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i have same problem,

CakePHP: the rapid development php framework An Internal Error Has Occurred Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.


When do you face this error? In which menu? if you see this error on payment page then please check the documentation for faq. Or please share FTP,URL and admin login details so we can resolve it.

i have same problem,

CakePHP: the rapid development php framework An Internal Error Has Occurred Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.

i have sent you the FTP details but no reply from you

Please check now..

When you click on newsletter the error is still there

Hi, guys, I need some Tutorial to learn how can I use all tools of the system, like reports, custemers pais, unpaid and others things. tks

replied over email support


The demo is running in arabic. Can you change it to English?

Can you help to integrate another payment gateway after purchase?

When is the new update without the error someone talked about here?

I wait your reply.

Thank you


You can change language in demo since we are providing admin access as well. Yes,we can help you to integrate another payment gateway as code customization. What do you mean by new update without error?

Thanks for your reply. The errors i do refer to those posted in comments by those already using your scripts.

So, how soon is your next update?

Those errors are caused due to hosting side issue.The Documentation covers that issue with fixes also we do provide support as well.

I bought your script. I installed it, but there was a problem loading it. There is a problem in the Css. I tried the update version but the problem is not solved. You can see the problem from the link below.


replied over email support

I answered your mail.I am waiting

We have solved the problem. Please check it

I still have the error CakePHP: the rapid development php framework An Internal Error Has Occurred Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred. Under payment, membership payment, income and expense still have that error, am sure that is the last place

We have fixed error in payment, membership payment, income, and expense. check it

Before purchasing this script i need to know about the attendance systems that could be implemented like fingerprint / magnetic cards or any other available solutions. Im very interested if you have any solution as soon as possible.

No. At the moment fingerprint device not supported but we do it with code customization. This device will connect to mobile and it will have an android app that will communicate with web app through API.

please i want to make sure of something, in your first reply you said yes its possible to add fingerprint device with its link and in the second reply you said no fingerprint devices are not supported at the moment without code customization.

i need details how i can activate the time attendance with fingerprint if existing and what devices (fingerprint machines) are supported ? what about the android app that you will be using with the API and how much it will cost?

please let me know if i can contact you by phone to make things go faster

We said fingerprint support is not available in the current version but it can be implemented with code customization. With customization, we will provide you the android app to take fingerprint to enter attendance. If you want this customize please click on support tab here and send the requirements.

Is there any option for generating pdf file for invoice?

Yes, you can generate pdf for invoice.

pre orden 1 I can buy the php and android code and IOS and join all this 2, I can put video in the apps so that my members see it to the one who assigns that video 3, if a user gives him a training and nutrition, the others will not see it

We are working on video and image add feature and it will be released with an update. Admin will add video and images for selected members.For now, this feature will be on web app only.

Is the Gym Management System SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) compatible?

not really

Good day, I have an attendance-related question. In our sports school, we enroll students in a particular program. For example: Program A lasts for 1 year and consists of 3 weekly sessions: Mon, Tue & Friday. Students, enrolled in the program, can select different attendance frequency, for example, Student 1 – attends Mon, Tue, Fri (3 sessions/week); Student 2 – attends Tue & Fri (2 sessions/week); Student 3 – attends Mon only (1 session/week)

So, I have 2 questions with regards to customization: 1) We need to assign students to a program/class, but within the program/class we also need to assign them to particular sessions that he attends (e.g. Mon, or Mon+Tue, or Mon+ Tue+Fri)? It should also be reflected in the Attendance: e.g. if a Program is on Monday, it should only show students that are assigned to this program and that are supposed to come on that Monday. 2) Add calendar view (weekly, monthly), so that the calendar shows the classes that are conducted on a particular day of the week.

Thanks Eugenia

we have replied over email

just bought your $39 GYM MASTER Software Management. i have some questions 1. i can only 2 staff members, can’t add the 3rd, seems to be a bug there i don’t know, 2. My Fitness Centre has Personal Trainer which get their income from commision, how can i assign them in the software? 3. how can i separate key access, accountant and customer service that doesn’t need to know the profit / loss statement. 4. is there any basic guide to use the software, i don’t understand basic terms like Membership Amount, what’s the difference with Sign Up Fee? thank you

yes, i do need code custom for point number 2 to get personal trainer package for example: 1 package is 12 sessions, 10 session to 1 session cost differently and i also need to know about the store, how can i add the COGS for items like supplement, drinks, snacks that we sell, so we can know the profit, thank you

=> We will add field “COGS” in Add and edit product page.Is it fine? => We can give you the option to add commision on a separate page from there you can select membership, commision, date field and textarea.Fine?

great, please do


Vito227 Purchased

Do you have any updates in the works for your script?

coming soon

how can i produce income statement? profit and loss? can it do that? in store and product section, can it submit the COGS and selling price? i only can submit the price in product section, i assume this is selling price. please help

yes, can u do that? where can i download new updated with new features that i asked? thank you

Please click on support tab and send us email with requirement list and we will be happy to give you quote.

i’ve send email, thank you

is there any front end as well ?

Not in the current version, but we are working on to add few pages for visitors.


Dejlow Purchased

is it possible to use this with php5.4, as my webhost dont support intl extention in php5.6

No. Minimum 5.6 is required for cakephp3.

I Dont see Installer Page properly.No background image,no Next button. https://ibb.co/bxt9yS

Make sure you mod_rewrite module enable and you have .htaccess in gym_master folder.

I am getting this error during installation on local server. An Internal Error Has Occurred Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred. Here is the screenshot https://ibb.co/g9bDSn

Type “localhost” in the host field. It is the server host. The error is generating because it is not connecting to host.

while installing, what will be the host? I understand db name, username and password but what is host ? https://ibb.co/jDumV7

Type “localhost” in the host field. It is the server host. The error is generating because it is not connecting to host.

Hey! This app looks good! I did do some testing but i have few questions and I’m not sure if these functions are possible at the moment.

I would like to be able to assign groups to a staff?

It would be nice to create private groups and access with invite only?

Classes for groups?

Google Maps for class locations (we trains outside time to time)?

Private classes with invite only?

Add members to groups on a groups page?

Members can join groups?

Message board / chat on groups?

Location filter for groups, classes, staff and members?

Member ability to sign up on classes? Ability to cancel?

Can admin edit / delete measurements? Can admin create new measurement questions?

Sorry for long list of questions :) I’m interested of buying the full set

Thanks for contacting. we will give you all of your answer very soon