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Where does it scrape the pictures from?

Just use img-tags to define your own pictures. Please take a look at to understand how it works.

really useful stuff, good job ! :)

Oh thats very nice :) thanks a lot for your compliment :)

Gridzy is amazing!

It is so clever, I still have not worked out how it does what it does. But it has taken 5 mins to implement and I simply love it. Works like a charm.

Excellent work and thank you for such a simple to use, powerful, lightweight and amazing script. Absolutely brilliant – thank you again!

Have rated it five stars.

Best wishes,


wow .. what an impressive feedback. Best thanks for all that and the five stars. You definitely made my day. Thank you of course also for your purchase. I wish you a great time with it ;)

I’m allways curious about the different implementations :) .. so, if you want to let me know about your publication, it would be fantastic :)

Thanks again, Helmut

First congrats, this is really well done and clean. Performance is great. Is is possible to limit the size of pictures when say only 1,2 or 3 are being shown. Right now they scale up to fit the window width, which is really cool of course. But for my particular case there are some instances where I need to keep the max width to a fixed number even if only 1 picture is being shown.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for your purchase, compliments and review first.

Gridzy itself doesn’t have such an automatism this time. But you can do your check to see how many images are there and set the width of the container div just via css. So you don’t need any placeholders. You can also set max- and min-width if you like. Gridzy always fills the container div, no matter how wide it is.

If you want to set the width dynamically via javascript, you need to call the render method of the api afterwards.

If you have any other questions just let me know .. mostly my response is faster via e-mail ;)

Thx for the reply, will give it a go.

wish you much success ;)

Sometimes it flashes my first image before fully rendering. I tried this css but it didn’t work.

/* hides the box content while loading */
.gridzyItemContent {
    visibility: visible;
.gridzyItemLoading .gridzyItemContent {
    visibility: hidden;

Hi! Thank you for your purchase and for that great question.

Unfortunately the class gridzyItemContent is set to late for such a solution. Please try the following css: /* hides the box content while loading */ .gridzyItem { visibility: visible; } .gridzyItem.gridzyItemLoading { visibility: hidden; }

I think this should work. If it still doesn’t work please let me know.

you can also try the following code: /* hides the box content while loading */ .gridzy > * { visibility: hidden; } .gridzy > .gridzyContainer { visibility: visible; }


Which lightboox is used when you want to view bigger pictures?


thank you for your interest. I’m very sorry for my late answer. Please use the support contact form in the future to get answers much faster:

For big images I recommend a combination with photoswipe. You can find an example on .. if you resize your browser window to a smaller size you can see the behavior.

Please let me know if you have any other question.

Is there a way to set the height of the area you are displaying images in? Right now you can set the width; I am looking to set a “box” area to display the images in

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately there is no way to do this. I implemented a simpler algorithm. It’s more performant but can’t cut the images. In your case images would need to be cutted.

Hi, is it possible to have a sort or filter through categories?

Hi, thank you for your interest and this good question. Unfortunately there is no sort or filter functionality built in. The only way to implement such a functionality is, to use the onBeforeRender callback function. But there are javascript skills needed to realize it and it’s a little bit tricky.

Do you happen to have a wordpress plugin version of this?

Hi, thank you for your interest. It’s very nice that you ask about that. In fact a wordpress plugin is in progress. But I don’t know when I can finish and publish it (I hope during the next two months). You can follow me on twitter to be informed.

Hi again! I am pleased to inform you that the wordpress plugin is available now:

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your gallery but have a question. I need to replicate the following gallery banner: I was wondering if it’s possible to set a width and height for the gallery, say for example 800px by 350px. I’m not bothered about random images fading in/out like the example above.

Also, when viewing the gallery on smaller screens is it possible stop the images from stacking on top of each other and instead have them inline and using a horizontal scroll to view the images?



Hi George, thank you for your interest. Firstly I have to say that it’s not really possible to replicate the mentioned gallery banner, because it’s not possible to place a picture above two rows. Unfortunately it’s also not possible to set a fixed height because the height is automatically determined by the available width, the setting for desiredElementHeight and the aspect ratio of the used images. But finally I maybe have a very small ray of hope for you. Theoretically it’s possible to change the behaviour on small screens. But you need javascript (and maybe css) for that. You can use smart options to realise it, which you can find in the documentation

I hope I could help you.

best regards, Helmut

Thanks for the info.


js09 Purchased

Hello! I just purchased your plugin (gridzy) and am using the lightbox method. I need the Image caption text to show when you activate the light box. Currently, nothing shows by default. This is for the photo swipe lightbox method. Please help. Thank you!!

Thank you for your question. I have sent you an e-mail about it.


js09 Purchased

Thank you!

hello is it able to lazy loading jquery?

Hi, Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately it’s not possible in the current version. But it would be an interesting and useful feature. It’s not easy to implement it, because Gridzy actually needs all images to calculate the grid. I will think about it. I’m sure there is a solution. If there is one, I will implement it in the next version. Please follow me on twitter to stay informed.

Does it support video?


thank you for your purchase and for that great question. Yes, you can use videos too, but you have to adjust the skin css a little bit. Please write me an e-mail if you need help about it.

best regards, Helmut

Hi, I am interested to buy your script with one of Wordpress plugin with Extended License. Is it possible.



please send me an email with detailed information about your plan.

best regards, Helmut

Hi I want to keep using Gridzy as it looks so clean but have this issue now. Using the latest version of Wordpress plus A premium wordpress theme.

The Wordpress media caption is not rendering properly in Gridzy galleries frontend view.

Even though I have edited the captions in the backend of wordpress media area and saved them to look orderly, when I view them in the frontend, the words often join and looks real messy.

Your help is appreciated. Thanks


You’ve got an email from me.

best regards, Helmut

Thank you!

hi, is it possible to change the captions with sliphover ? thanks

Hi Sabine,

I have to apologize very politely. I havn’t seen your comment. I guess it was a very stressful time in March. I’m really very sorry!

I don’t know whether you still need my answer. If yes, here it is:

Yes you can combine Gridzy with SlipHover. Just initialize SlipHover fully irrespective of Gridzy. Maybe you have to remove some css styles of Gridzy, to avoid unwanted effects.

I hope I could help!

sorry again and all the best, Helmut