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Not what I call responsive. Doesn’t really scale correctly to my samsung s4. Also has problems when re-sizing the browser. Coding too lousy. Needs fixes.

Will try to support some more devices, the setup of the game with the layout of the cards is not ideal for responsive adaptation though.

Is native languages html5 and css3? Or Do It created with some software?

The game is created mostly with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (along with some JQuery). No software was used to create this. All you need to edit it is a text editor.

How the scoring works? Wrong and then appeared and hit 2 points.

The score adds one every time you win, and it is stored in the local storage of the browser. It remains the same at loss. The score is been rendered invisible at too small screens.

How do i install please and where, i got it a few days ago and do not know where to start, thanks

Thanks much, can i get it into a page ?

It is already a page of its own, but i assume that either by iFrame or by embeding the HTML, it can be hosted inside another page.

thanks much, i will try now

Hi, i need a game where i can customize the question for the spanish language and change the images. I need a game wordpress compatible. Is possible to have all of things for your game? And can you develop a personalize game for me like that: http://juegosdepasapalabra.com/rosco-pasapalabra/

Please contact me by email and we talk about details and price

thank you so much

For this game, it is possible to change the language of the questions, also the images are very easy to change, and I have not used anything that would make it not compatible with wordpress but I haven’t really tried to implement this into a wordpress site.

Send me your mail via message from my profile or at info[at]netgfx.com


I’m interested in your guess who game. I couldn’t find the license after I purchase. I assume I can modify it for a classroom exercise in a commercial setting? (Wouldn;t be reselling the code)

I believe that is absolutely valid. The licence is in your download page after you purchase the item. Let me know if I can help any further.