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I have to say Groups is one of our favorite membership plugins. We use it successfully with WooCommerce in conjunction with the awesome Groups for WooCommerce & WooCommerce Subscriptions Add-Ons to easily sell subscriptions which works a treat!

Will definitely buy this plugin very soon too… ;)

Best regards,

Thank you so much, that’s really nice of you to say :) I mean it’s always awesome to see that people like the work one provides!

I thought that this one would be a great addition, too. It’s not something that fits into everyone’s scenario, but I think it will serve the needs of those who want to restrict comments in either way (posting or viewing) well.


great style , very useful ! Good job :)

Many thanks Eric :)

Hi, I can’t really say, GRCP uses WordPress filters and actions to restrict access and if that plugin doesn’t brew its own, then they might work together. Note that I say might, there’s no way to tell unless someone tries it.

I cant find how to submit a support ticket so I’m commenting here

LOVE this plugin. How can I change the display text when users are logged out. Right now it says “Only Authorized Members can comment”

No, that’s PHP code you could add to your theme’s functions.php. Please make absolutely sure to first back up your site and database before you modify that file. As you don’t seem to be familiar with PHP, it’s really easy to introduce a syntax error which can result in your whole site not showing up.

See please on the function used to add a filter.


Thanks worked great!

Perfect :)

I use the RSS Comment Feed ( to show comments in 2 widgets (group1 and group2). I can show the widget using this script: $result = false; require_once(ABSPATH . "wp-includes/pluggable.php"); if ( $group = Groups_Group::read_by_name( 'group1' ) ) { $result = Groups_User_Group::read( get_current_user_id() , $group->group_id ); } return $result; Can I restrict the comments per widget/group here as well?

To bad the restrictions don’t apply to the rss comment feed, that I use for a widget.

Which widget are you using? Can you provide admin access to the site to support at itthinx dot com please and make sure to include a link to this thread?

Email send.

Pre sale question – If I add a user to a group that is allowed to post comments and then later remove that user from the group is it possible to make it so it hides their comments while they are not in the group. Then if I later re-add them to the group can it put their comments back up?


Sorry this isn’t possible.


The plugin is experiencing a problem with Visual Composer. If I enter the visual composer “Frontend” mode and update the page(or post), its plugin loses all groups that can comment or not comment pre-configured. I’m hoping that this bug can be fixed. How many days can I wait for a return?

What happens is that the plugin loses the settings when I enter the visual composer front-end mode, no other plugin or form does this from the editing page of posts. (yoast, table press, categories, prettylink etc… only Discussion on Groups Restrict Comments Pro)

Please, if you can correct this would be great! I await your reply.

please fix this problem developer itthinx, or if you do not correct, can you let me know?

Thanks, we’ll check with the developers of the Visual Composer plugin to see if there’s something we can do. Although we’ll be looking into the issue, unfortunately we can’t promise you an exact ETA on this, but we’ll be happy to issue a refund if you want.