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Nice Game! Good Luck with buyers!

Thanks for commenting and liking the script :) going to follow you :)

Is this Unity 3d Project?

yes this is unity3d project developed in unity3d 4.6.3 and supports all versions :)

Hi All users its new game and may be you can not find like this game on codecanyon on this price

hi wasif, i recieve error from code,can you please sent me your email adress?

can you please help with this error:NullReferenceException: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object menu.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/menu.js:108) The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing!”

hi thanks for purchasing our product no problem if you are facing this exception this is not error this is run time exception.may be some where we assigned a script after deleted by us..but game will run smoot..but please contact with me on skype and i will tell you that exact place of error you can remove that script from inspector.. please add me on skype..

skype id wasifgc

Great 3D game, I am following you

OK thanks great

This game support iOS?

this game is developed for android versions if you want to get ios copy please contact with me on skype

skype id wasifgc

Demo is gone

level scene not working on Gunship War apk. file

HI BROTHER it should work..can you try this apk.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M271EaLVXkRERranVNWE5mY0E/view?usp=sharing

if still you are fail to play the game..please add me on skype and disscuss your problem..i am make sure it will not hapeen on my side game play is smoot..

skype id wasifgc

Hey, if this file is still a folder, not in extracts into apk, if still a folder, you should be using software to extract unity

hi thanks for write something here,please add me on skype or please clear your problem i can not understand you what you are saying actually about folder and extraction issue…

skype id Wasifgc

hello, no update for 2 years? wanted to buy… but out of date…!

plz add me on skype wasifgc

where is the Apk the one you have here it’s not working

alrady added if you not got let me know and add me on skype wasifgc