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Would this be able to work with a database configured list?

Hi Jwrbloom,

You can apply the drag and drop on the list that was generated by your php, and we also have a data.php that can save your ordered list to a database. Please follow the instructions in our documentation and let us know if you need future help.

Will it work within a WordPress site? I have two plugins I use to embed PHP into my sites (one for widgets and one for regular Posts/Pages).

Hi Jwrbloom,

This will work within WordPress as long as you can manipulate the HTML of the lists and add our required attributes on the list – you can see them in our documentation.


May I move one item from one list to another list (like a


Hi Callehost,

Unfortunatelly we don’t have this option at the moment.

Where do you saved the changed data?Cache?Database?
*I used google translate.


The data can be saved in the local storage or via a server script into the database. (a simple php example is included)

Hi, is it possible to make it work in ie 8?


This dosen’t work for now in IE8. But IE8 has becoming less used: – as you can see here only 0.9% people are using IE8.


Your list is working great. But could you make it as multilevel like wordpress’s category?

Hi hiayongkuy,

Unfortunately we haven’t yet included this functionality, but on our next update for the product we’ll consider including a multi-level list.


Could we do a drag and drop beween 3 columns. If line draged, this line change its color. Each change is save on the fly in database.


Hi there,

Currently the plugin doesn’t have those options, you can drag and drop only on one column. We’ll consider adding this on the next plugin upgrade.

hi! is there a ‘autosave’? like when you drag an item and on release it will trigger en event? i dont want that extra user click for saving it. This must be done automatically

got it: in function dragDropElement added: onSave();


We are glad that all worked for you. Please let us know if we can help you with something else.

You mention the PHP Database file, do you have an example? There’s nowhere to enter database details, such as username, localhost, password etc?

Hello Ryan,

We don’t have a mention to a database connection in our documentation/files. We only have a data.php that can serve an Object to mock the AJAX request.

If you need to save the data you can do it in the local storage or via a server script into the database – but this will have to be developed at your end, or email us if we can assist you.

Please let us know if we can help with something else.