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Well done, awesome job! :)

Quick response, please use this form to contact me,, http://visual-editor.com/support.php

Hi, there is no login page? Any guest user can edit any page he visit?

without php you can not save the page. Of course you need make login code first in your cms. by the way, We have a new alternative for wordpress cms, you can install the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/galau-ui-visual-editor/ then copy this plugin into “wp-content/plugins/galau-ui-visual-editor/add-ons”,, this works..


for around 6 months I was lookin for a standalone or a tinymce integrated plugin for bt3 that brings in the flexibility of frontend based editing and a powerfull features-set like VC for WP. In my eyes, this is the first one I see that is possibly usable in a professional, individual (non-wordpress) environment.

- I think this is great work – 5 Stars from my side -

But it would be really fantastic if there will be made some extensions to the Package.

- First we modified the CSS to optimize the Grid-View (If you like, I will send you a Screenshot and a copy of our mod, just let me know…). Here we added H1 to H6 and Paragraphs visability and changed the way how elements labels are shown. So far so good…

There are a few missing features and I would like to know if it is possible to implement for you within the next time:

1. Editable Row/Col Sets At the current Version of your Package we are able to set a new row and a column-set or a custom colset from 1 to 12. But if it is needed to change a single rows colset, it is not possible. So we have to create a new row with corrected cols and copy/paste every single content from one row to another..

1.1 Mobile-View Consideration We missed the ability to define the mobile-view for a columnset (col-xs-12, col-md-12, ...). The Plugin now creates col-md by defualt. Is there a technical reason for or why this is missing?

2. Draggable Elements Is it possible to integrate the ability to drag and drop content-elements like VisualComposer? This would be usefull if it is needed to replace single Elements quick and clean without doing some stupid copy/paste… =)

3. Custom Templates / Snippets It would be a “nice-to-have” if the Package brings in a function to save the content of a current editable page to a reusable template and possibly a second function to save and load part-templates (snippets) too… YES, I know we can use tinymce`s default template function but it can be hard to implement if you use the plugin as a standalone I think.

Please tell me what you think about this suggestions.

Thanks & Regards

I’ve updated the plugin bs_quicktags and bs_visualblocks support column col-xs, col-sm, col-md, col-lg and resizing feature, check email.


This is a nice feature and pretty fast implemented, TY!

I am happy to help you with my suggestions to improve your product even further and will provide more detailed information on your support channel…

really very nice your work

now, package for Ionic framework is available, eg: GUI Ionic Visual Blocks, GUI Ionic Quicktags, GUI Ionic ionicons, GUI Ionic Buttons. There will be come in next version. If impatient please contact us.

hello in your plugin.js i refrence a css file but this file is not available in folders can you please advice?

Why these editors hasnt got colour picker for the fonts..etc ?? I need something with font colour picker as well :/

colorpicker is default plugin, you just need to activate it. so we don’t need to make it.

Hi buddy, your code are amazing. I’m bought the WP Plugin makerr and the ionic one but how do this one would help whit the 2 other one? THX

thank you very much, this plugin collection for someone who create cms, for end user can use https://wordpress.org/plugins/galau-ui-visual-editor/ for interface and this plugin collection as addons


Is this a standalone TinyMCE plugin ? We are using EPiServer CMS (which is uses the .NET platform) and would like to enhance the TinyMCE which come OOTB. So can i just plug and play this plugin Or i need specific setup ?

Pls let me know. Thanks

We using tinymce 4 plugin code, if you able integrating other tinymce plugin that you can you using this plugins. not all plugin work, GUI – KCFinder (using php) and GUI – File Browser not working, for GUI – File Browser if you able replace php with NET code, maybe this tool can work.

thank you for your reply, we are currently using TINYMCE 3.9.3, I can’t upgrade it to 4, since there is lot of customization done to get it working with EPiServer. Will this plugin work with tinymce 3.9.3 (or at least the bootstrap features) ?

not tested on tinymce 3.x, maybe not working.

I just startet trying your Plugin on my WordpressSite… problem is, as I am done editing, i press save. when reloading now, everithing is gone.. Where is the Problem here? :/ Would love to work further with this plugin but this way it wont work

This not wordpress plugin, so please use wordpress forum or send message to jasman@ihsana.com

Congratulations! Good luck

I think not support..

is it allow coppy/paste image in computer or spinning tool of windown ? i mean duty pnj, jpg…etc without HTML code. Like the way we coppy/paste in .doc .excel .gmail. skype chat.

hmm, I think does not support, because this is just TinyMCE plugins. please check the demo: http://visual-editor.com/

Is any kind of backend (like PHP) needed for the plugins to work? Also: when using the “Bootstrap Table” plugin, is it possible to make a table appear both striped and bordered? In the demo I could only select 1 of the different table styles, not a combination of them.

this tinymce plugins only. Bootstrap Table not support combination for table.

I have installed this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/galau-ui-visual-editor/ and it works well with my theme.
The only one feature that it’s not available is using it from the back-end (even a button to go on front-end would suffice). Does your plugin have this feature?
Thank you,

No, GUI-VisualEditor only work in frontend editor.

Ok. Thank you for the quick reply!

Is there a way to make this work with bootstrap 4?

Not support, Not tested for bs4

Cool. But can you give backend or frontend how is it look like when normal create a post?
To use this plugin i must install tinymce , right?

it’s only for webdeveloper. used for frontend editor not backend. for wp you can using this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/galau-ui-visual-editor/

Hi, a few pre-purchase questions: 1/ Would you be able to implement this into default Magento 1.9 TinyMCE editor? I will gladly pay for the installation / adjustment. 2/ My current Magento theme is built on Foundation framework. Does GUI – Visual Editor Package support creation and editing of Foundation grids? I did not see this in feature list.

Thank you.

not tested, can you add TinyMCE plugins to your Magento??

I use TinyMCE editor in Joomla 3.8.6. Is this package Ok for Joomla?

sorry, not tested, maybe not suitable. because joomla not using inline editor