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Congratulations for excellent work and sales! :)

Thank you.


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you.

thats a a cool work, congratulations :) i wish you huge sales for this and a nice weekend ;)

Thank you.


baxel Purchased

very good work .. i have a suggestion maybe for next release … protect the image … disable right click to prevent “save image as … “

Thank you baxel for the review, also thanks for your purchase, you are my first client, I’m very glad you like it.

I will add the option that you suggested in the next update.


Hello. Why is not the weight of the compressed JS file specified?

Hi, i did not consider it very important. Minified JS file has 117KB.


How do I change the boss-gallery background from black to white? I can’t find where it’s controlled in the CSS…?



Hi, in this file “GumbSlider/css/templates.css” are designed all templates, find this class #boss-gallery { background: #212124; } and change the color.

Thank you.


Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?

Hi, How easy is it to have play/stop buttons as controls? Can there be more than one slider/carousel on a page?


Phil Bolt

Hi, is very simple.

1. You can create multiple instances on a single page.

2. How about play/pause button, in demonstration page all is explicated. I can show you, see this example code ( enable/disable slider autoplay)

function playSlider() {
$( '#yourSlider' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: true } );
function stopSlider() {
$( '#yourSlider' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: false } );

<button onclick="playSlider()">Play slider</button>
<button onclick="stopSlider()">Stop slider</button>


Hi dsson?

I’ve got the following code/mark up:


$( '#horizontal-gallery' ).GUMBSLIDER({ ... $( '#horizontal-gallery1' ).GUMBSLIDER({ ... function playSlider() { $( '#horizontal-gallery' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: true } ); } function playSlider1() { $( '#horizontal-gallery' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: true } ); }


<div id="horizontal-gallery" class="gumbSlider" style="background-color:lightyellow;"> ... <div id="horizontal-gallery1" class="gumbSlider" style="background-color:lightgrey;"> ... <button onclick="playSlider()">Play</button> ------------------------------------------- <button onclick="playSlider1()">Play</button> ============================= But nothing shows for horizontal-gallery1, and the play function doesn't work for the original "horizontal-gallery", whereas it does for just one slider. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? PB</div></div>

Hello, please re-download the last update. Check this link



Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)

I just bought it, but it won’t work with the new version of wordpress could you fix this please?