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What does this use to save the data, does this use MySQL or is possible to use this with MySQL if not? :)

I’ve prepared the MySQL version of the server back-end example. To use this version no change need to be made on the javascript library. I will send an email on the MySQL base server once you have purchase the library.

Purchased :) Are you able to send me an email through my profile page?

Thank iAlex, i cannot find your email on your profile page. Can you drop an email to me at azri@nematix.com, then i will reply with the file as per promised.

Hi, description of the installation script

Sure, can you drop me an email i will assist u in the installation. My email is azri@nematix.com

I sended you email, still waiting for reply.

Replied to your email, please check.

I liked and I want buy, but my question is is you have a sample include that save into mysql. Is if yes, I need this.


Yes, the main purpose is to interfacing with the MySQL database. I will send an email on the MySQL base server example once you have purchase the library. Later version will include both version of example.


>I’ve prepared the MySQL version of the server back-end example. Do you have an example for a file CSV?



¿Hello, can you send me the mysql Sample, please?

Thanks! henryromero@cristianosoy.com

Ok sended.

Can you send me mysql example code – thanks.

Sure can, please drop an email to me at wajatimur@live.com


An CSV example ?

Thanks !

Mick, please drop your email to me. The CSV example is ready..


Sended! please check your email.


I’ve tried using and have tried adding rows Sometimes the save shows as a new entry – other times, not displayed Is this a bug?

I need one of the cells to be a colour selection. The user selects a colour. The whole row is now made this colour. Would you be able to code this for me? I’d be happy to pay

Let me know



Hi Omar,

May i know which quick-start that you are referring? cache, database.. Please specify, so i can take a look at it.

Yes, its possible to do that and i clearly understand your requirement. Please email me to discuss the details. azri{at}nematix.com




Can you send me the mysql example too?



Hi, Thanks for your purchased. The MySQL example have been included in the release. You can take a look in folder ‘Quick Start’


I need mysql example too. Bought today but can not find any folder ‘Quick Start’???

Hi billion8, i have test download from Codecanyon and its appear ok with Quick Start folder. I don’t see any record that you bought the code.

sorry I just saw this is the wrong code!!!

No problem.

do you have a documentation? like the http://edittable.free.fr/row_editor.php

I’m sorry, currently we only provide a brief guideline to use the library.


do you support editing drop down controls? thanks Huambo

Hi Huambo,

Currently this plugin only provide text input.

Hi, I still have “Loading…”. MySQL database/password /server/username is 100% OK. Where is problem? I using Quick start. Thanks

Hi, sorry for late reply. Do you still have the problem with the library?

Hi! Great plugin. I realy like it, but I have a presale question, this is very important to me:

Can I decide which fields can be editable by users or not? I need to build tables with an only editable column by the users.

Thanks in advance, kind regards!

Yes, you can select which column that you want to make-it editable.