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How to setup this plugin?

This plugin is really easy to setup, you can just install and activate this plugin. It does most of the things itself. It will auto generate new pages with appropriate shortcodes and it will also create a new user role named “Guest Blogger”.

Practically, once you install and activate this plugin, it’s almost ready to run.

How to create anonymous post form?

If you want to create a new page which will let users send posts to your blog/website anonymously, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Create a new page
  2. Click button with blue + symbol, this button is located in the post content editor toolbar area. You can insert a shortcode with this button.
  3. Insert shortcode for anonymous posting and that’s it

How to setup copyscape in this plugin?

You can click the Guest Blogging Elite button on left side of your WP admin control panel. and then select the tab named API Settings. This tab will allow you to insert API key and secret for copyscape and enable this function.

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