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Hi There, This is a pre-purchase query. I have seen your demo (php) and it is the kind of software I am looking for.My purpose of using this only as my final year project in my college. Can I use it, then I need to be able to change features (very small change) and CSS during my project demonstration.

Before the project, I will use this on my local server, to be familiar with the code so that, if teachers ask me anything about the code, I can answer. Can I do that? After that, before my project demonstration, I will need to upload this on my server and use my subdomain (most probably I will use my local server). I know, for each subdomain or domain, I need to buy liscense for all of them. That’s why, I will only use this in one subdomain.

Please let me know if this possible. I am ready to buy. Here is my email to contact further:

Best, Pritam

Is there member login in the non-enterprise system?

no, member login is in enterprise version only.

Alright! I would like to see the demo of the enterprise edition & would also like to know if there is any licensing concerns as I have 2 GYMS with different names. I would like to manage both of them separately. Email –

I am trying to understand the source code for trimming it using my own design ideas. It looks (1) the PHP code did not encoding password. (2) the style.css is unclear, can you update it then your clients can revise for their purpose easily.

Installed fine – Can’t login.. – Not one word about the preset login credentials in the documentation. It’s not admin, administrator, gymadmin, etc..

What’s the initial login?

you have sent me the email, here is your email and i cannot share credentials as then any one who illegally downloaded the app can use the app. Hope you understand. so check your email.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi, – Sorry, I didn’t think about being able to send you a private note here. This might be more appropriate to what you were saying. Obviously, I just want to get on with what I’m doing. – Thanks.

This email was sent from pagespages <> through your profile contact form on Envato Market.

Sure, that’s reasonable and I understand. You did send me an email in regards, thank you. However, the credentials did not work and I still cannot login. I was able to log into the database and change the recovery email but how do I get it to send a key?

If you can double check that for me and delete my email from the post, I’d appreciate it. Thanks so much.

Thanks so Much! (There are several connection files) - Looks Good! : )

Hi, Why camera is not working? when do register.

hello we checked and found camera is working fine, you have to enable browser to show camera.

Hello sir, ı want a buy. But I’m afraid I will lose data in the future. What should we do for security other than backing up? Finally, can we do language editing?

Thanks, I wait your replied. I buy after your comment.

there are few points you can do for managing data loss. we will let you know once you will purchase it.

presale question: pls where is the front-end for this script

Hi do we have option to add and manage multiple gym. I am happy to buy if this feature is available.

this feature is in our enterprise version.

Before i buy i need confirm these options are available or not which are- Point Of Sale, Accounts Modules, Inventory Module,Ledger Management, Invoice, Billing Module and Membership Expiry Alerts and Due Members – Thanks

billing ,Membership Expiry Alerts and Due Members is available in this module, rest all mentioned modules are in our enterprise edition at