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Hi, How many images to reskin ?

What Ad networks are implemented ?

Does it support ios 8 and the new iphone screensizes ?

Yes it’s game support new iPhones and iOS 8. In game implemented standard apple iAd banner. Game has 46 images, include animation images.

Hi, iOS 8?, XCode 6?

Of course, and support iPhone 6 and 6 plus

Hi i just bought and i already have a error in testing it. Please reply fast.


Error – [self measureBlock:^{

How should i fix this?

Write to my mail what you changed in code.

I haven’t changed anything in the code. i bought it then opened it with Xcode and got error when i tried to test run it.

Send to myt mail you xcode project

Not adjusted correctly for iPads. No sharing on fb. None other than iAd advertising system. Clear code :)

Where is gamecenter integration. I would sell it a whole lot better,.just send me an email on how to integrate…thanks

Use contact form on my profile page.

i did that

I answered you.

hey cool game, just purchased, though a couple of issues, i haven’t touched anything just played first, and found, Guitar Flames[457:5985] SKTexture: Error loading image resource: “fire1” plus fire2 and fire3 when i play the game its just to easy, so i am thinking its the above. can you please help. also runs crap on iPhone 4 though i guess it is old. cheers thank you

Also can you help me add a Facebook share button, cheers

Hi i bought this a while ago but as soon as i opened it i had a error..

Can you help me fix and upload this app correctly please? If you do i will buy ALL of your other apps too.

Skype – kashvia

Got a notification about an update for this script, but i don’t see anything different. what is in the update? cheers

Sorry, it was a mistake. There is version as you buy before.

I bought your project but I need all pictures! Where are they?

find in .xcasets files

The png images are missing for this source code. They are not in the .xcasets as you stated previously. See this link for screen shots of what I got: https://app.box.com/s/1idvtcfso4df3vg1yq0y99jtl5u5qowc

Please send me a link to download them. I want to get this game re skinned and up on the app store by 10/30. The timing of this new game is extremely important for the holidays.

The png images are missing for this source code. fireTop6.png guitar25.png guitar21.png

can you tell the size of the images

No images in the download files

I have been waiting over 19 days now for a response from this author. This is totally unacceptable, the game is unusable and will not compile without the missing images. Please supply them ASAP.

app has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?