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Pre-sale question: I need to upload files (.xls and .pdf) for single users, not a group. ¿can this plugin make that? I have 200 members who needs their private files.

In this case it wouldn’t be appropriate unless you created a group for each member, because the plugin will restrict the files to groups, not specific users.

Hello, I’ve some presale questions

I’ve to setup a system in my wordpress site where basically

the user have to register in wordpress (or the admin simply add it) each one has a sort of “area” where the admin can put one or more files the system must send an email to each user that has a new file to download when the admin add a file, he can choose the user or the users (multiple choice) that can download it the users can just download, not upload

That’s all by now. I’d like to know if your plugin can manage all this



Thanks for considering the plugin for your purposes. It looks like a close match except for the part where the system must send an email to each user, because the system doesn’t notify group members when the admin has uploaded a new file. The rest can be handled by using groups and assigning the users and files to the corresponding groups.


Ok and it’s possible to modify the plugin to do exactly what I’m asking? Can I’ve a quote?

The plugin provides several action hooks that can be used, among them there are groups_created_file invoked when a new file has been added and groups_created_file_group invoked when a file has been associated with a group. These can be used to send out the appropriate notifications – please note that if you plan to send out notifications to a large number of users, then the implementation should consider batch sending and not just iterate over many users at the time the action is invoked.

An alternative could be to use Groups Newsletters, you would have to create an entry manually each time you want to notify users and the system would then send out the emails to the group members – if you’d like to have a look at the documentation it’s here http://docs.itthinx.com/document/groups-newsletters/

We can’t currently commit to a quote because of a full schedule, but maybe the above can help you find someone who can implement the additions for you?