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Gridzy has been working great for me so far!

I’m experiencing a slight issue when viewing pages on mobile- sometimes the first few images load OK, but the rest are all the wrong proportions (squished vertically). This is happening in Safari on iOS.

I’ve kept all images to the same basic sizes/proportions as the demo, and define “height” and “width” attributes for each image in the HTML code.

This doesn’t happen every time the page loads- after reloading the page or restarting the browser, usually the grid shows up correctly.

Is there anything else I can do to ensure that gridzy is displaying my images initially at the correct proportions?

Thanks again!

I sent you an email about it ;)

hi, I have a pre-purchase question, is this plugin compatible with Visual Composer?


thank you for your interest.

I guess you are interested in the WordPress plugin of Gridzy, right? You commented the Javascript version of Gridzy ;) .. for the WordPress plugin please click here:

If you use the WordPress plugin you can simply insert the shortcode of a Gridzy gallery into a Visual Composer textarea.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

best regards, Helmut


jerzysa Purchased

Hi eHtmlu, I found one strange problem in running the script, I have not seen this before because I did not use many galleries on the same page. When I click on a photo that is vertical, PhotoSwype shows it horizontally. I’ve checked – all images are oriented and scaled correctly, as well as JS code, can somehow fix it somehow? The below example: Best Regards Jerzy!


thank you for your question.

It maybe sounds a little strange but the problem comes from the image file itself. Usually images are saved as they are. If you want to rotate an image with any image editing software, usually the image will be completly calculated new and saved with the new orientation. But some software (including the Windows Foto app) only saves the information of the rotation into the meta data of the image file. The image itself stays saved in exactly the same orientation as it was before.

Such a rotation have the benefit that there is absolutely no quality degradation, but unfortunately such a rotated image needs software which consider the meta data of the image file and interprets it correct. Most browsers don’t consider such meta data in HTML context yet.

So the solution is to rotate the image in an image editing software which recalculates the image and saves in the correct orientation.

I hope I could help. If you have any other questions just let me know.

best regards, Helmut

Bravo! You were right with the photos and it just means that Photoswipe does not read EXIF and does not recognize the vertical and horizontal images properly. straight from the camera. When I created via PHP thumbnails, I edited the image based on EXIF, so the thumbnails were correct, but when I clicked on the enlarged image the image was incorrect even though the WEB browser was OK . I changed some of my script now and also modifies the base image so finally everything is OK. Thank you very much for your help, good job!

Best regards Jerzy

You’re welcome ;)