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I like the style of your banners!

Hi, Swebdeveloper..

Thank You very Much…

Excellent styles :) Very delicious , GLWS :)

thank You DigiSamaritan

Hi, How do I import the file in GWD? Thanks

Hi, rahulan

tnQ for purchasing..

First you have to download GWD, it is free and here is the download link

then just open GWD and open source folder files in it.. Actually if u want to edit logo or content u no need to use GWD, it is just like editing html file only.. if u want to make some changes animtation then only u need to use GWD..

for quick reply(regarding support) ping me over “”

thanks N regards PatrixRio

what the difference between version 1 and version 2??

Hi, Navnox

In version 1 we are giving only one color and many clientswho purchases version 1 asked me about other colors.. that is why given more colors in version 2…


Could you help me out with how best to insert these into a Joomla or Wordpress site? I have tried a few things from different forums but no luck so far!

Thanks, Andrew

Hi, thank you for purchasing my item..actually i never tried to insert them in to joomla. i did with regular html files.. i will try that and let you know soon…

thanks N regards PatrixRio

Hi i just got your banner its excellen for my use

I just have a question about a link

My client gave me this link :

and I tried to use in the element of the banner but it not allow me to put there

Where i can set this script link in this banner ?

Thank you advance

Hi Fobio,

thanks for purchasing my item.. and for what purpose you want to include that code exactly..give me more details, so that i get you a solution..


Hi, the main purpose its that the banner will be inserted in a network of adds the client gave me that code that have to be inserted further I dont know thats all I know . I hope you can help me

thank you

Hi Fobio,

yes i will help you, i’m working on it.. once i get that how to insert.. i will let you know.. thanks for you patience…



This Set is missing 336x280 size. Is it possible to add that size also.


Hi, thanks for your interest..

yes i will add that size.. within 24 hrs OR you just buy the item and send me the purchased code from your mail to my mail( i will send 336X280 size within 4 hrs to your mail directly..

Generally even if i add 336X280 size right now it needs to get approve from envato team(review process). it will take 24-48 hrs..

So if you want that size quickly send me the purchased code from your mail id.. OR i will add that size here .. you get update within 24-48hrs..


Hi, I have tried to open a few of the files on google web designer but it does not let me open them. In order to open up a blue one for editing what file do I open up in GWD?

Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrewbcs,

thanks for purchasing our item, and use source folder files to edit in GWD tool, after your editing done do publish them..

thanks.. please let us know if you still face any troubles.. and sorry for the late reply..

once again thanks for purchasing.. have a good day.

Hi, are the banners supporting dynamic ad texts in combination with Google Spreadsheet?

Hello Zerious,

No, these are static animated HTML5 Ad Banners Built with Google Web Designer.



how do i enable dynamic remarketing elements into these ads ?


Can I change these sizes of banners? Because for mobile advetising I have to make other sizes.




Yes you can make new banner sizes using through GWD tool, but you can’t directly change sizes. if you can’t let us know we will do customization works also with minimal charges..



I just purchased this item. I have a question;

Is it just for Google ads that this banners are designed for? Can I paste them on my website and on facebook and other places especially on my website? And how do I paste them on my website?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hello Chukwueloka,

thanks for purchasing. You can use these banners for your(or others) website also. for display banners on website, you must upload them in to your server and give that server path in your website.

let me know if you have still any doubts. have a good day.

Please rate our Item, it took just 2min. thanks

Hi there We have been trying to upload these banners to our Google Adwords account but it says hey no longer support the tap area function. Are you familiar with this issue? What do you advise? Thanks

Hi Ashkey,

thanks for purchasing, yes very recently google adwords has changed their ads policy.. so you need to change banners in GWD tool. For that you need to open banner(s) in GWD tool and then go to Events Tab, in that remove Tap Area Event totally. Then Save(publish) banners as usual.

once again thanks for purchasing have a good day.

regards Rio

Please, help me! Good afternoon, I bought the Banners package and I can not use Blogger

When I enter the iframe code in Blogger, the Banner goes blank, and instead of displaying the banner, a “download” of the banner occurs.

Could you please kindly provide me with an html / Javascript code that can be used to display correctly on Blogger?

Hi Dupessoa21,

i think you are using .zip file link(or using zipped file) that is why download was occurring, please use folder(not .zip). hope this will helps you

please let me know if you still face any issues.. thanks for purchasing

have a good day

I am not using any ZIP files. I am using exactly the code below:

<iframe src = “×90/ad.html” width = “728” height = “90”> </ iframe>

I already replace the file with my file, but it still does not work. Could you give me another way to install the banner code?


the address(×90/ad.html) what you used in “iframe” is not working.

use the code as follows

<iframe src = “http://yourserveraddress/m2/728×90/ad.html” width = “728” height = “90”> </ iframe>

please use your server address instead of ( please upload files into your server then give that address properly..


Hi ,

Please help me .How can I change the picture and content in your Banner

Hi Japanvip,

thanks for purchasing,

you will have documentation folder in your downloaded bundle.. please follow that.. before you edit , you have to download GWD tool from

for free..

please let me know if you still face any issues.. we are happy to help you..

have a good day

nobody is here it seems bunch of broken links and cant contact anyone. use to be good to deal with

Hello bformhals, sorry i was out of city.. please let me know what is your issue.. now i’m here to help you out..

thank you..

I think file size limit for each google ad is 150kb. are these files are less than 150kb?


can you create a responsive layout for google dynamic product ads display? I want to advertising my products from feed if I have one merchant center … I hope you understand what I need :)

Best regards Matej