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Hi – pre-sales question here. I’m currently using Media Vault for a couple of sites and am looking for an alternative. Two reasons for this 1) the plugin is no longer updated and 2) is does not support NGINX.

So, my questions are a) do you have a documented configuration for using this plugin with NGINX and b) is this a suitable replacement for Media Vault? All I really want to do is restrict access of uploaded pdf’s to registered users.


BTW, registering for your demo site only gives access to your user profile. There are no admin settings to look at.


You will find indications on usage with Nginx on this page http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/file-access/

If it is a suitable replacement for the tool you are currently using is difficult to say without knowning how you apply it and what your exact requirements are. But if you simply want to restrict access to uploaded PDF files so that only registered users can access them, then this plugin can be a good candidate for your site. It’s best if you have a look at the documentation first to see what it provides and if you have any further questions, please ask.

Regarding the demo site at http://demo.itthinx.com/gfa/ – you won’t see any back end features, it’s intended to show you how a user can access stuff on the front end.


Hi, Is Groups File Access compatible with Ultimate Member?


Hi, no it’s built for Groups. Thanks for asking :)

Thanks for your reply. I know it’s built for Groups (:, I meant to ask if you are aware of any conflict between the two plug-ins?

Oh ok :) No, we’re not aware of any conflicts between the two, but can’t guarantee there won’t be any either. If the membership plugin doesn’t interfere with how Groups File Access handles its files (it uses its own folder and processes to serve these) there hopefully shouldn’t be much occasion for conflicts.

Hello author, how do i render a ‘FILE_NAME’ as a clickable link. which shortcode does that?


You can use the [groups_file_link] shortcode – see the documentation for details here please: http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/shortcodes/


Hello Presale question :

The same website is on 2 servers (2 differents domains) mysite.developpement.com mysite.com

Testing is made on mysite.developpement.com , then replicated on mysite.com

Do i need to buy 2 licences ? or can i buy and use a single license on theses 2 websites ?


Hi, many thanks for asking and for considering to use the plugin. Regarding the license, if you’re just using it on one staging site and one production site, in our opinion you only need to get one license, not two. For licensing details please also see http://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard

Looking for a WP replacement for a Joomla/DocMan installation for ~8000 files.

Does Groups File Access create and/or support thumbnail images?

If not, there are WP plugins that can create PDF thumbnails upon upload (presumably like WP’s standard media uploading); would they work with Groups File Access bulk upload?

Hi, thanks for asking but this plugin is not a match for your requirements.

Hi, I’m very interested in your plugin. However, I could not clarify one thing. I’m trying to setup an website so people can buy and access content (can not download). My content usually a link embed in post (pdf file convert to html5).

Problem is people can just get the real url and share it with other people, so I need some mechanism to just let paid user access to content using dynamically, secure and private key. Other non-paid user could not access it. This is a deal-breaker feature for me. Could you clarify for me that your plugin support this? If yes, I’ll purchase immediately.

Thank you.

Hi, with this plugin you can protect your files and even though people have the URL, unless they can log in they can’t download the files. Please see the documentation for details http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/

Hi! I used this plugin when it was available via WordPress.org. Now it’s doesn’t work anymore and I guess, I have to upgrade to this one. Question: Will the settings and saved information remain the same when I upgrade? Thank you.

This plugin was never on wordpress.org – not sure what you refer to but it’s certainly not this one.

OK, I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused. You used http://itthinx.org. Anyway, I have a plugin Groups File Access by itthinx installed and it’s not able to upgrade nor it’s working. How can we resolve this please? Can we talk via email? Thank you.

OK, sorry…. I figured it out. Thank you.

Would love to check this out, but I can’t seem to get registered to view it. I’m just not getting any emails when I register.

Hi, there is a user registered easi_it on the demo site, maybe the account activation email ended up in your spam folder?

It looks like your plugin is what I need. I have a few pre-sale questions though:

1. I need to be able to check certain dates to see the files that I have uploaded on that date. Is there a way to keep WP’s “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” for the media or this plugin has its own media structure?

2. If this plugin has its own media structure is there a search feature for this plugin to search for the files based on their dates?

3. Is there a way to have a log of downloads (who downloaded what file, and when) in the admin?

Hi, thanks for asking:

1) It uses a single folder so the structure that is familiar from the media library is currently not an option. 2) No, sorry you can’t search by date. There are search filters for description etc but not for the date. 3) There are notifications for the site admin when a file is accessed. These are sent to the admin’s email address and can include several tokens related to the user and file.


Presale question:

I need to have two types of users, the first type can see a group of documents and only the group or package of documents related to himself, a PDF, and some JPG’s. The other type can se the packages of some group of users of the first type, but only the ones assigned to this second type of user and his documents. The assignments of packages of documents has to be done by an administrator of this packages, not the main WordPress admin, but a third kind of user.

Example, a group of teachers has access to the files of a group of students, but every student only has access to his own files. Another person not teacher nor student is the one who uploads the file package of every student.

Did your plugin can do that? or you have another one who can help me do this? Do you understand my question or you need clarification? The interface for this plugin (uploading files, downloading and seeing files) is the Wordpress dashboard?

Thanks for any help.

As long as you don’t need those users to upload files themselves on the front end, it seems that you should be able to set things up based on what you explain. I highly recommend you have a look at the documentation to see how things are handled http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/ also have a look at the demo please so you can get an idea of how this works for the user who access the files.

Thanks, I will see the demo.

Perfect, thanks!

Hi there,

Pre sales question here. I’m looking to develop a system where I can add financial statements for individual users to log in and view. I see from your description this is possible by creating groups within a group. Is there a limit to this? I’d be looking at creating 100 or so gourds within subscribers. Next issue is if this plug in is functional on a multi-site? I’d only be using it one one site but the last plug in I used didn’t work because of this.

Thanks in advance


There’s no limit on the number of groups you can create, in any case that’s independent from the features of this plugin but rather related to Groups itself. Regarding multisite, please take into account that the groups are independent on each subsite and that users from one site won’t have access to files on another subsite.


Pre sale question

Hi there,

Every Wordpress image has a link e.g. (http://mysite.com/wp-content/media etc…)

I would like to ask if a user knowing this link but not registered and grouped will be able to see the image? Can your plugin provide this service/feature?



The resources from the Media Library are accessible through their URL (although you can protect the attachment page with Groups itself, if you know the URL to the image, it is still accessible). With this plugin, you won’t be able to restrict access to those resources if they are in the Media Library, but you will be able to upload resources through the plugin directly and the URLs of those resources will be protected.


Hello, Your plugin is very interesting and help me a lot for the development of my website on Wordpress. I just have a question. Is it possible to make the upload from the front page with a shortcode for example ? I don’t want anyone who subscribe on my site can have access on the Back Office. Have you some advices or better : a shortcode ;) Thanks you to answer me as soon as possible.
Best Regards.


Thanks for using the plugin and for the suggestion. Please excuse the late reply, I hope it still helps. I think it’s a useful feature but it should also be taking into account file ownerships and security. For example, if a user is allowed to upload a file, to which group should that file be restricted? Maybe that could be indicated as an option or the user could choose between the groups that he belongs to (or a mixture of both)? Your thought would be appreciated.


Hi there,

I would like to buy this plug in but i m not sure if it is possible to do the follwoing.

I would like users to upload a post by using front-end post plug in. In this case I m using Wp User Frontend https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-frontend/

When user will upload a post with file than the post will be displayed on the blog as usual wordpress blog.


What I would like to do is when people are clicking on the file, that a popoup t&c is displayed, and after accepting them they can download. Right now they can download automatically.

Kindly let me know if this plug in can help me in this.


Hi Gordana,

Thanks for considering this plugin for your purposes but it doesn’t provide what you need. Its features include back end uploads for protected files that you provide to your users, it does not allow them to upload them on the front end or display a pop-up as you describe.


What has changed with the latest version? Where can I find the change log? Thanks.

Sure, you’ll find it in the changelog.txt in the plugin’s root folder. Thanks for using the plugin!

I’m also wondering where the change log is.

It’s in the changelog.txt in the plugin’s root folder. Also thanks for using the plugin!

Hi, is it possible to show the file-date ? My users need to have the option to select newer or olders files, based on upload date.


In this case you could simply include date information in the description for each version, i.e. you would maintain separate entries for each file and date.

Cheers, Kento

Hi, Could you please help me out? I’ve some problems using nested groups. Let say I’ve 2 groups: Parent1 and Parent2. I’ve some child-groups also: Child1…Child6. My config says:

[groups_member group="Parent1"]
(.... some text here ....)
[groups_file_link group="Child1"]
[groups_file_link group="Child2"]
[groups_file_link group="Child3"]

[groups_member group="Parent2"]
(.... some text here ....)
[groups_file_link group="Child4"]
[groups_file_link group="Child5"]
[groups_file_link group="Child6"]

My users can be member of 1 or more child-groups. However: The user can only access his files if he has also been added as a member of the corresponding parent-group. And that’s not really what I want. Am I doing something wrong? Or are nested groups just not supported?

Kind regards!


A solution to this would be to include the child groups in the list of groups passed to the [groups_member] shortcode, i.e. :

[groups_member group="Parent1,Child1,Child2,Child3"]
(.... some text here ....)
[groups_file_link group="Child1"]
[groups_file_link group="Child2"]
[groups_file_link group="Child3"]

It’s not as flexible as using only the parent group, but the groups_member shortcode doesn’t check if the user is in the group hierarchy, only if it is a direct member of a group. It’s possible that this will change with a new release of Groups, but the above would be an immediate solution.

Cheers, Kento

Hi i had buy Groups Access File, now i see i can upload the files for my group, but how can i put my directory too for my access group? I want put some files in some directory. Thanks


If you’d like to present files based on a group, so that a user can see all files that belong to the group, instead of using separate folders, you simply use the shortcode like this – assuming a group named Test :

[groups_file_link group="Test"]

See more on this here http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/shortcodes/ and more examples here http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/examples/

Presale Q: I want a member page, that only logged in members can see/can go to. Since I read only about protection of single files, I assume I can’t protect a page with your plugin. I’m sure you have had this question before: can I protect a WP page, and if not: with wich plugin that can do that should Your plugin work fine?

Hi, GFA is an extension to the free Groups plugin which you can use for that – http://wordpress.org/plugins/groups/