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Any new update coming on this week?

probably this week if all bugs fixed and testing goes well we will inform you by email. Thanks for your understanding. Best Regards

Dear Alex

Sorry for delay reply we are sorry for delays happening to make sharp possible features we are doing are best to add more addtional features to this big update, as we done over demo site for public access soon next week final version will be released with tons of new features.

Thanks for your understating

Best wishes


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some presale questions:

1) Can we show the results of a poll, after one visitor gives his e-mail? If yes, how we get the e-mails of the voters?

2) The same as above, but with the facebook like or share. Can we show the results of the poll to the voter, only if he give a facebook page like or if he share the poll?

3) How the system recognize that someone already has vote? With cookies? We set the time of every poll or quiz for the cookie?

4) Can we recognize that someone already has vote, with e-mail recognition? What i mean, before to vote to ask me to add an e-mail, if i have already use this e-mail before , the system not to allow me to vote again?

5) the polls and quizzes what are they pages, posts or both?

6) Can we somehow to have a poll, for example a poll for the better football player, to have 11 players with their photos and names, and to have a link at the photo or name (or somewhere else) to a page or post with the CV of the player?

Thank you.

Hi, Good Day

Hello and thank you for your answers. I have some more questions.

1) a) Email will be storing in our backend table which you can simply export in to CSV by one click

b) Its a additional feature for all other types of quiz posts such as trivia, personality, for polls only email will be storing.

c) No sorry its doesn’t make sense as results shown on votes may be in future

At 2) a) You can use Instagram, Google Plus, facebook as well.

b) Email always required as its marketing feature may in future we can separate

at 4)yes duplicate emails not allowed in poll, trivia, any other lockers settings you can make it active to have duplicate emails any time message will show up if email is duplicate

At 6) Its bit extra feature in technical for backend work involve we can think in future.

Have a nice day

Best regards


geolits Purchased

Hi again and thank you one more time.

I haven’t understood some things, so if you can to explain me a little more.

at 1) a) there will be different e-mail lists for every poll, quiz etc?

b) at you example http://bitsgeo.com/guesson-wp/polls/worlds-most-luxurious-super-yachts/ (i think it is a poll right?) i gave my e-mail and i took an empty mail back. Why is this empty?

At 2) a) there is and facebook page like option? I’m asking this particularly for facebook page like. Or it has only facebook sharing?

b) So the visitor must click to like the facebook page, and he must fill also his e-mail to unlock the poll or the quiz?

at 4) sorry i don’t understand what do you mean with this “any other lockers settings you can make it active to have duplicate emails ”. Can you please explain it to me a little more?

at 6) So we can’t do it to have a link at the photo or the name? Because with your previous answer (Not allowed for now but can come in a little customization.) i understood that you will help us to do it.

Thank you again.

Hi Again

No worries, we are sorry if our answers are not clear. let me try my best in any case you can se send us email support@bitsgeo.com

It will help even better for long discussions

at 1) a)There is only one single email list but poll ID is stored in column. http://prntscr.com/d3xmcm

b) yes there is no data in template in backend setting please check: http://prntscr.com/d3xn60

At 2) a) Yes there is facebook like not share :http://prntscr.com/d3xnto

b) Yes

at 4) http://prntscr.com/d3xnto here is more clear answer

at 6) yes we cant link to photo we need a bit technical customisation as i stated its possible

Please if you have more questions please drop us email over support@bitsgeo.com

have a great day


Hi, Bitsgeo,

When does the V2 update come out?

have a great day

best regards

Dear Ited,

Sorry for delay reply we have been working head to head for new exciting update which 80% up over public live demo site u can chdck remains will be updated in these days final update you will recieve next week, i have your email where you will recieve beta pacakge today.

Thanks for your understating stay blessed


Just saw this one is on the black Friday special list. That’s awesome, hope you get lots of sells :). This is the best quiz plugin on CC, if only people saw this one instead of the one that only has the Buzzfeed one.

Dear BlackSky,

Thanks for your great words, please let us know over support@bitsgeo.com if you have any issues, our next big massive update will be coming 2 dec 2016, with 20 above new exciting features.

Stay tuned.

best regards


I am curious if you are familiar with Story Reaction polls that can be use at the bottom of a post that allows you to add one word comments such as Hilarious, Intriguing, scary, depressing etc and then provide a link to additional stories under those comment categories. Similar to what is located at the bottom of this article on this page where it says – My Take On This Story – http://www.newser.com/story/234566/aretha-franklin-stretches-the-national-anthem-to-45-minutes.html

I am looking for something very similar to this function and wanted to know if you were planning on providing it in the near future.


Thanks for your comment yes its known as story reactions we already developing this feature you might check over trello future roadmap we are planned to launŕch this feature next month along with our exclusive theme 4 more post types.

Upcoming 2 December version 2.0 release will bring at least 20 new features and improvements. Please if you have any issues or future ideas just drop us email over support@bitsgeo.com.

Best regards

Your demo (Live Preview) does not work at all ;(
Please kindly check.

Hi we are experience little issue in USA server, will be right back in some minutes, Thanks for your Help.

Best regards


We are back please check and let me know if you have any questions,

Thanks alot

Best regards

Hi! great design and functionalities.

Some presales queries, when releasing 2.0 frontent posting? I am little bit confused, I have check out trello and see in Beta testing Guess on exclusive wordpress theme if buy now your plugin included and the theme? or sell individually theme and included and guesson plugin? please explain it.


Dear Flag,

Thanks for your words, We have already submitted 2.0 version to be released just waiting que, Yes exclusive Wordpress theme expected to launch this month which will be sold separately but theme will come with GuessOn latest version inclusive.

Please let me know if you have more questions feel free to drop us support@bitsgeo.com

Best wishes

Thanks for your quick answer i definitely wait for your theme.


Thanks Mate regards

Pre-Sales Questions…

Is this integrated with BuddyPress? I want to allow people to show their results on their profile page and to have it show up in the activity feed. Is this possible yet?


Thanks for your question, we are working on Buddypress With our exclusive Theme integration standalone with guessOn we will release in January.

Stay tune and if you have more questions please do let us now at support@bitsgeo.com


I saw on the roadmap that is in beta…if I purchase the plugin is there anyway to test out the beta?


Thanks again for your prompt question, Its with our exclusive theme which we can’t show up with standalone version as that version not ready yet. we can send you screen caps on your email how its look like just drop us email over support@bitsgeo.com

looking forward. Thanks

Hi – I got a couple of questions but before that, this plugin seems to break my template. Can you help. I am using newspaper 7 theme (one of the top themes). It may be because it is conflickting with a plugin I have (see #4 below) but do not have any of these problems with other plugins unless this plugin is installed

(1) Text Drop Down menus items links are now pushed to the right by like 20 pixels and breaks megamenu into two rows instead of 1 (2) It makes – bold italics text pink (from black) (3) It does not allow me to switch from Visual to Text on backend (important as I do a lot of hand coding in html and css) – just stays on visual (4) Is incompatible with several popular plugins – causing those plugins not to look/behave as they should

Is there a possible fix to this? I would like to use the plugin as the demo seemed awesome but it is conflicting with a lot of theme stuff at moment. Thanks for any help.

Dear Lampm,

Good Day, Sorry for delay reply, please can you send us email over support@bitsgeo.com our developer team will resolve as soon as possible as these are little issues,

Please send us email along with your site details looking forward to help you.



Good day,

Can you send us email on support@bitsgeo.com so we can help you please, looking forward your cooperation.

Best regards

Can you link to your autoresponder and offer answers after quizzes?

Hi Khunter,

Sorry for delay reply, we were away for holidays, autoresponder is already customizable in setting tabs each responder you can modify by own content.

Let me know if you have more questions Best regards


rehub Purchased

I was very impressed tilI installed and started testing your plugin. Now I can say that I would like to refund !.

You saidto me that Guesson has image compressor build in but it has not !, also images are not uploaded to main wordpress media folder so other plugins like “tinypng” can’t compress it , also once uploaded images can’t be reused again !. Ofcourse images are on FTP HDD but can’t be reused again so I have to reupload same img again ! . Really ? , how to delete or edit unused img ?

Before/after feature doesn’t work, I just see small piece of first image and when I try to upload and save “after, second image ” it doesn’t work .

You even created own category system, what is the purpose for this ?. I know from my experience that this is really bad idea !. This system should be connected to wordpress system as much as possible (pics, categories ) because obviously every single item created by guesson is attached to simple wordpress post ( but in your scenario where you made so many custom features should be be shown on special designed land page not to the system post page ).

I got huge website and I can’t use it because it’s works like early alpha version.

Yeap I am bit angry because you did best plugin for WP ( many features ) , but can’t be used on big websites.

Hi Rehub,

thanks for your comment yes you can ask your refund, but please have you ever sent us query ? Please can you show us your before/after issue we can definitely rescue you.

Yes we have our own category system but again mergeable with WP system categories because if someone dont want to use front-end they can do backend for exclusive contents. We have already given this feature which category system you want to use, you can do it by merger.

We already working on all our images must be located in wp media image system as this will be available with our theme, which we are about to release, and new version will be much possible with media images location.

We can refer in your email many big sites already using this, a site which had 17K in contents and millions in traffic per month.

If you give us your cooperation we can help you in all type of issues and explanation you want definitely until you are not satisfied.

Looking forward your kind cooperation over support@bitsgeo.com



rehub Purchased

When update with WP images system will rollout ? , will it work with other themes ?

Hi , thanks for your message again, in next release it will be available we are making sure next release is available next week, delaying bit due to holidays, also please can you send us ticket on support@bitsgeo.com so you can have pre release version to play with ?

looking forward your kind cooperation.

Have a nice day



cpndgn Purchased

Hello, is there puzzle builder option? I couldn’t see it in demo page. I haven’t installed it yet but mobile view might be developed a little more, because some tabs drop down. on demo. It seems like great all in one viral plugin, Good work.

Hi, Happy NEW YEAR, healthy greetings, thanks for your message, please can you send us email over support@bitsgeo.com for issues you have seen over mobile. Thanks for your nice words. best Regards

Hi, Happy NEW YEAR, any news about exclusive Wordpress theme? when by release?


Hi Happy New Year you too, We are woking head to head, now in beta phase, we are focusing to meet deadline by 1 feb to launch. Please keep in touch by our support@bitsgeo.com, will keep posting. Thanks once again.


when the offer price expire and what the real price.

Hi Ashukarwar, Thanks for your message, offer price will be valid until next release, which is expected to be available in 2-3 days max. Real price will be 30 $. Thanks for your concern,

Have a nice day