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Pre-sale question: I need to upload files (.xls and .pdf) for single users, not a group. ¿can this plugin make that? I have 200 members who needs their private files.

In this case it wouldn’t be appropriate unless you created a group for each member, because the plugin will restrict the files to groups, not specific users.

Hello, I’ve some presale questions

I’ve to setup a system in my wordpress site where basically

the user have to register in wordpress (or the admin simply add it) each one has a sort of “area” where the admin can put one or more files the system must send an email to each user that has a new file to download when the admin add a file, he can choose the user or the users (multiple choice) that can download it the users can just download, not upload

That’s all by now. I’d like to know if your plugin can manage all this



Thanks for considering the plugin for your purposes. It looks like a close match except for the part where the system must send an email to each user, because the system doesn’t notify group members when the admin has uploaded a new file. The rest can be handled by using groups and assigning the users and files to the corresponding groups.


Ok and it’s possible to modify the plugin to do exactly what I’m asking? Can I’ve a quote?

The plugin provides several action hooks that can be used, among them there are groups_created_file invoked when a new file has been added and groups_created_file_group invoked when a file has been associated with a group. These can be used to send out the appropriate notifications – please note that if you plan to send out notifications to a large number of users, then the implementation should consider batch sending and not just iterate over many users at the time the action is invoked.

An alternative could be to use Groups Newsletters, you would have to create an entry manually each time you want to notify users and the system would then send out the emails to the group members – if you’d like to have a look at the documentation it’s here http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-newsletters/

We can’t currently commit to a quote because of a full schedule, but maybe the above can help you find someone who can implement the additions for you?

Hi, I would like to know if I’m using bbpress and users upload file to a topic, can I protect the file and give an access only to all registered users?

Hi, no this plugin is not suitable for this kind of case. The plugin is rather intended to provide access to restricted files which are handled apart from WordPress Media uploads.

thank you

Hi, I want to display many files and folders stored on my server where wordpress will be installed in a file manage ui on frontend but to specific user roles such as subscriber or contributor.

I also want to protect download links so that if a user who has access, downloads a file he cannot simply copy that download link and share with others.

Is this possible with your plugin?


I’m not so sure about the file management UI on the front end you mention (especially if you are looking for a solution which would allow normal users to upload files because this plugin does not support that), otherwise it seems that the plugin could be a match. Please have a look at the documentation for a detailed view on what you can use it for: http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/

So for protected download links yes that would be suitable, even if someone knows the URL of a file, they still have to be logged in with an authorized account to be able to download the file.

I hope that helps.

Cheers, Kento

Hi, I have a question – I can’t see the demo inside this plugin and if I don’t like it can I return and take my money back or it’s impossible? Greetings

Hi, the demo is here http://demo.itthinx.com/gfa/ – yes you can ask for a refund if you are not going to use the plugin after evaluating it. Please make sure to have a look at the documentation first, you will quickly see if it will suit your requirements http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access – Cheers

Hello, I have bought this Add-on and I would need support for a rather serious issue with downloaded files using the plugin.

I can’t anyway find out how to register to the support service. The form on https://www.itthinx.com/my-account/ shows only a ‘lost password’ function but not a ‘register’ one.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for the detailed info on the issue. Can you please create a temporary admin account on your site for us and forward credentials to support at itthinx dot com – please include a link to this conversation so our support team can relate it. This is to test it and check the file that is served via the plugin (we’ll try to find out from the served file’s content). Please also enable debugging on your site.

Hello, did you recieve my email ? Could you give me a feedback about the problem I mentioned ? Thank you

Yes received, thank you. Checking the files served there are extra characters prepended. Will comment further in response to your email.

demo seems to be broken; how is the logging, is it pretty robust? can I tell what one person has downloaded and can I add fields for when they register to collect info?

The plugin provides an option to redirect to the login when a user who is not logged in tries to access a file.

Ok thank you. So the admin options to configure this plugin do not appear in the demo correct?

That’s correct, the demo is held basic for the front end :)

The demo still seems broken. It appears as if the mailer function of the server is not available. So, even though it has created an account for me, it won’t email me the password, or the email/link to reset the password. So, I can’t get in to evaluate it.

I tried the demo/demo username/pw listed above, but it appears as if this account doesn’t have the permissions to see the plugin.

Any thoughts on how to get a look at the demo? Thanks!

I have looked at my spam/junk folder. If you go to the login page, select “Forgot Password”, then put in your email address. It will give you a message that the servers mail process is disabled. This is why no passwords are being sent for registrations.

I have read through the features, but ideally I’d like to see it before paying, and then potentially have to ask for a refund.

Indeed sorry for the inconvenience, the password reset will now work

BTW there’s no big deal in refunding after you’ve tried and decide you’d rather not use it, we don’t have any problem with that – there’s not much use insisting in customers paying for something that they then honestly decide they are not going to use :)

Hello… I purchased the plugin, and I believe that it will work for what I want to accomplish. Thank you! I am surprised there are not more plugins like this available.

My question is whether or not there is a Group Capability that can be setup that allows a specific group to have access to upload files via Group File Access?

My users will be subscribers. I do not want them to have access to edit/create pages/posts/etc… But I do want at least one group to be able to upload files. I would then add capabilities to that group to be able to edit/update pages/posts/etc.



Hi, although the plugin in its current state is not really intended to allow for front end access to the upload functions – the capability required to access uploads is groups_admin_groups so users who are allowed to do that should be trusted. Sorry if that doesn’t provide a direct solution for you, maybe you can combine it with e.g. Gravity Forms? To upload files requested to be included?

Hello, I seek more information on the plugin. Let’s say I have a website with self hosted videos and one of the video players available on the WordPress.org website. I would like to restrict the ability to view the videos to only members who are registered on the website. However I would like to maintain the content of each page the way it is, ie so anyone can view it, including the video player, but if a person who’s not registered and logged in tries to play a video back, they would get an error message informing them that they need to be logged in in order to view the video. Would that be possible with your plugin? Furthermore, because the videos are self hosted, if anyone logged in, they’d be able to view the video and thus, obtain the URL to the video file, making it possible to share it with people who are not registered on the website, thus completely defeating the restriction on the viewing of the video. Does your plugin solve the issue by encrypting the video URL, or otherwise obfuscating it with hashes or other technology?

Hi, it might be possible if the server is protecting access to the video resource itself (i.e. the video file if you are self-hosting it, then GFA can protect it). There are some examples here http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/examples/ – there’s not guarantee that this will work with any player though. Some may support it – possibly together with the session access feature http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/file-access/ – and some may not. Hard to say to be honest without trying it. What you can do is give it a try using players to your liking and then decide whether it’s suitable or not.


svg1705 Purchased

Hi, How do I update the plugin? I downloaded the new version and now I do not know if I have to delete the old version from wordpress and uploead the new one? Does all data get lost or will it be ok?

Hi, yes simply use the latest version from https://codecanyon.net/downloads which you have already downloaded and delete the old one and then install the new one. To keep the existing data, make sure you don’t have the option to delete data on deactivation enabled.


svg1705 Purchased

Thank you so much, it worked!

Great, thank you for using our tools! :)

Hello I use groups and im very happy with it!

Presale question:

I undestand that the plugin can limit the users by file count, i want to know if i can limit it by ip address?

For example:

User is limited to access the file from 3 different ip addresses only, if user access the file from 4 addresses the file will be unavailable like with the file count limit.

Maby i can modify the plugin to make it work too?

Thank you!

Thank you, im waiting for your reply!

Just bought the plugin, im looking forward to your reply. Thanks

Many thanks, got it – emailed you a minute ago.

I am trying to set up the ability for a specific user group to download product images in woocommerce. is this plugin able to facilitate this?

Hi there, I don’t think it would be suitable for that, mainly because it won’t protect the product images as they are in the media library and not handled directly by the plugin.

Hello. Pre-sale Question:

I have over 100 users on my website, each tied into some sort of grouping structure. I don’t have the means to create a single page for each group to house their private files. Will this plugin allow me to create a single page that I can direct all users to that will populate only the files that are assigned to their group?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for asking. This should be fairly easily covered by using [groups_file_link group="*"] on a single page which would render links to all available files for a user depending on group membership. Please have a look at http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/shortcodes/ where you’ll find more details.

I selected the option “Redirect to the WordPress login when a user who is not logged in tries to access a file?”. I can’t seem to get it to work. Is this a known issue? I keep getting this message: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_page_permastruct() on null in /wp-includes/link-template.php on line 357. I am using a Theme My Login plugin, I’m not sure if that has anything do with it. Thanks!

Hi, The error you get might stem from the plugin you mention, GFA doesn’t use the function. Probably the other plugin doesn’t have access to a required resource and thus produces the fatal error. I’m not sure how we could help you as this doesn’t look like a fault in GFA, maybe the developers of the other plugin can give you any clues or help?


I added the plugin to protect my videos. Everything works great.

I only have one question: Is it possible to disable the download function in the video player? I only want to logged in visitor to view the video.



It will only serve the files to authenticated users, so even if a visitor knew the URL, the visitor would not be able to access it.

Is there a way to restrict a user who is a member of a group to only delete and add others users who are in their own group? It seems if you allow group access, they have access to all the groups’ users.

Hi, thanks for asking – please note that this question is related to the Groups plugin directly, not specific to Groups File Access.

We’re in the process of making Groups itself more versatile in terms of fine-grained permissions but what you’re asking for is not available yet.


mace6466 Purchased

So, how do I hide any given third party plugins that administrator has uploaded and does not want group to see or access?

Hi, this plugin is not intended to hide third party plugins, it’s used to grant group members access to files it protects. Please refer to the documentation for details on how to use it: http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access If protecting files is not what you try to use it for, then it’s best to ask for a refund which we’ll be happy to grant you.


rdrgmrqz Purchased

Hi, I have a big problem with large files managed by the plugin. I read and configured the hosting like setup says and the same file from other folders can be downloadable so it must be problem of that plugin. Can you help me? Thanks in advance

Thank you very much, yes we have received it and will review it. We’ll follow up via email with you.


rdrgmrqz Purchased

Hi, I didn’t have any feedback yet, please, it’s very urgent. Thanks

Sorry for the delay, we’ll try to answer as quickly as possible.