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Hi there, having an issue, it’s the plugin I was looking for!


The accordion simply does not want to open nor close! Please help, thanks!

Hi, could you please send me access to your administration section via my profile page? Thank You.

i just bought your plugin and the toggle is not working properly is there any extra script i need to add ?

maybe i need a clearer definition of how to make it work… i want to make like an small accordion FAQ section in the sidebar of my products page http://j2k.info/american/?page_id=18

here is the page

Sorry for the delay during this Christmas. I’ve sent you email, please check.

i did not find that code on any of the pages

i sent you the similar ones via email


Thank you for the plugin. Please help me to set margin-left: 0 for widget. I see “Custom Script & Stylesheet and write>


but maybe this si not right code.

Thank you.

Try to add something like this to the widget “Custom Style & Script”
<style type="text/css">
.gw-toggle {
    margin-left: 0;

perfectly :-) Thank you :-)

You’re welcome, don’t forget to tweet and the 5 stars rating.


This widget is awesome and works perfectly.

I use the “toggle” option. The only thing that bothers me is, that as soon as a page reload takes place, the expanded area is closed again. Is there a possibility to adapt the widget, so that the expanded area stays expanded, whe the site is reloaded?

Many Thanks!

Hi rmtk. Thanks for using the plugin. Did you mean remember the toggles for each visitor?

Hi, zourbuth. I use this plugin for expanding a second sidebar with filter options. Some filters are working with ajax loading, others need to trigger a reaload of the page with according URL-parameters. When a reload happens, the area that was expanded is closed again. Would it be possible to save the information in a cookie or something, so that the area keeps expanded after the site-reload?

Thanks very much!

Hi rmtk. Unfortunately there is no option to do such thing right now. But we will add that feature for next release.

hi, i purchase the plug-in. I configure the tabs but i would like that when i open my site, i can see only the first tab not all. the site is www.hockeytime.net

Thank you for create this plugin.


Hi tuttologo. Thanks for purchasing. If you use accordion style, you can set the first widget tab to show.

Hi !

I´m working with your plugin to improve visual interaction in my web site , now i´m stuck , i´m working with yith ajax search for woocommerce , and i realised that if i move the widget to inactive tab , and configure your plugin , it show as i want , but the yith ajax search does not work.

Last Update 21 December 12 The plugin is working in last version 4.4 of WP ?

Please update your plugin m8, test it and you see all sorts of bugs in settings panel. Really not happy with this. I am giving you a 3 star rating now, when you fix it i will change it.