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Great work gsdevelopment! :)

Thank you diank123! :)

i want to use it in my contact page. so the customer can arrive to my store from where he is… is that possible?

Hi papix2001,

This is possible, in your script you must set the ‘detectLocation’ to true, and on the ‘initialEnd’ please add your store location. Let us know if you have any other questions.

nice script. is it possible to translate directions to other language?

Hi Javise,

You can simply delete the Use My Location from the html file: look for the following link and remove it:

Use My Location

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

I did that before I wrote you here but it show only Start Point container without End Point container…

i found why… in css… for end point it was display none until input start distance… thanks

Very nice & simple. I have 2 questions though: 1) how do covert to miles? and 2) how do I remove the geolocation function and start point, so the user can just add their address to the field?

Thanks so much!

Hi melsteve,

1. The plugin doesn’t have this option yet, but we’ll take this in consideration and we’ll inlucde it on our next product update

2. In order to remove the geolocation set the ‘detectLocation’ to false. And regarding the start point just add a space on the ‘initialStart’ option – e.g: initialStart: ’ ‘

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi, I am Brazilian, sorry for English. I edited your code so that the final destido already been predefined. How do I get the initial target be filled automatically it displays the data?

Hi there,

You have the ‘initialStart’ option where you set the initial start point when the map is loaded. But I’m not sure what do you need to be automatically field – if you are refering that you need the ‘Start Point’ point input to be field with the ‘initialStart’ option this isn’t yet included on the plugin, but we’ll take this in consideration on our next product update.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, Love your script. Is there any way to lock the end point on the map to It cant be altered. Thanks

Hi yes that is what I mean. thanks

hi, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Hey there,

Unfortunately this isn’t possible in the current version of the plugin, but we’ll consider adding this in our next upgrade.

your live preview is broken. the link leads to nowhere. just a heads up

Hi there,

Thanks for your heads up, we were in the middle of some updates, and now or domain is changed to and the Google Maps plugin can be found at

hi there, is there a way to restrict the autocomplete search to one specific region only?

Hi there,

We currently don’t have this option, but we’ll consider including it on the future upgrade.


I am wondering if it is possible to add predetermined routes to this, like metro lines, so a person could use it to determine how to get from point A to B on city transit, for example.

Hi there,

If you are referring at setting the travel mode as: driving, transit, walking, cycling, flights – we currently don’t have these options, but we’ll consider including them on the future product upgrade.

How implement API Key Google – Is Required. Message Console:

Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys

I need help.

Hi Daniloras,

We are not sure at what are you referring with the API Key Google – can you please give us more details.

Hello friend, I like your script, I wanted to ask you several questions:

1. You can save Start Point: End Point :, and in a database, and that the information the customer can see it in the vanegador.

2. if you can update that information can be done ?.

Hi there,

We are not sure what you need: you need to save the Start Point and the End Point in a database?

Can you please give us more details about what you want to do?

Thank you for answering, if I choose my place of origin and destination and stored in the database, so we are doing well, but if I update and change the city of origin and destination and back and keep, and the addresses are different.

what I want is that every time I update the towns me traze a line of everything I’ve done, or all cities both source and destination, you can do this in php and mysql, or do ?? ?

So, this seems that needs to be done from back-end using php and mysql and you’ll have to develop your php code that will save in the mysql database the values that the users enters in the Start point and End point.

The plugin doesn’t include saving the values in a database.

Please let us know if we can help you with something else.

hi, can we get all the data including the direction turn by turn, start point and end point, and also the distance ?, so we can use the data to create some article maybe, Thanks


The plugin dinamicaly generates the directions and there is no option for getting them as text. I suppose that you’ll need something like a button to export all the data as text?

Hi, I’m you please sent to help a few days ago a mail with? Can you help me with my problem?

Hi, How can I predefine the final destination? Thank you!

Hi ushanbb,

Sorry for the delay on replying – you have the option to add initialEnd: ‘Add here the final destination’ when defining the google maps script. Here is a full example:

var myMap = new googleMapDirections({ detectLocation: true, initialStart: ‘Cluj’, initialEnd: ‘Sibiu’, map: ‘map’, routeDirections: ‘waypoints’, mainPointsContainer: ’.end-point-container’, startPoint: ‘start-point’, endPoint: ‘end-point’, });

Please let us know if we can help with something else.

Hi, can i add your script to my cms? In my cms just show rute not distance and direction. May you can help me to add to my cms. Thanks

Hi Sandjaja,

This depends on what CMS you are using, but the main idea is to add the HTML markup for the map on your page, and bellow it the script – here is the script from our example:

<script src=”js/gs-script.js” type=”text/javascript”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> var myMap = new googleMapDirections({ detectLocation: true, initialStart: ‘Cluj’, initialEnd: ‘Sibiu’, map: ‘map’, routeDirections: ‘waypoints’, mainPointsContainer: ’.end-point-container’, startPoint: ‘start-point’, endPoint: ‘end-point’, }); </script> <script src=”” async defer></script>

Please let us know if we can help with something else.

Hello i buyed your script, but documentation is very poor and can not bring it to work. Where to put google api key? If i upload it as is it now and run, i get error “could not display direction due to: REQUEST_DENIED”. If i put API key on “gs-scrtipt.js” (line 24: map: map,) then directions address will not be load. Can you tell me how to bring it work?

Hi niglib,

Sorry for the delay on replying, but the product worked without any problems. We’ll have a look to see what did Google changed on the API and we’ll come back to you shortly.

Hi niglib,

Just to let you know that Google did changed something and in order to have it fully working you must have SSL on the website where you are using this plugin.

Anyway we’ve made an update on the product and we’ve added a fallback in case that Google API location doesn’t work.

I tried the script and I like! I’m thinking about buying it but I would like to know whether you can implement the ability to print out directions thank you

perfect! I wait..

Hi Max,

The product is now updated. Please let us know if we can help you with something else.

Perfect! good script .. I bought it

Hey guys,

I just buyed your script and already read your documentation and discussion on envatomarket, but didn’t solve my problem: On PC it works fine but when I upload the files on my HTTPS server I got problems with the Google API („REQUEST_DENIED“).

So where I have to put which API?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards from Berlin, Benjamin

Hello Benjamin,

Can you please send us the URL of the site where you have uploaded the files?

I Just purchased your code. However upon upload I get his error message ’’Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details’‘

Here is the url for the upload :

Hey oneil213,

Seems that now the Google Maps requires an API key. Please generate a key on the following URL:

Afterwards in your index.html file update the script with the following:

<script src=”” async defer></script>

And please note that you need to replace in the above script the PASTE_HERE_THE_GENERATED_KEY -> with the key that you generated on the URL that we’ve sent you in the top of the comment.

Please let us know if we can help you with something else.

Complete but yet no changes. I included the API key as suggested. you can investigate. Thanks

You still use IP geolocation when you can use W3C location.

Your script give location where i am like 2 hours from it.

This is stupid lol, i’m asking for refund.

And your “geolocation” not working at all on any of my device.

“could not display direction due to: zeroe_results”

Okay i just saw “Location is approximated by your IP” wow.

IP geolocation, you have to kidding me.

Hello Visad,

The W3C location is actually the HTML5 Geolocation API – that we’ve also implemented it.

If you had gone through our documentation you would have seen that we’ve specified that the Geolocation API is only working for secure connections – means that you need https:

So the IP location is just a fallback because the products is without SSL:

So please read the docs. We’ll refund you and if you have other questions please let us know.