Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery

Gridzy – Responsive and Justified Image Grid Gallery

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2.0.0 – October 25th 2018

  • everything new

1.3 – May 11th 2016

  • bugfix for FF and IE (slow loading images where distorted sometimes)
  • bugfix for FF and Chrome (slow loading images where displayed in original size and over the grid sometimes)
  • bugfix for Chrome (sometimes the grid couldn’t render correctly after reloading the page)

1.2 – April 13th 2016

  • various implementations for better loading behaviour:
    – new option “preventInitialAnimation” (false by default)
    – prevent jumping elements during loading by usage of width and height attributes.
    – lazy loading – to load only visible images

1.1 – March 25th 2015

  • minor bugfix for old android browsers (images where distorted in certain configurations)
  • additional demo example included: combined with photoswipe

1.0 – Jan. 10th 2015

  • published