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very good job ! all the best for your sales ;)

Looks cool.I like the style..good luck with it :)

Icon PSD is not included in the download. Any way you could send it to me via email?

Yes of cause, what email? (:

Hello, Author.

This is nice product.

How about next upgrade?

Thanks, no upgrade on the way right now (: Are you missing some feature?

What’s new in today’s update?

Added missing psd icon (:

Nice game but i noticed when you tap on the top score icon nothing happens. Please fix it so I can buy

I think should “PLAY AGAIN” or “RESTART” button on the Game Over screen…

Good app! But when it’ll be updated to swift 3 and ios 10 ?

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rcoull Purchased

Code description says “Will be updated to Swift 3.0 when it is out”.

Has this been done? Does the code now support iOS10 and Swift 3?