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I have a pre-purchase question:

I am running BuddyPress, Gravity Forms, User Registration, Groups, and GEO My WP. I have locations enabled for Groups, and allow for users to search for local groups within a certain milage of their location. I want people who register on my Gravity Form to be auto added to a group based on their location. For example, if you put your City, State, and Country as San Diego, California, United States, you would be added to the San Diego, California, and United States Group automatically.

Is this possible? Thanks!

There is a problem where the Paypal checkbox is not working as advertised. I set it to add people who pay into a group called “paid”. But it does not seem to care if they actually pay or not, it throws everybody who submits the form into the group. Even then, making the “paid” group was a hack to start with, because I’d really like to add people to groups based on Gravity Forms checkboxes but only if they pay… seems even if the Payment checkbox worked as advertised, I’d have to choose that OR add them automatically based on form fields, not both. Any way around that? I tried to post on your own support page but it hasn’t shown up after a few days now.

Hi, what exact settings are you using please? You can also submit admin access to support at itthinx dot com and we’ll have a look.

Thanks, I replied to you over on your website.

Hi, I am trying to use checkboxes to list all of the groups that I have available. I would like users to be a be able to check each group they would like to join. So I need to make it so based on each checkmark they select it would join them to the associated group. For example if they check “option A” it would add them to my “option A” group. How can I do this?

Nevermind, I figured it out

Ok thanks for the update.

We are seeing a problem with the Gravity Forms Groups plugin to place new registrations in groups chosen from a multi-select. When I choose 2 or 3 groups from the multi-select field it adds the user to ALL groups. Is this issue with the multi-select? Do I have to use checkboxes or simple dropdown instead? Please advise.

Pre-sale question: I have a gravity form where user would be able to select the primary group (drop-down) and Other groups (check boxes). Primary Group is restricted to 1 option and multiple groups can be selected under other groups. When an user selects a group, he should be added to that group and all the permissions given to that group should be applied to that user. Is that possible with this plugin?

Is there any possibility of adding multiple groups functionality in future? Basically I want users to choose multiple groups by selecting the check box. They will be added to those groups automatically.

Many thanks for the suggestion, we’ll certainly take it into account but can’t promise when such a possibility would be included yet.

PS The above comment is regarding multiple fields, if you only need one field where multiple groups can be chosen, then this is already an option.

We have a multi select field on a new user registration form that allows new submissions to select user groups to join. What values get matched from the form field to the user group to accomplish this group assignment? There is no documentation for this. Is it the form field value and the group slug? Or is it the form field value and the user group title? We are observing that sometimes this assignment fails and I assume its due to the matching not working properly. Please advise.

Hi, this is documented here: and on the panel “Group Memberships Group Memberships for Form Submissions” where you can see that field values are interpreted as group names, the groups must exist and match in spelling and case.

I see. So the form input value must match Group “name” and not group slug to verify?

Yes, it’s the name (there actually is no “slug” for groups).


I just purchased the Groups Gravity Forms plugin, and I’d like my users to be able to suscribe more than just one group at a time when they go to the subscription form.



See this please: Example : Creating a form that allows a user to choose from a selection and be added to the corresponding groups.


Is this plugin compatible with Magic Tooltips for Gravity Forms? This is the plugin I refer to:

Hi, thanks for asking but we can’t guarantee that these will be compatible … never heard about that one in fact :) Maybe if you check against any possible conflicting features that are vital for your deployment.

Hello. I want to alow the registration of users via Group Memberships for User Registrations. And the users should be added to a specific group based on an “secret” name that we will provide to the user. I do not want to show a list of group options. I think this is possible in the Group Memberships based on Form Submissions as you show this option : “BASED ON A FORM FIELD: If enabled and field is selected, the submitted field values will be interpreted as group names and the user will be added to those groups if they exist. But I want to use it for users who are not yet registered, so I understand that I will have to use Group Memberships for User Registrations. Can I still allow users to write down the name of the secret group (previously provided by email) when using Group Memberships for User Registrations? In other words, is “Add users to groups based on a form field” also available in Group Memberships for User Registrations? Thanks.


I don’t think that this plugin would be suitable mainly because what you describe sounds like you need some customized solution for your requirements. I don’t quite see the relation between the “secret” name and how you’d want it to be mapped to a group, maybe it would be simpler to password protect the page where people can sign up and then simply show the real group names. In this latter case, you could consider using this solution but it really depends on your use case and if that password protection would be an option.

Cheers, Kento

HI, I am searching for a plugin, that automatically adds users, that subscribe via gravity forms (with “Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On”) to certain Buddypress groups! Does your plugin support Buddypress groups? Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt, thanks for asking but this plugin works with the Groups plugin. BP groups are not supported with this. Cheers

Is this still being maintained and is it compatible with the latest Gravity Forms versions (v2.0+)?

Yes sure. Any issues?

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question: I need a script that automatically creates a new group when a user submits a registration form. So, for instance, John registers as a user and a group called “John” is automatically created. This seems really simple in theory; is this something you’d be able with if I purchase? It’s really the whole reason we need the plugin… thanks

Hi, although this isn’t currently supported, it could be added but the usefulness would depend on what you’re expecting to happen with the group after a user has been allowed to create it. If the user is allowed to add a group from the front end, would you also assume the user is able to add or remove members, restrict content, etc?

Thanks for the quick reply. To answer your question, no, we don’t need the user to have any of those group-related capabilities. In fact, all the backend group operation - and the group existence itself - should remain hidden from the user/group-creaor. What we need: 1) User 1 submits Gravity registration form, which generates a unique Contract ID and automatically creates a group that takes the Contract ID as its name; this is hidden to User 1. Later, User 2 submits a different Gravity registration form containing a field for “Contract ID”. User 2 enters the Contract ID number and so is automatically joined to the group previously created by User 1. Neither User 1 nor User 2 have any group admin capabilities. Essentially it’s a record keeping tool for the client, allowing them to keep track of pairs of users, who have entered into a contract with each other.

PS. I’m not sure why “and the group existence itself” is crossed out above…that’s a typo

Hi there – I’m trying to switch a user’s group (add to one, remove from another) upon filling out a form. I found that this is possible with a custom plugin (on your website here: ). Could I get access to this Groups Switch User plugin please?

Hi, yes that shouldn’t be a problem – I’ve forwarded your request to George

Hello, I have a question about this plugin. Similar to balearweb, I want to have users register using invitation codes and have the invitation code decide what group a person belongs to. I have this plugin, Gravity Forms, and Gravity Forms Invitation Codes plugin (here, if you’re curious: I’m guessing this is possible using either the Group Memberships for Form Submissions and the Group Memberships for User Registration sections, especially since there is an option to add a user to a group based on a field input treated as a group name. Is it possible to use an invitation code and have the invitation code name be used as a group name for the user, or will I need to find another solution? If I need to find another solution, is it possible to make it work with these 3 plugins or will I need to find something else to make this work?

Hi this sounds interesting. Is it possible that the invitation code plugin provides the invitation as a field value and you simply map codes to group names? In that case, it would be easy to set up by simply using the field as input for the selected group in Groups Gravity Forms.

In the invitation code plugin, each code has two parts: the code itself and the name of the code. There is also a special invitation code field given by this plugin. In an ideal situation, I would have the user register by entering the invitation code. If the code matches a code that I have set, I would take the invitation code name (which I would set to match the name of a group) and use that as the group the user would be a part of. I’m trying this out on a Gravity Forms demo site to see how I would make it work before I use it on the website this is for. I’m not sure if it’s possible to set up, and if so, how I would do that. I tried using the “Group Memberships for Form Submissions” section and used the Invitation Code field as the field to add to groups, but that didn’t work. I also tried using a dropdown with the group names and had that be the field to add to groups, but that didn’t work, either. It says that the “Group Memberships for Form Submissions” would work for registering users, but I’m having issues with that, and if it doesn’t work, then I’m out of ideas on what I should do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ok thanks for the detailed explanation. If you’re using a field then this should work though. If you use the field as indicated on – under “Group Memberships for Form Submissions” you would have to check “Enabled” and under “Add users who submit this form to groups based on a form field?” choose the field that holds the group/coupon name. Please note that the groups must previously have been created and that the names must match exactly, including upper and lower case. Please check if that is so, I hope this helps further.


I have bought your plugin ” Groups Gravity Forms ” on CodeCanyon. I am working on a site where a from will have an input field ( Let´s name it field A ). Field A will be filed up dynamically. I want groups to create a group with the same name of Field A autometically and put eh. The users who will fill up the form will be registered on the same form with gravity forms mempership addon.

So I’ll fill up the form and Field A will populate dynamically- > I will be registerd as an user- > I wil also be inside the group newly created.

But before everything I want to somehow skip the step ” Go to Groups and click New Group. ”. Because the Field A will populate dynalically and it can be simply anything.

Any solution for me?? Please help me out..



You’re simply creating the group with that code. If you are not familiar with PHP, we would recommend to get help from a qualified programmer who can help you appropriately with customizations.

Yes, I understand.. I just want to know what’s the code for putting the newly created user / current user inside this group.

Please help me out with this as this is very urgent!

Thank you for understanding

Ok no problem, if you just need to create the user knowing the group ID, then you can do simply:

Groups_User_Group::create( array( 'user_id' => $user_id, 'group_id' => $group_id ) );

Also have a look at the examples page in the documentation:

And there are several of our repos on GitHub that might help you further if you’d like to have a look at the API usage:

I hope that this is helpful for you

Hi! Pre-sale question: I’ts possible add users to group automatically, based on data? Some example: all user that born before 1972 add to group ” old” and all user that born after 2000 add to group ” fresh” ? Can i use conditional logic ? And second question: Can i add automaticaly same user to many group?

Thank you! Nick

Hi, Thanks for asking, unfortunately it’s not possible to do the conditional logic as you require it with the plugin so this won’t be suitable.

To clarify, does this plugin have option for Conditional Logic?

Regards, David

Hi David, thanks for asking but this isn’t part of the integration – for detailed info on what is supported, please see

Is it possible for groups to be added that don’t already exist? I want the form submitted to be added to a group using the Post ID as the group name, that way everything can be dynamic. Is this possible, or does the group have to already exist?

I can’t choose the group I want the newly registered user to be added to.

I have a group called “Registered” but when I click “Enabled” in the “Group Memberships for User Registrations” and try to “Choose groups…” I never see the “Registered” group (or any other) such that I could select it.

I have the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On and the form is enabled for user registration.

Any ideas?


Could you please check with to see if there are any differences in what is shown and what you have on your setup?

Please also state which versions you are using, WordPress, Gravity Forms and its extensions.

As a first recommendation, try to disable all other non essential plugins (i.e. those that are not directly involved) and test if you can see the groups appearing correctly. Also enable debugging please to see if there might be anything coming up in the debug.log


Interested in buying this plugin but have a quick questions. Is there an option to remove a user from a group when the form is submitted? This is what I would need to use it for.


Thanks for asking, yes there is but please review the documentation for details to make sure this would be suitable for what you want to achieve: