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Please, provide a ‘Live Preview’.


Hi,this is just html&css template,because i dont provide ‘Live Preview’. But it has ‘Video Preview’.


It Is responsive (RWD) ?

Thanks! Mick

I will make update nowadays

Version 3 and 4 does not work correctly in responsive.

Thanks again!

Ok i will update those version during today Thanks

Good MR. askerov

Thanks :)

Does this require using a preprocessor (sass) with the site?

No, it does not. when Sass file save,it generated CSS codes and i use generated file in site. Also includes css files. You can use whatever you want

Thanks :)

Presales Question: Have you released a fully responsive version yet like asked many times over the past 4 months?

Hi , I update file today. I suppose envato accept my update during 1-2 day


HAs the Responsive version be updated and live? see a lot of comments regarding this

Hi . the last update is responsive. if you buy this item. you get ‘step form wizard’ also ‘grumpy multi step indicator’ . Let me know if you have other question.


with the Timon Step Wizard. Will i get the complete package of the CSS “grumpy multi step indicator” as a separate Zip? or is it included in the Form?

Multi step indicator not include zip. The main css file included step form wizard. ?f you do not use like this please write me i will send you “grumpy” seperated Zip Thanks

hi askerov, nice job, just to know, from wich version of safari browser is compatible.


Hi Stefano, it is compatible Safari 9.Let me know if you have any questions Thanks

Hello, how can i use it with wordpress??? Thanks

Hello , it is css template. It is not wordpress plugin

Hi, Thank you for a lovely piece of css code. I don’t seem to be able to get style-2 to align to the right of the page. Any advice? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Paul.

Hi dear customer,

Unfortunately there is no option for align to the right of page. please tell me you need text align to the right or grumpy position ?

Thanks Rufat Askerov

I was hoping the grumpy position. Thanks for the reply. Alternatively, stretching the arrows to fill the width of the container would be even better. I understand if it is not possible, I could change the layout of the page but I was hoping not to. Any advice warmly welcomed, thanks.

Hi dear customer,

If you want to change position , you can make it with css float option , like float:left or float:right . If you need more help please send me demo url to email( , so i will help you.


Collisions when using with Bootstrap, I’ve wrote you an email.

Hi ,

please check your email


Is there an easy way to make this 100% width of the container?

Hi , width of the container is related with menu items

Thanks Rufat Askerov

Yes, I see that, but is there a way to make it 100% width? It would be a very useful feature.

Any updates on this issue?

I am having problems with grumpy and step wizard on IE 9 and IE10. I verified this was an issue with your online samples, specifically style 7.