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I`m integrating it into WP. Fireforx is fine but IE is a complete mess. It`s like it does not recognize the styles in IE.

Hi nextframe22

Can you send us a link to your site? Also did you place the html5.js in your head?


I just purchased your other script, however I just noticed thise one would probably do much more for my business, is there any chance I could do a trade-off and sign some type of legal agreement to not use the other script? :D

Email me at, thanks!

Hi JustinLewis,

All purchases are handled through ThemeForest. Please contact them about this.


Sorry, I never saw that my comment got a reply, what I mean by zoomed, was the highlighted state of the grid. When I hover over the pricing grids, the grid pops up and turns red, you can view it on my site: When you first visit the site, the middle one is the best value and when I hover over the other two and away from the pricing grid, the middle one isn’t highlighted anymore. Thanks!

Hi atlanteavila,

That is the default behavior of the pricing grids you can have an initial plan selected but when the user mouses over another plan it switches the state.


Right. But when I mouse away from the grid completely, the initial grid isn’t select any more, they all go to being flat. Any way I can keep that one selected if the user moves away from the grid completely? Thanks!

Hey Guys,

I purchased this a while back ago and just barely got it up on my site but I’m having issues. Everything works fine in Firefox but it’s all messed up in Internet Explorer. I hate Internet Explorer! Help! Site location is: :stress:

Hi reflexZion,

It looks like you have path issues with the griddler.js ang the html5.js.

Please put full path when referencing these. those should take care of your issues.


ReflexZionsays please send us a direct msg for support if this does not answer your question. Thank you.

Any plans to make this into a wordpress plugin?

Hi ntl0820,

We might just yet! Several users have successfully used this in WordPress, however, and we have a free support forum where we can help you with implementation.

Best regards,

Theme Team

I know that you can switch between 3,4 or 5 columns but what about rows?

In the pictures I only see 5 rows. Can I have more?

We are thinking this is the one we want to purchase, but I need way more than 5 rows.

Thanks, Cindy

Hi cindyc,

That’s right, by default it supports 3, 4 or 5 columns. If you’re familiar with CSS & HTML , then yes, you can customize the template and add as many columns and rows as you like.

Best regards,

Theme Team

A bit of help for your buyers.

I see that a few people are asking about making this usable in Wordpress. I think part of the confusion is that the PDF you include talks about how to upload the page itself but not the other needed files.

So here is what I did and it is working fine with my theme:

I created a new page template with this at the top:

<?php /* Template Name: Griddler Price Grid */ ?>

Then I located the spot in the page code where the “content” goes.

I opened the griddler html file I wanted in my editing program and copied everything from

"Meta charset" down to "<!--[if IE 8]> <script type="text/javascript"> $("#griddler_ii section ul li:nth-child(even)").addClass("even"); </script> <![endif]-->"

and pasted it on the middle of that page template.

Then in the wp-content folder I created a new directory and called it “Griddler”. I uploaded all the other files included to it. (lib, images, etc).

Then I “hard coded” these links at the top of the page template

/lib/griddler2.css /lib/jquery-1.4.2.min.js /lib/griddler2.js /lib/html5.js

So that they said the full path. i.e.

I saved the template and uploaded it into the wp-content/mythemename folder.

Now in my Wordpress I create a new page. And from the Page template list I choose the “Griddler Price Page”.

And I have a page with my grid on it. I can even add text directly on the page or videos or whatever I want and it will show up above the grid.

To edit the look of the grid you have to then edit the code on the actual page template which can either be done in your editing program offline and uploaded again or in the Wordpress theme editing area.

FYI : I put the extra stuff in a different folder than my theme so it doesn’t get wiped out if I upgrade my theme. And you might also want to keep an offline copy of your page template too.

ANYWAY ..I hope that helps someone (and future someones)

Have a great day everyone! Cindy

Hi cindyc,

Many thanks for posting this tutorial!

Best regards,

Theme Team


Is there a way to turn on the tooltip hover content for the main row indicators? I tried adding it to list items in the “aside” div with no success.


am super pleased with this – i just added it to my Joomla site no problems at all

looks great in firefox but in internet explorer 7 & 8 havent tested it yet in other but my column lines seem to disappear?

any ideas?

also just curious how would i go about adding say a blue label that says limited – just add in a secondary label style to the css…

We can help you in our support forums. You’ll need your Item Purchase Code to register. For help finding your Purchase Code, follow our tutorial. See you there! Best regards,

I’ve been looking through error logs recently, and see a bunch of 404s for griddler-header-top

It’s in griddler2.css, but that image isn’t included in the download.

What is it supposed to be doing, and is it okay to just remove that from the CSS file?


Where can I find the purchase code in order to sign up for support?

I purchased this pricing grid and I absolutely love it. I do have 1 question that pertains to the sizing of the chart.

I need a 4-column chart that fits within 875px. The columns themselves don’t need to be very wide 150px would be perfect. That would leave me with roughly 275px to handle the feature list on the left.

What pieces of the code do I need to modify to achieve this?

I am thinking about your product for a WordPress site. Does your code recognize/handle WordPress shortcodes? My shopping cart program uses shortcodes to I need to use a shortcode to generate the correct purchase button. Thanks in advance.

Any support for IE9 on the way?


Yes, IE 9 is fully supported with this theme.

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

I can’t seem to make it work, in ie8 sure but not Ie9 :/

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I have purchased this table and absolutely love it. When I have put it in my site, the CSS has conflicted with my current site CSS and it looks an absolute state. I tried changing the tags and stuff (in the CSS and HTML ) but it didn’t work. At current, I have just created the table on a new page and then iFramed it as a temporary measure. Assistance in solving this CSS issue would be greatly appreciated. (I have also bought the other two Griddler tables/grids as I love them so much :inlove: )

Thanks :D

We can help you further in our support forums. You’ll need your Item Purchase Code to register. For help finding your Purchase Code, follow our tutorial.

See you there!

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

I have registered on the support site you provided and I cannot login until I have confirmed the account via email. I haven’t received an email so I cannot verify it, thus cannot login to the support system.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated. :)


Please have a look in your spamfilter. Maybe the mail went there? We have approved the account so you can now create a ticket.

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

Just purchased the griddler II. Very pleased with the look and performance. I had a few install and IE9 issues but their customer support help correct it all. Great product, even better support.


J. Clark

Thanks for sharing!

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

any plans to update to responsive and maybe even a generator implemented?

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D