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I have a pre-sales questions about Grid Pro. It looks really impressive but my client wants certain features in the search I’m not sure are possible in its’ current form.

What the client wants is to have a homepage with two search areas involving searching only specific columns in the table. The table will be 1100 different entries of produce items and two of the columns will be Name and Category, respectively. So search by category and search by name.

So he’d like the ability to offer just these two search fields on the homepage. No tables. When submitted, then you get to what amounts to the results page with the table displaying all columns of data related to the query.

So my questions are can you set up search fields on one page that when submitted display the table on the other? And can you search by data inn just one column only?

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I developed my own version using WP-Types. But I’ll certainly keep this in mind for the future.

I wish you all the best and look forward to future cooperation.

I’ve purchased the plugin and the Datalist dropdown or Calendar doesn’t work in Safari.

Would you please specify the version of Safari?

We uploaded the new version to codecanyon and now waiting for review. You can wait a couple of days and download it from codecanyon or provide me with your email address and I will wend it to you directly immediately.

Hi there, just purchased your plugin & somehow it messed up my WP site.

No problem to set up the data grid, but can’t view/edit my existing page/post.

Let me know if you need additional info and kindly provide an email address, so that I can email to you the issues.

Thank you. Forwarded to development team.

Seems now all correct. Please check and let me know. Thanks.

Dear Donpapachino, now we have a Grid plugin which can handle large table. You can see it here: https://codecanyon.net/item/grid-pro-big-data-wordpress-table-viewdata-grid-with-sort-search-and-filter-for-large-tables/20390584


I am having trouble regarding your Grid Pro plugin. After installing and entering “options” I get the 404 error.

I have sent you a message via contact form on your profile a few days ago, so far no reply.



Please check and let me know if the problem persist. In fact the problem is that one of plugin you used changed the style to display none.

I am sorry to hear that, thank you for fixing the problem.

Thank you for rating.

Hi, can we have a one day demo just to test the plugin and see if it’s fits our project? Thanks !

I’ll talk with developers and let you know

If you steel interested – we can provide it in a couple of days. Please let me know.

Could I possibly get refund for this product? We were hoping to be able to code some stuff to this table to get the desired product we wanted. But it’s not going to work.

Nice product though if I was using it for something else.


Hi, i got some presale question, i want to create a blacklist/userbanned database which only registered user can see. this database can be search either by nama, email, id number, phone no. etc. if one of the keyword exist in the database, only then the database would show and the warning would appear. “this <name> have been blacklisted> something like that.

is it possible to accomplish this situation using your plugin?

Using current version – no. As I understand you need filter based on “OR” logic. Our filter uses “AND”. Note: if this is the only change you need – we can change it for you on this one – https://codecanyon.net/item/grid-pro-big-data-wordpress-table-viewdata-grid-with-sort-search-and-filter-for-large-tables/20390584

install failed! by WP 4.9.1. Please update to latest.

Please provide me with your e-mail address and I’ll send you the updated version.

I am receiving a 404 error following installation while attempting to access the grid setup from WP menu. Currently running WP 4.9.2.. I have uninstalled and reinstalled.

Thank you,


Hello Brick – Any update to the 404 errors ?

Would you please try the following steps: a) remove the plugin b) rename the installation file to be_wp_pro_grid.zip c) install it d) activate

I am also waiting for an answer about the 404 error. Does the purchase of a one year support means, you answer after one year?

Would you please try the following steps: a) remove the plugin b) rename the installation file to be_wp_pro_grid.zip c) install it d) activate

Dear staff, the plugin doesn’t work properly, in fact there’s no way to save the database password and the shortcode doesn’t show any table.

Please, let me know

Dear br0k3n, The problem is very strange. Would you please send me the access to FTP and WP of your site? You can send it to sales@lanar.am

Hi i have a 404 error when i click on the grid menu on WP admin. Any solution ? I just install the plugin

Would you please try the following steps: a) remove the plugin b) rename the installation file to be_wp_pro_grid.zip c) install it d) activate

perfect !!! Thank you ;)