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Very useful item. GLWS!

Many thanks :)

Hi, please, how can i use the Callback functions? For example Option select – onSelectedOption(value)? Please do you have any example? Thank you V.

Thanks for your example.

Unfortunately this isn’t the way the additional data is used. If you check the documentation, input fields (in our case hidden) are added to a div with the gs-additional-input class:

<input type=”hidden” value=”value1” name=”additional-1”> <input type=”hidden” value=”value2” name=”additional-2”> <input type=”hidden” value=”value3” name=”additional-3”>

Hope this is more clear now. It wasn’t clear for us though how you’ve wanted to use this in your example, or what you wanted to accomplish.


Hi, thanks… yes… in my example is class (gs-additional-inputs) used (like in your documentation): <input type=”hidden” value=”value1” name=”additional-1”> <input type=”hidden” value=”value2” name=”additional-2”> <input type=”hidden” value=”value3” name=”additional-3”>

I need to make this SQL query: SELECT * FROM table WHERE name=$_GET[name] AND opt1=$_GET[“additional-1] AND opt2=’$_GET[“additional-2] AND opt=’$_GET[“additional-3]

But this hidden variables ($_GET[“additional-1] , $_GET[“additional-2] ,$_GET[“additional-3] ) not exists in theSourceUrl – filterData.php

Variable $_GET[name] exists in theSourceUrl – filterData.php – OK

This text in the documentation not working… “If you also whish to add additional parameters to your query, you can add all of them as hidden inputs in a container with the gs-additional-inputs class. All those inputs will be sent to each request it makes for data.” ... but was not sent…

Please do you have any working example with this class?

DIV with class gs-additional-input can not be in this forum displayed – but exist i my script…. (you can view source…)

Hello, any idea on how to show “Search words no found” if no strings are matched ? Regards

Hi Julian,

The current functionality doesn’t have this option, but we can develop this for you for a fee. Or you can use the onServerSuccess(data) function to check it the data is empty and display your message.

Please let us know if you need us developing this for you.

Hi there, is there a way to select from a drop down and then trigger of the another function like do_search(); without having to press a search button. Thanks.

worked it out

I am looking for auto complete suggestion for on-demand service portal. Autocomplete suggestions are not only for the words which contains searched query but also listing which contains similar words. This function should also provide stat for searched keywords for admin. Example: if user search “Jazz” – suggested results should be “he Shape of Jazz to Come”, “Ornette Coleman” “The Bridge”, “ Herbie Hancock ”, “Ella Fitzgerald ”, “Bitches Brew”, “Billie Holiday”, “The Jazz Singer”..etc. Jazz word is connected with Jazz Vocalist, Jazz Instruments, and Jazz Albums – in local database. Can your code provide this functionality?

Hi prowizyinc,

Our code doesn’t have this functionality, but you can achive this by using a server-side process and use the AJAX request to grab the data from our autocomplete plugin.

Hello, today I bought this script. But just the first example “Data taken from a datalist HTML5 tag.” works. The ather (“Data taken on change (from an external file)” and “All data grabbed at once”) do not work. Can you help me please? You can see it at: Thank you. Patrick

now it works.. I change a link…

Hello Patrick,

Sorry for the delay on replying, we are glad that the script worked.

Please let us know if we can help you with something else.

Great. Consider add autocomplete=”off” to prevent built-in autocomplete list overflow.

Also, on mobile (ipad), when I hide keyboard (lose focus) autocomplete list remains opened.

Hi rawthriver,

Thank you for your suggestions’ we’ve updated the product. Please let us know if we can help you with something else.

Thank you. Got one and star for you. Good luck!

very good work !

hello! I wanted to ask if your script can search b multiple keywords simultaneously ? and also can it be styled to be DARK?

can it be also made to follow the link immediately on result click?

Hello Dave,

The script doesn’t search by multiple keywords. If you want to have it on Dark you must write some CSS because the product doesn’t have themes.

And regarding the last one, YES you can add links on the results.

Is it possible to create new text that does not exist in the JSON list?

Hi rcerqueira. Sorry for the late response.

What exactly do you mean by “text that does not exist”? What is the use case for the functionality you desire?

Can the script be adjusted to be a text+dropdown combobox? I’d like to allow the visitor to type text that isn’t in the dropdown and then, on submit, redirect the visitor to a “product request” landing page.

Hey Austin,

You can do that without the need of updating the script. We’ve used <input> for the box where the user is typing – so on submit if you have the <input> inside a form the info will be saved – and the redirect we can do it for you, but as extra cost. Or you can develop yourself either using JavaScript or PHP.

Please let us know what you prefer.