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There problem on not enough memory for eclipse please check following help to resolve problem. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2127217/java-stack-overflow-error-how-to-increase-the-stack-size-in-eclipse#

Hello unfortunately it did not work. I deleted the app. very bad practice

Sorry inconvenience.

How to make. The picture is larger than the original display.

Yes. you can change font.

please guideline

please add font on your project and set typeface of label, button etc.

Hello, How to change the buttons layout I can’t find the png files of buttons or any css file.

Hi, I find how to edit buttons but I now I just need to delete radius from the button where Can I find the file to make it 0° to rectangle shape

               android:radius="@dimen/button_redious" />  
    <dimen name="button_redious">5dp</dimen>

Hello, I uploaded the script on my hosting but how can I long in to the admin interface where can I find the Email and Password?


the app crash

solve on skype.

the app crash !!

when plz give detail so i can get idea

Hello, (ad mob ads not displaying) Not working I got it working, also publish on GPS but my ad mob ads are not showing up , though on my other app they are, yes, I have already set to “false” edit my pub ids and everything..can you please let me know the issue, I use android studio, I love AS.

have you purchase code?

hi great quiz, pre purchase question, can the image bigger and i tried demo quiz but apps not responding when try to enter level 2..thanks

Because there are not question for that level on server that’s why.

Downloaded codecanyon-10414878-guess-image-quiz yesterday.. ok.. but where can i find installation or help guide?? i have windows 10 on my computer.. what app should i unzip with??

Click on Your Profile -> Menu option for Download -> Now you see all product you have purchase please click on Guess Image Quiz. there are zip file it will work Windows, Mac, as well as linux. also..

I Can change this application into another language? Is it easy?

yes. we provide freelance service for that.


I did run the apk demo , but i got the problem? its stopeed!

look the pic:


I want PURCHASED put i look problem

This is because of admin panel is open to all now for testing purpose so user remove question from there also. we set criatarea that app need min 10 questions.

I installed the apk but i cannot see scores but only if i have someone in my circles in google. I have set my profile public but nothing.

can you please on detail.

ios? interested in admin panel to buy

this is ios verison. it’s use same admin panel


i cant open project with android studio. it comes with too much gradle error. can you update the project with android studio project?

This is project for Android Using Eclipse. so it will not work on Android Studio.

its not working now. this project needs to be upgrade to android studio project. it has a lot errors now. im still waiting for update.

This is this not working it build using eclipse. will not work on android studio. will update Android Studio version soon.

When will the Android Studio Version be available?

just release Android Studio Version. Please wait while.

Is it android studio supported ?

what about 6.0 ?


Did you update sdk, google play lib to show admob ads?

it’s already update.

when i change question bank url and question image path into my server like : http://www.me****.eb2a.com/guessimagequiz/image/quizimage and http://me****.eb2a.com/guessimagequiz/getquestionwithoptionbylevelid.php?levelid i have this probleme http://gulf-up.com/do.php?img=37868 when i run the source code in the emulator

Android Studio: Ads don’t show. Can’t sign in with google, keeps asking to sign in. What are the coins for? Users get coins for correct answers but coins seems to be useless if they don’t use it anywhere.

i’m waiting for new update to purchase. Please update then i will purchase

Sure.. will provide it.