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Hello! Thank you for great plugin! How to install addons? I don’t see “Addon” link in plugin menu.

I saw that archive. I mean how to install these addons to the plugin?

Please Install as normal plugin you are doing it will automatically be added to Guesson

Please send us email support@bitsgeo.com

Best Regards

Thank you! That what I needed to know because I doubt a little.


when the new update will be released ?


Hi Flagin, Luckily we are submitting today hopefully till Monday Tuesday will be out :)


Hello, 1. Is there any option to get specific number of random questions from pool of questions? 2. What is the best image size to use with Image answers


ited Purchased

Hi, Bitsgeo,

Excellent update ! and great work.Is possible to add a small pop-up or tooltip in Rerank lists with ’ login toi vote ” like that http://i65.tinypic.com/1z6clew.jpg

best regards

Hi Ited, Thanks for your words, for now, we are not making closed voting, just for logged in user due to some GuessOn future posts.

To achieve this you might need little extra custom help from our developer please send an email so we can think how better we can help.

Have a lovely day


Pre purchase question: does it support Arabic RTL?

Hi We did not test yet we can help you for sure to build this test. Best regards

Hi, I’m looking for a quiz plugin that can produce multi-answer results so I can use it as a product recommender in my site.

Would like to ask if this plugin can do that. EG. https://www.hunterdouglas.com/product-recommender/question/shape

Dear Shinjukoh, Sorry this features is not yet available :)



Can the plugin store user input information in CSV format?

Hi Its not storing into CSV format but you can import through CSV bulk information.

Best regards

Hi Why are you not selling Bumpwire theme in Themeforest and only on another site? Are there issues with it? On that site is says there is no support. Thanks

Hi Diamond,

You might captured from some site on theme forest we are going to submit soon as adding more quality features and extension to this to have best ThemeForest quality work. Please keep in touch on our support email for any further issues.

Best regards

Wow, thanks for the rapid reply, it helps as I’m trying to make a decision. I saw it on Themesnap, I would prefer to buy it here because I’ve been registered here for years and like everything together. Ok, so you’ll submit it soon, is that like a few days, one or two weeks, several weeks? Any rough idea would help “) Thanks!

Oh Themesnap ? Please can you send us email link over support@bitsgeo.com please thanks for your help, regards

hey, nice plugin you have got. Can you integrate myCred in it so activities from your plugin could get MyCred points? Its not that hard, just need to call the hooks of plugin.

Hi Chodry,

Thanks for your help, sure we ill consider this integration in future on top priorities. Have a great day ahead.


Hi. Does this plugin offer a way to choose among let’s say 3 pools of questions?

One pool will have 10 questions, another will have 20 and another will have 50.

Then pull questions out of the three pools and build a 25 question quiz?

Hi Thanks for your query its not yes you can use random questions for each question.

Let me know if you have more questions.


I just bough the plugin yesterday but was unable to make it work. Have saved the quiz but when I preview I always get 404 error. Already sent you 2 messages at your website contact form, there’s no confirmation email so I’m not sure whether you have received that successfully. I have typed in a very long list of questions regarding the set up. Pls kindly check and respond back.

PS. The font and picture in the setup page and the add-new-quiz page looks very weird and very hard to read, but i don’t know how to communicate the issue to you as the contact form does not allow me to attach screenshot.

Hi Yudhasaraprasithi, We have replied you in your email sorry as its weekdays that’s why bit delayed sorry for this.


Hello there. bumpwire Is the theme included?

bumpwire theme is very nice.

if it is included in the sale, I will buy the attachment

Hi Serverbedi, Thanks for your question its not included

for further queries for any question please send us message on support@bitsgeo.com


Will it be sold?

Please contact support@bitsgeo.com


Hi ! Visitor votes are disappearing when the page refreshed on your demo.It doesn’t count. What’s the problem ? And your demo website is so slow. Is it about server or plugin code ? Thanks

Hi, Rank item description areas doesn’t show youtube videos or shortcodes. How can I make them work ?

Hi Iber, Sorry for delay reply, please can you send us a message on support@bitsgeo.com we will be check right away. regards

Hi, Rank item description areas doesn’t show youtube videos or shortcodes. How can I make them work ?

Hi Iber, Sorry for delay reply, please can you send us a message on support@bitsgeo.com we will be check right away. regards

Is it possible to make sure only website’s subscribed users can participate and use these features?

Hi Vipi, Thanks for your message, yes you can do this through third-party plugins, as all quiz will be visible to only register users, please send email on support@bisgeo.com if you need any assistance to achieve this requirement.


hello, does the guesson plugin keeps statistics of users. for example: details on users answering the trivia- their grades and time answered

Hi Vipmedia,

It does but in detail please send email on support@bitsgeo.com

We can send you some picture what kind collection made.


Hi, I want to buy your plugin ,,,, but i can’t check “ad post quiz (upload)” of your demo..please help me ..Best regards .. Mobarak Ali

Hi Mobarak, Good Day You can register on demo site by pressing upload button http://prntscr.com/iaack1, please if you have any issues better we can help you through support@bitsgeo.com

Looking forward to hearing you back Best regards


is this product support future updates or its going to dead.

Thank you,

Hi Dikano,

We are going to release improvements soon and after a month there will be more updates as we were working hard on really big exciting stuff.


3 Quick Questions. 1. For the quiz part of your plugin, I assume this can have results based on the questions answered correctly? ie. they answer 10 out of 10, the result would say, “You’re Awesome”, or 5 out of 10 you can say, “You need more work” or something like that?

2. Can the results be emailed to me – and for not logged users if they supply their email? Results being the actual number they got right AND the “You’re Awesome” part.

3. Can I force them to have to give me their email for the quiz to work?

Hi WebWorx, Good Day,

1- Every question in each quiz have score weight such as you have 5 questions in a quiz each have 5 marks for each true, after finishing you were 3 True & 2 False = end result will be 30, No score weight can be any 1-100 for every single question, on the result page its showing appreciation based on your achieved results which you can customise based on achieved score in backend for each single appreciation.

2- Yes result is going to email as soon as the user enters, email. Automated email going to the user, you can customize easily this email as well in settings.

3- Yes there is Quick Locker option to do this.

Please do let me know if you have any questions happy to help you.