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I seriously cannot get this thing implemented. Bought like a week ago and working on it off and on to no avail. Emailed you guys today and when I told you I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing, I haven’t heard back since then of course. Can someone out there help a poor humble idiot out with this damn thing? sorry guys.. username: esc password: larry

email me @:

there is nothing valuable in there but the login info will change soon anyways. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help! I am good now.

Thank You! A GREAT table/grid … just bought it, and TOTALLY love it!

thanks TONS for creating this for us all!!! it just dropped into my current framework! the hard part is wrassling with myself to extend this to have “more punch” for the customer …


you can see what we are messing with, using your great code, here:


CTO , KruGlu Inc.

This is fine, but be nice if you opted to also include a non html5 version. With semantic markup.

Noted in your css:

div class=”grid col3” id=”griddler”

Where is the class = grid ?

Also a new one on me, vertical-align: middle\9;

Not seen this before, will need to check it out

Hello, I’ve put the table on my site, but I’m getting > in the table. I think this might be to do with the settings of my theme. How can I get rid of the arrows from my table?

Any help with this would be great!

Many thanks, Carrie

Hi carrie1,

Those arrows are coming from your stylesheet line 36 style-obsidian.css

You have a global ul style that is effecting it.


For Griddler 2, on page load, the 2nd column is highlighted/zoomed. How can I change which column is zoomed?

Does the tooltip hover work in IE 8 ?

Hi cpaboost,

The tooltip works wonderfully in IE8 !

Best regards,

Theme Team

Great, thanks for letting me know, I purchased it, implemented it. But the tooltip doesn’t seem to work in IE8 at all, thats why i asked before i purchased it. I did make some customizations in the CSS file so i dont get that annoying hover effect, maybe I accidentally deleted something in the process?

Can you please check it out and let me know if I did something wrong?

i definately would like it to work in IE8 like you say it does. it looks great in firefox.


Hi cpaboost,

We’ll be happy to take a look in our support forums. Be sure to bring your purchase code to register (My Account -> Downloads -> Griddler Pricing Grid I -> Licence Certificate -> “Item Purchase Code”).

See you there!

Best regards,

Theme Team

ok thx i applied

Great!!! Thanks

Can you provide any support in getting this to work in IE9 . So far it looks completely wrecked.

Can i use this in WordPress?


How do i install this?


it is neat, easy to use and implement

real “development-time” saviour :)

Is there step by step instructions as to what to do once I’ve downloaded and unzipped it? I tried to upload it as a plug-in but I am assuming it is not! Do I upload the Griddler folder to my site? Help!


In the zip file you have downloaded is a 15 pages pdf file with how to install. If you have any questions after reading that you can always contact our support staff at:

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

Thank you for responding, but I am sure these files need to be uploaded to my cpanel somewhere. I see no instructions on where to upload the files to. I’ve followed the directions given, but there is no grid showing up on my site, of course. I know it is a basic thing to know, but I’m not sure how to do it. thanks.


We can help you out with this on

Please send us your hosting account information there so we can have a look and help you with the problem.

Thanks, GoThemeTeam

Just for the people who are thinking about buying this.

It is not a Wordpress widget. It is just html.


at first thanks for this great pricing table.

I would like to notify you, that your current version does not have support for rounded border corners in Firefox 13.0 and higher versions.

Wherever you have -moz-border-radius-X-Y, you must also specify border-radius-X-Y attributes, which are missing on many places.

More information here:

hi I just bought the Griddler Pricing Grid , I implement it in, the tooltip of the tird column is going under my content div, the z-index attribut has no effect, do you use javascript to define the layer? can you help me to fix it? thanks