member on the system?