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I purchased your Gym System months ago, since the very beginning was almost imposible to install. My server meets every of your requirements, but is is amazing that even your installer shows several error and does not load the content properly, so there is not “Install” button at the end of the installation form.

I tried every two-three months to install it again, hoping that any new update fixes these errors, but same thing.

Because of this, my support time already expired, but feel not worth it to renew it. I have purchased hundreds (you can see my badges) of software here and all of them work like a charm from the installation process. Even if I get to fix the installation, there are many button and loading errors inside.

I just downloaded the last version of your software. Installation screen does not load properly. It does not find the JS folder and its files, and I don’t see that folder in the downloaded package. There is one inside the wwwroot folder. What?

So, final question to find out if I renew my support and have this software working, is it really possible to make your software work?


We will fix the issue for you. You should have contacted us at first time.  Do check you have ”.htaccess” file inside the gym_master folder and inside webroot folder.It needs to be there. upload manually if its missing. Or Share FTP details and domain URL. we will check it.

Admin side access is restricted because of security reason. You check admin you side video from below link.


hi, before purchase i would like to know if language can be changed to spanish? well i see on the video if possible.

and does it have the section to register IN/OUT of the members?

how to fix that error?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, I’ve some problem with saves fields date in membrers form, I select date as I need, but always save like 01/01/1970.

How Can I solve this issue?

So, I did again and it still not working.

So, I did again and it still not working.

You need to change “Date Format” in general settings. Not system language.

Hello, i have followed the instruction for installation as per documentation and nothing appears when i browse. It’s just blank, there is no installation wizard or anything else.

How can a fresh script act like this ? Please, resolve.

Sorry, i forgot to enable intl extension. It’s working now. Thanks.

Hi I have few questions before i buy – do you have options like ” ending Membership” Unpaid Members” , Payment & Due Collection and Bar code Printing?


Thanks for interest in our product. our product have not Bar Code Printing facility but other option are available in product as you listed.

Hi, We are interested to buy your system, but a pre purchase question : 1. Do you have any access control system integrated in to it, or could you integrate a device as customization at additional nominal cost?

We can do with Biometric fingerprint integration customization.

how much does it cost?

Please click on support tab and contact us through email and we will get back to you with quote.

i need the whole package management system and the both app ios and android but i have no coding experience will you set it up form do you white label the product so as to be branded with my logo advice also the payment system paypal doesn’t work will you help integrating with a local payment system advice.

We will setup the logo and payment method which are part of customization after your purchase.

i am getting this error while trying to upload the file to cpanel : The file you uploaded, fitphamapp.zip, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: Atomicorp.Zip.File.Contains.bat.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

replied over email support

can u give receipts to members who purchase items? and why is it that the system doesn’t tell when products are out of stock.

In current version we do not have feature like give receipts to the member who purchases items.

You will get a product out of stock alert feature with next version. we will release next version very soon.

so if purchase this current version will i be updated or i will have to buy the new version.

You need to update version, not need to purchase a new version.


zachbikz Purchased

is it possible to connect a card scanner on this app?

No.But we are currently looking checking on it. Please tell us which card scanner do you use, so we can check and add support for the scanner.


zachbikz Purchased

I added a member, but the expiry date says “Null”, what is the issue? Please help.

You can mark present or absent any member.member can see his attendance on their dashboard Go to member edit form and select membership for the member.


zachbikz Purchased

how does the attendance work per member?

You can mark present or absent any member.member can see his attendance on their dashboard Go to member edit form and select membership for the member.


coolcodes Purchased

hello, I have a problem whit pay module. this module is not working :C please help me

Please click on support tab and send us FTP and admin details through email.


War10k Purchased

hi, does the software work well? Can I buy without problems?

ye of course it works and that’s why it has more then 100 sales