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Hi! I have to create some ads for a client, can I host the ad on my server and send them over some html code to implement on their site? Also I need it to be https, is that something this plugin offers?

thank you!


Yes you can, after creating ads just html code is enough to implement… and you can host that in ur server..

No, these are just html banners developed by tool, this is not a plugin..


presales question. Im really interested. But how does this work, do i need to upload to my server, then how can I place it on other peoples site or google adwords?

Hi im interested in your ad banner pack. But I dont know how to use google web designer or adobe flash. Is it easy to learn to edit and customize the template?

Hello, thanks for your interest, yes it is easy to learn google web designer, and then you can easily perform changes in the banners. And we are giving a documentation with downloaded bundle that will helps you to edit banners..


Hello.Am really interested in this for my web hosting company but I have some presales questions 1.How does this work?Do I install it to my domain name? 2.Also is there an admin dashboard? 3.Are the banners in demo include so that I can make changes by dragging and dropping? 4.After I have customized a banner,is its code generated?

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Hello Newzy,

thanks for your interest.

1. You no need to install it with your domain,

2. these are just Ad Banners sets only, so no need to use dashboard(admin),

3. And yes i included all demo files in downloaded bundle, and you can easily change them as per your needs.. Details Documentation will be provided with downloaded bundle.

4. Yes it is auto generates Code .


so i will just be customizing them from my computer or how does this work?

Yes, you can easily customize them on your computer, by using GWD tool, that is a google product, and it is free to use(download).. customization manual included in downloaded bundle.. if you face any issues then will discuss again…

Or if you want we will do customization works also with minimum titles change, site name changes, logo changes like that..


Good evening, can you explain what the functionality of this script is.

The idea is to sell advertising to clients and publish them on the internet that’s the idea ?

Another consultation, the arts of my clients and I design them and I put them on this platform, to publish it on a website, the client’s offer?

Please excuse me. regards

Hello Overfeed457,

these banners are built with Google Web Designer(GWD) tool. So once you purchase you can edit banners in GWD easily and publish them on internet. Clear Documentation in provided in downloaded zip files about how to edit banners.

And for creating banners with your or clients art(s) work is different scenario, we will do custom works also. For custom works please contact us directly through

please let us know still u have any doubts

Best Regards Rio