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Thanks Diank123

Thank you!! I’ll be buying! Consider making a URL previewer and I’ll buy that as well! You’re the man!

Okay thanks KraZeDStuDioS.

Whatsapp share for socialkit it comes do not miss also bought.

Thank you for the heads up! I’ll check it out. Another suggestion, if you do not mind, would be to create a script that allows users to post images and photos into comments.

I honestly think that’s one major script missing in SocialKit.

Like always, if you create it, I’ll be buying ;)

Do not worry it will work for your advice and also if you have thought about other add-on that you would prefer to build the whole list please email me at this my email:

Hi, I want to ask if the .ZIP package missing html code for delete_group ?? I did not find him there….. :-/

I can help you. Maybe there is a problem you face.

is this work with Socialkit New v1.3…?

Yessss…. its work 100%

your welcome.

make a post script to delete the facebook group, to delete facebook publications in the group

contact with my email:

how to install script and how to use scriipt ?

Email me for more help:

Now this product it work well with latest socialkit, you can buy now.


does it also delete pages ? can it deactivate accounts ? what is removing posts and comments (likes and share) ??? i dont want ppl to be able to do that .

No it delete only Group.

Delete page its here

Deactivate accounts its here

Deactivate accounts and Delete page it remove posts and comment.

Thank you.

so user can just Deactivate the account and have option to delete it but he can skip that ? or does he has no choice but Deleting it ??

It delete permanent. no choice if yo need choice email me: