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I’ve been using this plugin for a while. WordPress tells me there’s an update available, but it’s no longer available in my downloads. How do I get it?

Hi, please check https://codecanyon.net/downloads – it should be there. If not, please get in touch with Envato support directly to see what happened. Cheers!


Is there any way to restrict downloads per calendar day? eg 2 downloads from 00:01 to 23:59. Should be the best if this can be depending on user role, but is also ok if it’s a General Setting for all members.

Thank you

Hi Chris,

Thanks for asking, this would be an interesting addition.

Would it help you to use the groups_file_access_can_access filter which is documented here http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-file-access/api/ ?

Using this filter, it would be quite easy to count the number of requests per user and use a usermeta entry which is increased on each request; the filter could then return true while the daily threshold has not been reached for a particular user or return false otherwise.


How can i reset the download counts for all files?

You would have to run the following database query – assuming that your site’s table prefix is ‘wp_’ it would be:

UPDATE wp_groups_file_access SET count = 0;

This would reset the count to zero for all entries. As usual, caution is advised and you should make a full backup of your database before running any modifications.


I want to achieve the following:

- We will have some groups of users. - Let’s say groups A, B, C. - Each group will have 4-5 users. - Those users need to be able to upload files. - Users should see only the documents that the users of the same group uplaoded. - Whenever a file is uploaded, users of that group should get email notification.

That’s it!

Can that be done using your plugin?

Thank you in advance

Hi, as you probably have noticed by now, the plugin does not provide front end upload facilities yet, so the case that you describe wouldn’t really be a fit.


Can the users of the selected group be notified when admin assigns files to them?

Thank you


No problem, this can also be handled in this manner.

In your example, you would use two groups, let’s call them “Group A” and “Group B” corresponding to the pages A and B.

Let’s say you have 3 files:

  • File 1 to be shown on page A => assign to “Group A”
  • File 2 to be shown on page B => assign to “Group B”
  • File 3 to be shown on page A and page B => assign to “Group A” and “Group B”
  • File 4 to be shown on page A and page B => assign to “Group A” and “Group B”

On page A place this shortcode:

  • [groups_file_link group="Group A"]

On page B place this shortcode:

  • [groups_file_link group="Group B"]

This will then render:

On page A:

  • File 1
  • File 3
  • File 4

On page B:

  • File 2
  • File 3
  • File 4

Hope this helps!



Actually i think it’s a bit nore complex than that.

Because the purpose is to:

1. Assign files to users (which is the group selection upon file creation)

2. Call files in a page.

This can be done by the shortcode you provided.

But the ideal would be to also have a category selection there as well. Because the case is that there is the possibility one file to exist in more than one page. But also users will be able ro view files in more than one page. And please also note that i will be inserting more than 1000 files. It would be much easier to select user group/s and category/ies when creating a file.

If there is no such funtionality in the plugin, can you so it as custom work?


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Pre-buying queries: 1) Is this programmed UTF-8 environment? 2)File name with Asian characters(such as Chinese, Japanese, Korea) can be used without problem(upload and download)?

Hi, thanks for asking. This should be working fine if your site is configured correctly.