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I am using Email Users along with Groups(itthinx).

For some reason, when i go to Email Users -> Sent to groups, i do not see the groups there. I only see is Role – Author, Role – Editor, Role – Subscriber, Role – a.

When i choose to Send to users, I see the whole users list in the drop down list.

I do have users assigned in my Groups.

This was working perfectly before.

Let me mentioned that i already tried de-activating all plugins except Groups and Email users. I also tried setting the theme to Twenty – Nineteen (i am currently using enfold). I did not see any difference though.

All of my themes and plugins are updated.

Please advice.


Thanks for using GFA!

The plugin you mention, Email Users, doesn’t seem to be integrated with our Groups plugin and is likely using its own unrelated groups.

I would recommend to contact the plugin’s developer to see if they can integrate it with Groups.


I’ve just paid for this plugin, but there’s no way to raise a ticket?! If I click o the ‘Item Support’ it requires a login which I don’t have. Anyway, perhaps you can help me. I don’t understand how to add users to groups, and I can’t find anything in the documentation that explains this. Thanks :)

Hi, the feature you are asking for is part of the free Groups plugin for which Groups File Access is an extension. The documentation for Groups is at and the section on Memberships provides details on how to manage users The documentation for Groups File Access is at Cheers

Hi, may i know if i am doing ecatalog service, after i finish my customer catalog then i will upload the file to website but only that customer can view that file, if like this scenario, any best way to make that catalog visible for that customer only while other customer cannot view it?

Basically we would say yes but it depends on your full set of requirements. That’s why we highly suggest to review the documentation before you decide or set up anything based on the extension, so you get a clear picture of how you can create a solution based on the tool.

Hi, can i set the password or authentification code then customer can login to their file?

Hi, users must either be logged in to access protected files or have Session Access as described under

Hi, i can’t register for the demo. I’ve used two emails and one is gmail, but it’s not sending an email when i register. Doesn’t this have a demo password? It would be easier to just use that.

Hi, please check your spam folders, the emails might just have ended up there.

Forgot to mention that i already checked and they’re not there. I definitely didn’t get any emails.

Ok, probably an issue between email servers. You can use demo / demo (user/pass) to log in there and check out the example front pages. Definitely have a look at the documentation to see back end features

I posted in the forum, but saw a link to post here for features. So far, Groups is the only plugin I have found that support parent/child security. It work great for Pages and Posts, so I decided to pay for this add-on, assuming it would follow the same process. It does not. Beside consistency, I recommend that File Access support parent/child hierarchy as it would add a lot of power to your plugin.

Hi there!

Thank you very much for using our software and for the suggestion, we’ll be taking it into account for a possible enhancement.


Pre-sales question. Is there a shortcode that displays all files available to an individual user without specifying the group within the shortcode?

I’m looking for a single page that any user can view, but the files displayed are for that users group only. Do I have to dynamically specify which group to select within the shortcode, or will it simply display everything available to that user?

Will this display separate multiple groups with headings if the user belongs to multiple groups?


The shortcode [groups_file_link] which is documented here can be used to render links to the files accessible to the particular user viewing the page. For this case, you would use it in this form:

[groups_file_link group="*"]

This will list all files to which the user has access. If you would rather separate it by group, you can use that shortcode several times indicating the pertinent groups and create sections accordingly.


PreSales Question: This plugin allows for restrict group or indiviual access files. So the site also needs a frontend solution for login/password request/logout stuff, right? Can you say, which solution works best with your plugin or do you have a recommendation for a good plugin for this task? Thanks!

Hi, please have a look at where you will see all features that the extension provides. Note that this is based on groups, not individual users.

I understand. My question was, if you have a recommendation for a user member extension. I’m planning to assign groups to files and then files to users. But I want the users to register via the frontend. So I’m looking for a solution for this part first.

Hi there! Thanks for clarifying that, we can’t really recommend a particular solution for your requirement, which would also be working particularly well with Groups. One approach might be to use a group per user, but that could be overkill if you have lots of users.

Hello, how are you? I would like to know if it is possible for me to feed users with different files at the same time. Example:

I would like to upload specific bank slips for each user.

I believe that via FTP or folder management, I could do it that way.

I currently use Google Drive to manage and distribute these documents.

Do you believe it is possible to do this with the plugin?

Hi there!

Thanks for considering the extension, as this is focused on groups and not individual users, it might not be ideal for your case.

You might be able to use it if you create one group per user, but it doesn’t seem ideal for this case.

For details on the extension please have a look at


Hello There,

I have a few pre-purchase questions.

1. I am creating a membership site that has membership levels. Does your plugin work with any membership plugin or would I have to hand submit a member of my site to your plugin’s group that gives them access to the files on their level?

2. I read somewhere that your plugin can limit the number of downloads a user can make. If so elaborate.

Is this a per day limitation or does it limit the number of times a single item can be downloaded?

Thank You!


The limit is overall, not daily.

Please have a look at the documentation pages where you will find details on all features:


Thank You for the link.

Question, is it easy to change the number of downloads each group is allowed to have?

I ask because since the plugin doesn’t allow for a daily download limit, I would set the number for 50 downloads. Once a user reaches 50, I won’t allow them to download another 50 until the next month.

I need to make sure that I am able to do such before buying?

Also, your group plugin, am I able to take payments for my memberships with your plugin or can I integrate PayPal or woocommerce with it?

Thank You!


Thanks for following up, regarding your questions:

> Question, is it easy to change the number of downloads each group is allowed to have?

Not really because it’s per file, not per group. For the case you are describing, it doesn’t match your requirements.

We would recommend either our Groups PayPal or Groups WooCommerce extensions, if you are going to use WooCommerce, you would not need both, only the Groups WooCommerce one.

- -

Happy holidays!

Good morning, since I was not interested in controlling file downloads, but managing video streaming, I wanted to understand if the plugin also lent itself to this: make the video url invisible on the page where it can be seen and protect it from being able to download it. I also wanted to know if it was possible to create infinite groups or not thanks


If you are going to host the videos on your server via the extension, have a look at the example on embedding video shown here:

If you are going to host the videos on a service like Vimeo, you could just protect the pages or use some of the advanced section protection mechanisms in Groups in combination with Widgets Control Pro or Groups Drip Content



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