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Please consider adding Interstitial Ads from Admob after the round is over.. I will buy if this can be added. thanks.

you can buy this apps and contact me at hkinfoway@gmail.com anytime i will help you

you will add the interstitial ads if I purchase?

integrate ads

is it possible to change the time for each level? what about changing the pictures for each level?

is this available for iOS? are all the questions randomized? can you have 10,000 questions stored?

Yes possible, sorry for late reply please contact on hkinfoway@gmail.com

Hello, i want to have this script but it might seem a bit weird for you but i dont know how to design my own project on the script can you suggest me a program that i can be able to do that.Also i want to upload my own game is it possible with regular license thanks

Hello that is very easy to customize app I have attach full document in code for re skin app

And if you want to customization by me then new design with your question ans and update everything then direct contact me on hkinfoway@gmail.com

Do you know if this can be opened in Android Studio?

No that is eclipse base app

can you help me on adding image

yes please contact on mail hkinfoway@gmail.com

HI.how can I add Interstitial ad after X quiz

NB; i purchase this template before 7 months my name is remmy112


HI.how can I add Interstitial ad after X quiz

NB; i purchase this template before 7 months my name is remmy112


contact on mail there is complete add interestrial ad in code

i have this error after the first selection of the name options, how can i avoid it ? http://s3.postimg.org/v897gclpv/Screen_Shot_2015_06_16_at_3_38_23_PM.png

Please send me eclipse error report by mail so I can send you some solution.

i found the solution, thank you for your support

I sent you a message to your mail

replied :)

Hi and tnx for this awesome app (y) Just one q : what is “country” and “class” in image.xml ? Tnx

Thanks image name and image path. if any more query then tell me i help you using mail or teamviewer.

Thinking about update ? i wanna buy :) if it will be easy to update to eclipse. also i wanna hire you for a special project :)

Hey code is already updated if you have any query then Yes please contact on mail :)

android studio ?

no its of Eclips


I got this error http://prntscr.com/gjshi6 what must I do?