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Congratulations for excellent work and sales! :)

Thank you.


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you.

thats a a cool work, congratulations :) i wish you huge sales for this and a nice weekend ;)

Thank you.

very good work .. i have a suggestion maybe for next release … protect the image … disable right click to prevent “save image as … “

Thank you baxel for the review, also thanks for your purchase, you are my first client, I’m very glad you like it.

I will add the option that you suggested in the next update.


Hello. Why is not the weight of the compressed JS file specified?

Hi, i did not consider it very important. Minified JS file has 117KB.


How do I change the boss-gallery background from black to white? I can’t find where it’s controlled in the CSS…?



Hi, in this file “GumbSlider/css/templates.css” are designed all templates, find this class #boss-gallery { background: #212124; } and change the color.

Thank you.


Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?

Hi, How easy is it to have play/stop buttons as controls? Can there be more than one slider/carousel on a page?


Phil Bolt

Hi, is very simple.

1. You can create multiple instances on a single page.

2. How about play/pause button, in demonstration page all is explicated. I can show you, see this example code ( enable/disable slider autoplay)

function playSlider() {
$( '#yourSlider' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: true } );
function stopSlider() {
$( '#yourSlider' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: false } );

<button onclick="playSlider()">Play slider</button>
<button onclick="stopSlider()">Stop slider</button>


Hi dsson?

I’ve got the following code/mark up:


$( '#horizontal-gallery' ).GUMBSLIDER({ ... $( '#horizontal-gallery1' ).GUMBSLIDER({ ... function playSlider() { $( '#horizontal-gallery' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: true } ); } function playSlider1() { $( '#horizontal-gallery' ).GUMBSLIDER({ _AUTO_PLAY_SLIDE: true } ); }


<div id="horizontal-gallery" class="gumbSlider" style="background-color:lightyellow;"> ... <div id="horizontal-gallery1" class="gumbSlider" style="background-color:lightgrey;"> ... <button onclick="playSlider()">Play</button> ------------------------------------------- <button onclick="playSlider1()">Play</button> ============================= But nothing shows for horizontal-gallery1, and the play function doesn't work for the original "horizontal-gallery", whereas it does for just one slider. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? PB</div></div>

Hello, please re-download the last update. Check this link


Hello. I hope you have great sales on this site. Follow me too :)

I just bought it, but it won’t work with the new version of wordpress could you fix this please?

Does this allow for unlimited slides, if not what it the maximum slides in the carousel?

Hi, yes, the slider support unlimited sliders, if your slider had 30+ slides, you should activate the option to load images by sliding. Thanks.

i got a ‘The stylesheets were not loaded! ’. how can i fix it?