Guru Search Portal (SaaS Business Engine) with Appointment Management and Billing // Laravel

Guru Search Portal (SaaS Business Engine) with Appointment Management and Billing // Laravel

License Options
a Regular license is required if you want to use the application and sell the SaaS services to your customers. An extended license is required if you want to sell the actual code / include the actual code in your own applications which you sell – thus if you’re interested in the functioning of the application, a regular license will do. If you are interested in selling the code or parts of it, an extended license is required.

The Guru Search Portal
The Guru Search Portal is a complete business solution based on a Software-as-a-Service concept. System owners can create unlimited service plans and sell these plans at a monthly rate to service subscribers. The application allows system administrators to create profile accounts, from where profile users can manage and operate their entire service business. The Guru Search Portal boasts smart features including but not limited to, customizable notification templates for both immediate and future notification reminders, easy appointment management and accessing several information sections with a click of a button without being redirected to a new page, smart quotations, invoicing, credit notes, payments as well as automated subscriptions. Automated subscriptions together with automated billing comes standard. The Guru Search Portal also features a dedicated contract builder to create contracts on the fly. A File manager and extensive application settings is part of the package as well. Another great feature is the electronic signature requests. Account users can request an electronic signature for both quotations as well as contracts. The system is solid and tested extensively. The system is written in Laravel. Documentation is solid – with a manual consisting of 150+ pages.

The demo and online documentation can be accessed at

15 Mar 2018 - Set release version: 1.0.9
15 Mar 2018 - Rewritten the automated email/sms/call reminders to better support timezones. Always ensure that your server has the correct timezone and time set!
15 Mar 2018 - Added a feature to set an alternative landing page and bypassing the search portal
15 Mar 2018 - Added features to disable sms/voice functionality from the admin on the application
15 Mar 2018 - Added new code to accommodate more gateway providers who do not support/provider DID numbers
14 Mar 2018 - Set release version: 1.0.8
14 Mar 2018 - Added admin function to initiate a GUI instant upgrade (after uploading new files to your server)
14 Mar 2018 - Added admin function to clear cache
12 Mar 2018 - Changed the date format in the backend coding to support more language translations
12 Mar 2018 - Added a new feature to 'sticky display' unconfirmed appointments. Professional providers already receives an email for pending appointment. But now professional providers and reception users can see these stickies in the profile control panel.
11 Mar 2018 - When topping up airtime, the email greeting was this of the system - and it should have been this of the profile customer. Fixed.
11 Mar 2018 - Fixed exception in the call route for when a call fails
* 10 Mar 2018 - Updated all the post validation files for even more security
* 09 Mar 2018 - When changing an account password, the system presented a success message in an error template. Fixed that to show this particular success message in the success template.
* 08 Mar 2018 - Fixed a bug which throws an exception when creating a customer subscription
* 03 Mar 2018 - Fixed a bug for the Admin/App-Settings which didnt save
* 02 Mar 2018 - CPanel control panel for shared hosting now has a preconfigured route which redirects to the CPanel control panel. While you can disable this on your server, I have changed major code sections to change the route for profile logins. Profile logins is now
* 23 Feb 2018 - Added support for SMS / Voice gateway provides who dont provide DID numbers but process sms's and calls statically. is now also supported
* 17 Feb 2018 - Added iCal attachments to appointment emails for auto-integration with email providers
* 13 Feb 2018 - Initial launch v1.0