Discussion on Grow CRM - Laravel Project Management

Discussion on Grow CRM - Laravel Project Management

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Hi Nextloop,

Is there any option to integrate Grow CRM with woocommerce and wordpress.

I would like to know if it’s possible to create a user account when someone makes purchase on our woocommerce website as it offers more payment gateway options for subscriptions then only Stripe which is available in Grow CRM.

Is is possible to create a woocommerce integration something like these addons of Perfex

A Woocommerce integration for Grow CRM.

Hello. No, this is not possible.

HI Thanks for your reply, is it not possible or the integration is currently not available.

Kindly tell if we can create a custom module once purchased to integrate grow crm with woocommerce is the code open source and editable. Thanks


yedist01 Purchased

In the 5th part of the installation step, no query is returned. I have given you a support notification regarding this issue and I am waiting for your return.

Hi. I have replied you via email.

Hi, could you please add auto update system? Its really painful to upload and replace file.

Hi. This is on our roadmap as a priority feature.

Hello, setup 404 Not Found how to install


Please see this link for details.

You can also contact us at and we will assis


mdwahab Purchased

Hi, How can i export my leads?


There is currently no export feature for leads. It is on our roadmap.


mdwahab Purchased

Hi, How can i filter By Source and By Category in Leads Module?


This filter is not currently available. It will however be included in our next update.

Can we create a subscription without Stripe? We don’t want to use Stripe for the payments. We would like to use our own payment processor. If this is not possible, can you give us quote to include it? This is an important feature for us.

You should have the email again

What is the name of the payment gateway that you requested? This is the payment getaway.

We need that the subscriptions relate to our products.

Hello. Tell me why in the mobile version of the site the menu does not screw after choosing the section?

Hello. Please send a screenshot or further details of what you mean to

Hi, how are you? I asked you several questions, the last one remains to be known.

Do you intend to release the Saas version this November and do a black friday campaign?


Unfortunately we have had to push back the SaaS release no December because we are still beta testing to make sure everything works 100%.

Hi. We have been waiting for an answer to our problem with the invoice items. You told us that you were checking it out, but I haven`t got any source of update for a whole week.

We also made a request for a quote more than a month ago and we have not had a response.

If this continues we will have to look for another solution more reliable than this CRM

Hello. Apologies for the delay. I will send you an email today on the solution.

Hi. The issue has now been resolved.

Could you please provide some quick answer for the following questions? Which versions of the following is the most suitable for installing this script? 1) PHP version: 2) Laravel Version: 3)MySQL Version: 4) Server Type (VPS/Shared/cloud):


Please provide a full list of the system requirements here

Hello, we are developers. What we would need is that if we could make changes or extensions GrowCRM and don’t loose changes. Could we make it?


We do not currently have a modules system in the CRM. We have it on our roadmap, but it is not currently available.

Hi, would it be possible to include the quantity for inventory control in the product record?

Would it also be possible to create a POS for sale over the counter with a box?

Are any of these functions on your mind? Or would it be something to be customized individually?

If it is customized, how do I contact you to receive a quote?

would it be possible to include in the budget the option to generate work order number and option to print project orders?


The features that you have described are not currently on our roadmap. For custom development, you can contact us on


-Can we add product items in the invoices? In the demo we can add them, but in the one that we have we can’t Here is a video where you can see the error.

I sent you an email last Friday but you didn’t answer. We need this feature working to move on.


We have replied to you via email. The error you are getting is due to web hosting permission errors (as mentioned via email). There has been no report of users failing to add products to invoices.

-Can the email templates be modified? In the demo it says that it is not possible, when you install them do they work? -The design offered by Grow CMR is obnoxious and it is necessary to change it…

Please send us an email at We will be able to assist you further.

If you can provide us with your URL and also temp logins, so that we can see if there is an error that is being generated when you are saving

I just sent you the email

the demo link is not working

Hi. This has now been resolved. Thank you for alerting us.

Hi there, Looks like the minimum required PHP is version 7+, does PHP 8 works too? If not, any precised ETA? Thank you form your time.


PHP 8 will be supported before the end of the year.

Hello, thanks for the update, I greatly appreciate it.

I have some pre sale questions ;

1- Can i use “Custom fields” in email templates ? 2- For example this is project management, but your dashboard have irrelevant widgets with the project management, like invoices, like due payments..Can i hide or edit my dashboard what i want ? 3- Grow has a indepented Defects & Problems module? (Like Vips’s P.M Script) 4- Grow has a File Management ? Thanks a lot.


I have reviewed your 4 questions and the features you have requested are all not currently available.

So whats your short/middle term plans about this major features?

- File management is currently available and we are continuing to improve it. We recently introduced file folders

- Custom dashboards are on our roadmap

- The other features are not currently on our roadmap

We have already installed the version 1.08 and we are working with it, but when we try to update it to fix this version bugs we get stuck and when we reached the support the charges us 60$ for migration at the time that we want just to update our version and keep our data, moreover the support so slow.


- The service you were requesting was to migrate/move your CRM from one web hosting provider to another. This is not a part of standard support and hence the fee.

- We Responded to all your tickets in a timely manner. Our response time for support is less than 24hrs.

We need a reports feature and excel sheet download for things such as expenses, payments and invoices to quickly get totals. I am waiting for the SaaS version

Hi. Noted.


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