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These days every website, either big or small needs to have decent user interaction statistic. Most people rely on Google Analytics for their traffic analytical tools. It is recognised, reliable and nice report generation. Usually, most website uses Google Analytics for tracking the page views. What happen if you want to track what user do? Clicking banner, adding item to cart or playing movie.

GTrack, a tool to help you maximise the Google Analytics potential by utilising a feature from Google Analytics called Event Tracking (click this link for more information).

Why I need GTrack?

Auto tracking using HTML tag attributes

From Google Analytics API, the way you track an event by calling function:

_trackEvent(category, action, optional_label, optional_value);

Then you may think, “hey looks simple, what GTrack can offer to me if Google Analytics give me this simple API.”

Fair enough, what happen if GTrack offers you to track event by using element attribute?

<div id=”play” href=”#” gt-evt=”click” gt-cat=”movie” gt-act=”open” gt-lbl=”Spiderman 3”></div>

It will request as:

_trackEvent("movie", "open", "Spiderman 3", 1);

Lazy, too troublesome or any other reason not to use lots of javascript to make tracking code, definitely GTrack is your only choice

Pooled tracking

Not only that, Google Analytics restricts user by having limited request per session to prevent flooding Google server. Then you will be in trouble if you use default Google Analytics API but in GTrack it has a feature called “Pooling tracking”

If you click this element many times (100 say…)

<div id=”play” href=”#” gt-evt=”click,other” gt-cat=”movie” gt-act=”open,testing other” gt-lbl=”Spiderman 3,Spiderman 4”></div>

It will be polled and it will be sent to Google Analytics in specific interval of time (default is 1 minute)

It will request as:

_trackEvent("movie", "open", "Spiderman 3", 100);

This is only part of the goodness of GTrack.. Check out the preview HTML and do not forget to login to Analytics account provided for more information.


  • Utilise Google Analytics.
  • Easy to use (HTML tag attributes, javascript or combination)
  • Intensive documentation (API, example and companion guide)
  • Lots of example
  • High adaptation (auto track page and auto track initialisation)
  • Uses browser event (click, mouseenter, ...)
  • Pooled request (reduce traffic and limitation of Google Analytics)

How to use

Define HTML element (this is the minimum setting that you can have)

<div id=”play” href=”#” gt-evt=”click” gt-cat=”movie”></div>

put this Javascript

    account: "UA-12493968-1" 

When you click it will send request like this

_trackEvent("movie", "click", "Spiderman 3", 1);

Contact Me

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