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Hi! I have to create some ads for a client, can I host the ad on my server and send them over some html code to implement on their site? Also I need it to be https, is that something this plugin offers?

thank you!


Yes you can, after creating ads just html code is enough to implement… and you can host that in ur server..

No, these are just html banners developed by tool, this is not a plugin..


presales question. Im really interested. But how does this work, do i need to upload to my server, then how can I place it on other peoples site or google adwords?

Hi im interested in your ad banner pack. But I dont know how to use google web designer or adobe flash. Is it easy to learn to edit and customize the template?

Hello, thanks for your interest, yes it is easy to learn google web designer, and then you can easily perform changes in the banners. And we are giving a documentation with downloaded bundle that will helps you to edit banners..


Hello.Am really interested in this for my web hosting company but I have some presales questions 1.How does this work?Do I install it to my domain name? 2.Also is there an admin dashboard? 3.Are the banners in demo include so that I can make changes by dragging and dropping? 4.After I have customized a banner,is its code generated?

Kind Regards

Hello Newzy,

thanks for your interest.

1. You no need to install it with your domain,

2. these are just Ad Banners sets only, so no need to use dashboard(admin),

3. And yes i included all demo files in downloaded bundle, and you can easily change them as per your needs.. Details Documentation will be provided with downloaded bundle.

4. Yes it is auto generates Code .


so i will just be customizing them from my computer or how does this work?

Yes, you can easily customize them on your computer, by using GWD tool, that is a google product, and it is free to use(download).. customization manual included in downloaded bundle.. if you face any issues then will discuss again…

Or if you want we will do customization works also with minimum titles change, site name changes, logo changes like that..


Good evening, can you explain what the functionality of this script is.

The idea is to sell advertising to clients and publish them on the internet that’s the idea ?

Another consultation, the arts of my clients and I design them and I put them on this platform, to publish it on a website, the client’s offer?

Please excuse me. regards

Hello Overfeed457,

these banners are built with Google Web Designer(GWD) tool. So once you purchase you can edit banners in GWD easily and publish them on internet. Clear Documentation in provided in downloaded zip files about how to edit banners.

And for creating banners with your or clients art(s) work is different scenario, we will do custom works also. For custom works please contact us directly through

please let us know still u have any doubts

Best Regards Rio


I need your help. I brought this item from you. I got mixed sizes in all the templates. Can you please reply me ASAP

PRe sale

How does this work? Are you using base64 encoding? Is there any harm to SEO? What program do you editing?

Hello MhendiZ,

thanks for your interest.. i used Google Web Designer(GWD) Tool to develop ad banners, and it will auto-generates code.. and there is no question of harm to SEO, in fact it is fully SEO friendly because code is generated by Google Tool.

thanks.. have a good day

Hi, are the banners supporting dynamic ad texts in combination with Google Spreadsheet?

Hello Zerious,

No, these are static animated HTML5 Ad Banners Built with Google Web Designer.


Hi. I just bought your GWD – Ad Banner with HTML5. Looks good. Im using Mac and Google Web Designer tool to edit the ads. But I have problems selecting the texts… I choose Text Tools, but cant select the text… any tip?


that text is grouped, so to edit that go to “Selection tool(V)” which is in top of left side menu and then double click on “subtext”. there you can edit that text. and to get back again select that and doubleclick in any part of the banner. please let me know if you are still facing any issues..


Thanks, that worked perfectly!

Ok.. please rate my item.. thanks in advance. Have a good day

I’m facing difficulties editing the texts in any AD. it dose\t work most of the times\ I understand that it’s a feature from GWD and it’s not about your item but I think the reason behind that is the grouping feature which makes thing hard to edit could you please send me a video tutorial about editing the text


that text is grouped, so to edit that go to “Selection tool(V)” which is in top of left side menu and then double click on “subtext”. there you can edit that text. and to get back again select that and doubleclick in any part of the banner. please let me know if you are still facing any issues..


I think I couldn’t find the “sub text” is it possible to make it on a video or screen shoot it?

I think I was able to change the texts in the Divs but it’s difficult when the layers are above each others


kczilla Purchased

pre-sales – can I manually edit your files without using the GWD tool?


yes you can if you want to change animation’s then you have to use GWD, but if you want to change just titles, logo, text’s and images then you can use any editor to change, just like all how we change html files in editors..

please let me know if you still have any queries..

thanks.. have a good day

banners are awesome, i love it

Hi,Hope you are fine. i purchased 32 ad templates package from you.Thanks to save our time to have readymade excellent templates from you. But i don’t have any knowledge about gwd & coding.So i have some query regarding to this. 1.What is the easiest way to change contents & add new contents in ad template ? 2.Which file i have to edit ? 3.When i will place ad in google display network,only upload file in google adwords my job will be finished or i have to host also in server on public html ? I saw documentation is not clear for me.

Hello Shahid,

thanks for purchasing. if you want to edit entire banner then you have to open source folder files in GWD tool.. you can download GWD tool for free from below link.

1. if you have minor changes then it is easy to edit files through any editor.. for this please open “Demo” folder html file in editor, then edit just like all regular html files

2. if you want to edit entire banner then you have to open source folder files in GWD tool

3. when you want to post banners into adwords, then zip demo folder files then upload them in to adwords .. that’s it… here is adwords testing link.. you can test your creatives here once you finish your changes..

please let me know if you still have any queries. and we do Customization work also if you really need that, with minimum charges

once again thanks for purchasing..

have a nice daY

Hi, Just purchased your product today. I’m trying to get your source template B6 to run in adwords. how do i get it running ? i’m getting errors and don’t want to use Doubleclick.


Hello Collinsfm316,

thanks for purchasing our item, you need to upload Demo Folder files not Source folder files.

Hi. i’m having issues when i use dynamic remarketing feature. Please see the error i’m getting : . it says ” The ad you uploaded contains HTML5 code that we can not allow in our ads: gwd-studio-enabler-data-provider Please make sure your ad meets our policy requirements, and remove any references to the tags above.”



Let me check with this, will get back to you asap…



dej8 Purchased

Hi, I just bought this but the documentation is not clear.

Please email over clear docs to help me edit in GWD.


Hello We are working on it, within 1 day you will get it.. thanks for your patience

in meantime you can check youtube links what we provided in previous documentation, so that you get some idea about how to edit banners..


Hello, here is updated Documentation, please follow this and let us know still if you have any issues..

we also do customization work with minimal charges, if you are still not able to do changes, let us know.

as We can’t provide Video tutorials, we can’t explain more than this with Text documentation about a tool, we are happy and ready give more support. please check youtube tutorials once.. Please specify your issues little more clearly, in which part you are facing issues while making changes.



dej8 Purchased

Waiting for the documentation! Please share how I will receive this?

Hello, here is updated Documentation, please follow this and let us know still if you have any issues..


Got It

thanks for Purchasing rscorrotto.. please let me know if you still have any issues.

have a good day

Hi presale question please… it is possible to export in animated Gif file… if not how to integrate it in another page please thanks

Hi Milsou,

Yes you can export animated .gif file directly.


I cant upload the banners to Adwords because the Size or the image dimentions! What am I supposed to do?!

Hello Nicotolsta,

it might be size of the banner’s, for adwords it is 150kb max size. For this you may need to optimize images which you are using in the banner’s. you can easily optimize images in below link. just optimize and replace images.

thanks for purchasing, and let me know if you are still facing any issues.

have a good day.

Yes, that’s what I did. The weight is 126kb But Adwords tells me, “Your image is not allowed dimensions.”

Which C8 package banners are allowed by adwords?

Ok, which banner size you are uploading?

hi, how can i stop animations. adwords error. “cant be long more than 30 sec.”

Hello 2tbilisim,

thanks for purchasing, You can stop animation by limiting looping to 3 times.. here is updated Help file. you can do it yourself by following this file

please let us know if you are still facing any issues..

thanks.. please rate our Product.

have a good daY