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loved your plugin, and sorry for this noob question, but does your plugin allow users on my website create quizz and polls? or only the website owner can create it? thanks!

Hi Roflman,

It works in both ways, Owner can create as well or you leave to public to add contents.

Please let me know if you need more information

best regards

Appreciate your answer, thanks now where do users polls and quizzes go after they create them, do i have controll on that, or do i need to install different addons for that, and if i do, is it easy to manage users polls to be in a different categories on my website?

thank you again :)

Yes you do have control by publishing automatically or as admin you approved yes you have separate addons to create full control, it very easy as you can show only categories to public where you want to store these quizzes .


sorry to bother, but is the website preview working, because i have some issues with the site being responsive, the loading animation where you upload an image or create new question, it fades very slowly and you cant do anything untill it fades which makes creating a poll kinda slow

i have another question when i created a test poll after creating a username and password, the answers when you mouse over them doesnt show that they are clickable, i clicked on one of the answers and it worked, but when i mouse over nothing.

is there a way to highlight the answers when you mouse over? or atleast put something that indicates that i actually clicked or im going to chose this certain answer?

or its just the test website issues

thanks for fast answers btw.

Hi Yes, it works, as it should take some moments to upload images, so loader appears, On mouse over it will not work as you must need to click :) On mouse over it gonna create the mess that’s why we did not use Please if you have more question you can contact support@bitsgeo.com


I have a question about the flip quiz.

Is it possible to several answers and then display one of them randomly after flipping the card? I want to use this as a “future prediction game”.

So basically can you define not only one answer but several to the flip quiz?


Hi Thanks for your interest,

Sorry this is not possible but in May-June we are introducing this type of content post along with others many new post types

Please let us know if you need more information at support@bitsgeo.com


Hello, I’m planning to buy the quiz plugin but I have some questions regarding the features: 1. We’ll be using this for a trivia type of plugin, and we want the quiz to end when the user gives a wrong answer. So basically, there will be one question in every page and the user has to answer correctly to all of them to be able to reach the end of the quiz. Is it possible? 2. We need users to login with facebook to view the quiz and we want them to have just one chance to answer the test. If they fail, they should not be able re-answer the quiz with the same facebook account. 3. We need the questions to have a time limit as well.

Could you please kindly let me know if these can be achieved with this plugin?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Thanks for your interest,

1. Yes will highlight correct one if its chosen wrong choice 2. Due to the limit of facebook API its not possible for now 3. It is possible

Please let us know if you need more information at support@bitsgeo.com

best Regards


Hi, i am looking for a simple voting plugin. Like a small election type of situation where I can create 6-7 profiles for different positions and members of our group can visit the website and register to be eligible to vote. Also a way to ensure they only vote once, but can change their minds within a timeframe.

We are a group of 100 people on whatsapp and we need a universal solution as everyone is in a different place on the planet. Thank you.

Hi DjPete,

Sorry for the delayed reply, our plugin do what you want but extra is withing timeframe (we need to dd custom this option) and register first (this you can achieve with any third-party plugin to be visible content only to registered users.)

Please contact us support@bitsgeo.com for further information.

Best Regards

Meme generator?

Last update 22 August 17. You seems not longer interested into this plugin. Maybe I’m wrong

Hi Andrea,

Good Day,

We know its bit time we did not submit updates, it does not mean we are not interested if we are not our product won’t be here. We are working hard to have more and more exciting post types, which we are working in the bundle of theme packages and many other features.

Please don’t hesitate to ask more on support@bitsgeo.com we are pleased to help you promptly.


Ok. Meme generator is included into/provided by the plugin? regards

Yes its a function where you can generate memeìs on pictures.


Support team is not replying it has been 2 days

Are you guys still active with the plugin? I want to buy but wary that you doesn’t seems serious about the product. It was updated in August last year and a user posted last note here 18 days ago which is still not answered.

Hi Pakex,

We know its late update and accept apology from all as we are working to introduce something exciting thats why its getting delayed, i know deadlines getting frustrated but soon will be here light and then massive update.

regarding other buddy never answered he was helped out and and left 5 star rating as well same one :)

Please let me know if you need any questions over support@bitsgeo.com

best regards