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hello there

I am interesting to buy this app but with IAP to buy coins

Sorry Dear, RTL I can do it my self, just I saw it in App features, it is easy

thanks for this app

please let me know what to do to get IAP and how to pay the diff amount

Could you send me a message on nileworx.contact@gmail.com


Hello, did you receive my emails ?? please answer me I have some urgency, because I already have the game in play store.

Thank you

Thank you for never having responded to my request for support.

I am really for this late .. i will send you email today about that.

I appreciate a lot, I’ll be waiting for the email.



hi mr Nile i want to know if i buy this code i will have the 4 source code as a gift?

Yes if you get extended license :)

Hi, I have a problem with admin_panel, errors

Open system/core/common.php

In line 257: return $_config0 =& $config;

Replace this line with the following : $_config0 =& $config; return $_config0;

i get erreur in panel after i fixed common.php is currently unable to handle this request.HTTP ERROR 500

First, Thanks for purchasing my item :)

Add me on skype please : nileworx.support

i hope that you replay me in skype

Sent you and fixed the issue :)

great app with great configuration thank you

You are welcome :)

thank you and i still have a question please check your email

this app is great but is work only in android 4.4 what is the problem with the other version ??


Run tasks 26s 581ms W:/android/Guess_The_Place_AS baseGameUtils/build/intermediates/res/merged/debug/values-v24/values-v24.xml Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ‘android:TextAppearance.Material.Widget.Button.Borderless.Colored’. Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ‘android:TextAppearance.Material.Widget.Button.Colored’.

So if i purchase the regular license i would get 3 more apps for free?

No if you get extended license..