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Can add start app ads ?

Hello sir

First: the pictures are not in the center of the screen (why)

Second: How do I add levels?


you can remove just interstials

Hi, center of screen is already there may be image size is small so bit of difference in some of device this is solved easily and if you want to add some level you have to put image and his color code in one Level xml file for asset folder and yes interstials ads also removed easily if you does not need. Thanks

Thanks for the reply

Is it possible to update the APK

So that the image is large

As well as make it in the center of the screen

Nice app,GLWS!!!!!


how i can add coins for sale

In application normal earn coin added..IAP does not included on this . Thanks

When buying a game ..

You will help me in the way of making the picture in the center of the screen

As well as how to add Levels of the game

Meaning of picture in center of the screen ? Please clear it in details. Thanks

thanks sir

I mean if it’s difficult, you help me ,,

Beautiful work GLWS :)