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How do I get referral credit when someone click on my groupon item link?

In the config file there is a “referral_id” item set the value to your referral ID. Anytime anyone click on an item this tool generates, you get credit!

Keep in mind, if a user is already signed up with groupon you will not get the referral bonus according to groupons referral program details. You can find more information here:

Is this a standalone script? or do I need to integrate it into a website.

This script fully works alone but you can add it to your blog or live website today to drive more traffic if traffic is already there.

How can I have this tool pull in my city?

Groupon calls these “divisions” you can filter results based on a division. Each query has a parameter youy can pass in for division data.

Keep in mind, groupon has a set list of divisions you query against. The index page lists out all the supported divisions.

Can I pull in specific categories of deals?

YES, but don’t confuse these with channels. You will make a call to groupon, then filter that dataset for the category desired.

Will there be more templates?

YES. I am working on new templates to make this a flexible as possible. It is just css tweaks so you can create your own template very easily.

What is a Channel?

Lets say you want some deals that are not location based, but are more evergreen, or generic – these are what groupon calls channels. Currently right now groupon only supports you to filter against “occasions, getaways and goods”. They state this will expand in the future.

I want to add my own city to the to pull in deals, can I?

As long as it is in Groupons division list, yes. It must be in the list of cities they support through their api to get deals for that city. As of August 1st 2013 it is North America only. By now it could have changed. Check the Groupon API documentation page for all up to date Groupon documentation.

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