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The top image has 1000×437 pixels and is resized by your theme to 868×379. The background has 1000×437 pixels and is not resized.

You can make image smaller like 860 pixels width


You can add custom CSS file: and add the following code:

.ggclImgCntr{max-width: 100%; background-size: cover;}


wait a day or two. We are about to release an update that will include the the above CSS style.

Thank you very much for the quick support. It works :)

Hello .. I have just purchased this plugin 624d2d93-bbcd-4e50-a93e-9f4e0cfd0e75

And I need your help please.. where can i put the images.. I dont see how ¿?

Please read and follow Quick Start instructions:

For support contact us at:

thanks a lot.. I have just read all of it and I cant. Let me explain to you please..

When i create the gallery, add captions and description and then I click insert gallery button. Here its the problem because I see my images and not the icon you are talking in the documentation.

I would appreciate so much if you could help me with this please.

please delete my licence number on public

First of all. Congratulations for your work. The plugin works perfect. I need your help. If you to my website:

You will be able to see the grid and if you click on the image you will be carried to the url I want. But if you click below, on the title of the image you wont.

How can i do it ? I would appreciate you so much if you could help me with this last thing.

Thank you very much in advance, friend

Custom hyperlinks are created for image and Caption only. Caption 2 and other custom text fields are not hyperlinked.

Your Caption field is blank and what is displayed under the image is a Caption 2.

Hi there, can you explain how you add new photos to an existing gallery without recreating the whole gallery?


Grid Gallery with Custom Links Pro uses standard WordPress Gallery to maintain all images.

You can find official documentation here: but it seems to be outdated and refers to older version of the gallery interface. Check also these instructions seems to be more up to date.

Drag and drop not working. I’d like to be able to add more to my galleries and sometimes I need to put the images in a different order. Unfortunately I cannot move them although it does say I should be able to drag and drop.

Grid Gallery with Custom Links uses WordPress Media Library and WordPress Gallery to create and maintain images.

Please check WordPress Codex for any questions concerning WordPress Gallery

Is it possible to change the font size and the border color?

If you want to modify the default styling included with the plugin you can very easily do so in an upgrade-safe manner by adding your custom CSS file.

See instructions:

Hi, I really like your plugin. I wonder if it can work and even redirect affiliate links.


It does work. I not sure what you have in mind concerning redirecting links.

I notice your last update was April 2015. Let me know when you update your plugin and I will consider buying. Thanks

You are right. The plugin hasn’t been updated for a while although it works with the newest version of WordPress:

There is a recently released, modern version of the plugin that doesn’t use JavaScript just CSS and media queries. To check it go to, plugin directory and search for: Responsive Grid Gallery with Custom Links

Hi, I’ve just purchased the plugin, but the “add media” button it’s not working. I’m clicking it, but it doesn’t open the window to insert the images. Could you help me, please?

Hi, I’ve just purchased the plugin, but the “add media” button it’s not working. I’m clicking it, but it doesn’t open the window to insert the images. Could you help me, please?

Did Add Media button stopped working after you installed Grid Gallery with Custom Links?

Please deactivate the plugin and check the Add Media button.

I’ll be happy to help you when you provide more details.

Hi, I’m actually trying to add media to a grid gallery pro.

I went to Grid Gallery pro -> Grid Galleries -> Add New.

When I try to create a new gallery, by clicking in “Add media”, the button is not working (it doesn’t appear the window to insert the images).

I know that it’s not a WP problem, because the “add media” button is working in the posts e pages section…

Could you please help me?

Thank you.

I can’t replicate the issue. The plugin doesn’t have any code related to Media Library or Add Media button.

As a workaround:
  • Create a new page.
  • Add a gallery.
  • Copy the gallery shortcode like: [gallery ids=”5956,5955,5954”]
  • Paste it into text editor area of the plugin.

Hi. I need your help, please. I recently bought and installed the “Grid Gallery with Custom Links Pro” plugin. But I have a problem. Each time I enter to edit a gallery, the “image size” option is automatically changed. I want to keep the option I previously set, which is “Medium”, but always when I save it, the “image size” option always remains to “200” option. My client needs to only have to adjust that size once, and not have to do it every time they edit the gallery. With the other options works perfect, the problem is only with the first option “Image Size”.

Please see the image below to better understand the problem:

Thanks in advance.

I use the “avada” theme, I guess “avada” creates these custom image sizes automatically … In addition to the size “200” there are other sizes, please check this image:

I don’t see any 200 image setting in avada. Please contact us directly at:

We’ll need more detail an couple of screenshots.

Thanks, I wrote again in the form: Thanks in advance

Hi can i schedule and expire items? Also can I display only one item at a time on a page? Thanks!!!