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Nice selection of shortcodes. I’m looking at a lot of content in tables etc. Is there a shortcode ‘save’ or an easy way to add to/edit previously generated shortcodes?

Hi, thanks!

You can add short codes easily. Check this image –

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit short codes at the moment.

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

I found out that GT Shortcodes are not compatible with the very popular “Easy Social Share Buttons”. If GT is activated, ESSB doesn’t display any number of shares. Advice?


Please open a support ticket – And do include your website details so that I can check the cause.

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

Hi I’m only looking to add the circular progress bar. Are all shortcake libraries loaded onto the site, or just those in use? I don’t want to loads extra scripts…

I’m not sure how many colours you have, but as long as the colour follows round the circle then yeah.

Okay, I will add more colour options and then I will get back to you. It should not take more than 24 hours.

Hi there,

Can you please open a support ticket here – so that I can send you the updated files?

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

@Gautam – Nice to see that you are continuing the support for this plugin.

are you going to come up with new shortcode plugin ?. If yes I will buy that itself.

Hi Prajwal,

GT ShortCodes is doing fine and so there are no plans to create another short code plugin.

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

Hi There,

Is there a easy way to have my “Content Box” button when clicked opened in a new window instead of the same frame?



Hi Chris,

I just replied to your ticket. If you can share the admin credentials in the same ticket then I can add this option for you.

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

@Gautam – What’s coming up in the next update ?. Just curious to know.

I am open to suggestions at the moment. What would you like to see added?

Hi there, just purchased your plugin, however I cannot get the tab boxes to work at all. I’ve tried every option and configuration but it just doesn’t work…

I have sorted it out!

Hi, really sorry for the trouble! May I have access to the admin dashboard so that I can check what’s causing such an issue?

Please open a support ticket with login credentials here –

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

This plugin can create my own Shortcodes? Use html code.

Hi, this functionality is not yet available.

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

How do I change the web address that the button on the pricing table leads to? It’s not in the shortcode.

Hi Dan,

Sorry for the trouble! I replied to your ticket.

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

Demos are not working … getting 404 on all the demo links

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting! All links are fixed now.

Best Regards,
Gautam Thapar

Can i use a shortcode as data within your short codes?

Hi there,

Yes, you can use between shortcodes like [gt_shortcode] [some_other_shortcode] [/gt_shortcode]

And I replied to your support ticket with a solution to your requirements.

Best Regards, Gautam Thapar

Hello I use this but It generates a lot of errors in css and html how we can fix all this


Please show some screenshots with those errors. Any specific browser?

Hi, considering to purchase the plugin – it looks perfect. However, it feels like a deal breaker that it does not have a shortcode for a slider? Any plans to add that in the future.

Hi there,

Thank you the kind words!

I can definitely add a simple slider by the end of September.

Yeh – that would confirm my purchase.

What work with latest WP and php 7 sir?

Hi there,

It should work fine.


Hey your Plugin looks awesome! I’ve two pre-sale questions:

1. Do you already have a shortcode for Gauge Charts or do you plan to add this in the future?

2. Is it possible to give the y-axis of the line Chart a label?

Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

Thank you for the kind words!

1. Not available right now and no plans for the future.

2. No, you can add prefix to the data values though.

Hi, can add analytics code on the button? how? thanks.

Hi, Sorry missed your comment. No it won’t be possible at the moment.

hello the data tables doesn’t have a good responsive to you plan any major update?

Hi, just bought this plugin. Do charts have max value setting? Let’s say you make a review for a product, and use a radar chart to show scores. One product is very poor and all scored 1 /10. But how can you express this? When you set all values 1, the max value for chart is also set 1, and there shows up a fully filled chart. You cannot distinguish all-1 from all-10. I read the documentation but it seems not to have an attribute for max value. Are there any possible solutions? I’m even willing to edit php files.

Hi there,

Charts are generated based on different values and the max value is taken from those data values only.