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Dear Sir,

Please check again, Google Ad Disapproved: Animation in image ads The following is not allowed:

Ad status: {ACTION_TAKEN Ads are disapproved} Advertising issue: Animation in image ads

can you please send me your final files to my mail id: i will check that files from my side..


Are you fix it’s?


yes i found out the issue, animation is running more than 30sec(infinite times). so we need to stop animation before 30 sec or after 2-3 times loops.

you can edit/change looping times(number) by changing source files. you can check out below documentation file for how to change animation times..

in the above link check ” How to Stop/Repeat Animation” section, there explained how to set loop times, so you can change easily by following that process..

hope this will solve your issue, let me know if you still face any issues..


Hello, i edit and upload the ads in adwords. Is this not compatible with adwords? I edit the c8. the ads Disapproved for reason Animated image in image ads. I dont change the animation. i change only the images.

Hi xaratsom,

thanks for purchasing, they are compatible with adwords, but you need to do one small change, you just need to set repeat animation to 3 loops, we are generally use unlimited animation to show the animation style to buyers..

so please just set repeat animation looping to 3 times.. here is some note to how to set animations to loop..

in the above link check ” How to Stop/Repeat Animation” section, there explained how to set loop times, so you can change easily by following that process..

please rate our item,

thanks n regards PatrixRIo

Dear Support,

What is the best way to modify the banners? Can’t I seem to find the text easily in Google Web Designer?


Hi Aman

thanks for purchasing,

first, you need to zip “demo” folder files, not source folder files.. and you have to select all object’s in selected size(ex: 300×250)and then add that objects to .zip like

hope this will solves your issue, please let me know if you are still facing any issues.. Please rate my item..

Regards PatrixRIo

The text elements are not editable, how can I edit the text? I use the GWT. In the timeline I click the element, then I go the font tool, then to the relevant element on the canvas, but then I can not edit or change the text. It opens up a new text div but does not edit the existing one. What do I do wrong here? I use the M4 banner template 300×250

Hi, I just purchased the GWD banner ads, and is there an easy way to open the ads in Google Web Designer to edit directly, instead of using an html editor?

Hi Sean_England thanks for purchasing.

you can download GWD tool directly from this link and it is free..

after that open source folder files in GWD tool, there you can edit all elements easily and save the files and publish them..

please let me know if you face any other issues..



When I upload ads to google adwords, an error comes “Your HTML5 ad has modified clickability, which is not supported.” and its support says that tap area needs to be removed.

How to do this?

Hi ZealTechno,

thanks for purchasing,

Google has recently changed the ads policy.. so for upgrading banners as per new policy please open the banners in GWD tool and then remove clickability event from the banners and then publish will find that event in Events tab(right side of the tool)

thanks, let me know if you still have any issues..

I am not able to delete that event. Can you please guide me how to delete such event.

Hi great plugin

is this possible to run with AdBlock extensions?


Hi MuhammadRehman,

thanks for your interest, no you can’t run this with adblocker.. ad blocker will blocks ads as these are Google AdWords Banners..

thanks again, pleas let me know if you have any other queries

have a good day