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Nice plugin!

Two things:

1) How do I deploy one of your pre-made templates for this plugin?

2) Is there a way or option for the future where I can just simply RESEND a campaign rather than have to recreate to send? I understand I could probably go to the database and change this, but I wanted a simpler way.

Kind regards, Brandon


Regarding 1) see and please.

For 2) please do NOT change anything in the database, you will most likely end up with conflicting settings (read: a mess). Simply publish a new campaign, it’s much easier anyway:


Can your plugin fulfill following functionality , or you can refer some other plugin for that ?
  • 1. Custom Subscription form designing by admin panel.
  • 2. Multiple options to display – pop-up, inside form , fly, button,
  • 3. Giving user option to opt-for multiple categories .
  • 4. Setting email frequency at the time of subscribing or at later time.
  • 5. Confirmation of email.
  • 6. Opting out the categories or editing subscription options.
  • 7. Manual Email trigger – sending email to category subscribers on different actions such as new content on a category posts, sending fresh email of certain or all posts of the category(s) they subscribed.
  • 8. Design Newsletter
  • 9. Manual Subscription.

Hi, thanks for asking. It seems that the best approach for your requirements would be to check the documentation of each plugin you consider as a solution and choose the one that best matches your requirements. Then you would need to think about custom development for those requirements that are not covered by the solution chosen. You probably won’t find something that is an exact match OOTB.

I purchased MyMail for $40 in October but it doesn’t work and to date the author provides no support. So, I’m researching other newsletter plugins with autoresponders but I’d like help with MyMail. I expected it to work but many users have had NO support for over 3 months now and I hesitate to buy another plugin and not get support. How similar is your plugin to MyMail? Is there a demo I can look at? Do you have a private support forum I could contact you on?


I purchased MyMail for $40 in October but it doesn’t work and to date the author provides no support. So, I’m researching other newsletter plugins with autoresponders but I’d like help with MyMail. I expected it to work but many users have had NO support for over 3 months now and I hesitate to buy another plugin and not get support. How similar is your plugin to MyMail? Is there a demo I can look at? Does it have DKIM? Autoresponders? Lists? Can I add the autoresponder/opt-in form on another page or site using html? And does it work on mobile devices? Do you have a private support forum I could contact you on?

Hi, we can’t really provide any help with MyMail as it’s not our product. Please review the documentation for this plugin where you will find details on how it works. The rest is also detailed on the plugin page.

I think it would be more logical to select the stories in the newsletter.

Now I write stories before the newsletter is composed. So I have to open all stories

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take that into account.

How to adjust the layout. The newsletter page looks horrible in my theme

I’m not a programmer. I can adjust something with trial and error in CSS but that’s it. So do help me: how to adjust the margins on


Yes sure, that’s exactly what we’re asking you, to provide access to the theme so we can help you with the templates. Please get in touch with support at itthinx dot com, provide a link to this reply and access to the theme you need help with.


I’m using the groups and woocommerce groups and woocommerce subscriptions plugins to create groups which will be set when a user buys a package from the site. I had a few questions before I purchase this plugin:

1) Will users be auto-subscribed to a/the list on assignment to a specific group? 2) Can I send separate newsletters to registered users and paying members? i.e are there group specific lists or is there one long list. 3) Can I send an automatic (Every day/week) newsletter when a new custom post type (not stories) is published? 4) Will a user be automatically removed from the subscriber list for a group once they are not part of the relevant group?


1) Auto-subscribe is not available as a feature for this plugin yet. It’s on our todo list though. 2) You can send newsletters to group members. See for details please. 3) No. 4) Newsletters sent to groups will only be sent to members of the group. If an account is removed from a group the user will not receive it.


Where can I find the latest changelog?

Thank you.

Hi, it’s in the changelog.txt in the plugin’s folder. Cheers

Thank you!

responsive is it Discussion on Groups Newsletters

Hi, I’m not quite sure what your question is but if you’re asking whether the appearance is reponsive, then that would depend on your theme and not the plugin.

email the customer receives is responsive ?

The email uses a template which you can customize to your needs – see

Hello, Q.1 How do i modify the layout for button and textfield for subscribe because it looks really cheap, ( why did you not include layout options for admin to change in wp rather then go into the css en modify the coding etc?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. The look of that element is basically determined by your theme, if it doesn’t look satisfying, you can style it by targeting the submit button on the subscription page easily using inline CSS:

` <style> input[type=”submit”] { /* your CSS rules */ } </style> `

Is it possible to add people in a Group to a list in my EMS like MailChimp or Sendy or Convert Kit?

Is it possible to preview a newsletter on the Campaigns before sending them out?

Hi, for that you can simply create a test campaign, I would recommend to create a “Test” group where you add a few of your own email accounts and send it out to that group only through a test campaign. Cheers, Kento

Hi there,

I’m looking for a newsletter plugin that is a bit more advanced. Basically I have a car website where I want users to be able to sign up to a mailing list but as well as having their name and email address, it has additional fields to specify the type of car they want.

Then when a new car is added to the database, I want it to check against the mailing list to check if any users in the mailing list want are looking for that particular vehicle and if they are then to send them an email with the details of the car.

Is this possible with this plugin?



Thanks for asking but your requirement would require an automated process which would pull info from the car entry etc and then send it to the users. That’s not supported through this plugin, sorry.

Cheers, Kento

Hi Guys i have followed your instructions but when i send off an a campaign i says running (queued) 0 / 0. Any ideas?

Hi, it seems that you don’t have any recipients for your newsletter. The campaign status means 0 sent out of 0 recipients. See and if you have already checked a group or it’s targeted at subscribers, then make sure that there is at least one in the group or subscribed.

Hello, I have followed the instructions for creating a template for the newsletters but apparently it does not work. I keep visualizing the default template.

I made these actions:

1. My web site has a theme and a child theme. The child theme is the active one. I have created a subfolder in the child theme folder called ‘groups-newsletters’ 2. I copied in the groups-newsletter folder the pages single-story.php and taxonomy-newsletter.php. I then changed the content of the two files adding some HTML lines

Only the default template is visualized when I click on the Preview button of the newsletter administration page or when I actually send the email. My custom template pages are ignored.

Could help me to solve this problem ? TIA

Hi, yes we’d be happy to help you adjust the templates. Could you please get in touch via email to support at itthinx dot com and provide temporary admin and FTP access to your site? Please make sure to include a link to this conversation. Thanks!

Hello, is it possible to send a newsletter to all woocommerce customers when new products are availabe in the shop. Only user with access to the category of each product will get an email?

Hi, thanks for asking. It would not happen automatically – i.e. you would have to create a newsletter advertising the new products manually. Also the part about “access to the category” will depend – you could use Groups for WooCommerce to automatically assign a user to a group based on the product purchased, but it’s not related to a category. Maybe this is not what you want.


umaxim Purchased

Hi I am trying to sent out newslatter and it showed me 0 of 1 send out. I thought cron problem install wp control and it said cron is working. What can be wrong ?


umaxim Purchased

This campaign is currently running.

0 emails of 1 in this campaign have been sent.

1 is in the queue.

Hi, can you please provide temporary admin and FTP access so we can have a look? Please send credentials to support at itthinx dot com and include a link to this thread. Thanks!

Hello Kento, I have sent you an email about a problem I am experiencing with the Campaigns. Could you plase have a look to it ? TIA