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On demo3 if you view it resolutions of 1920×1080 or higher the images don’t fill the boxes, and you get grey bars next to the images on expanding.

Any chance of fixing this so boxes don’t get bigger than the images in them, or stretching the images to ensure they fill the squares they’re in?

Otherwise a nice script.

You can simply use a larger image to fix the problem. The grid size can be easily controlled via script options so you can either enlarge the images themselves or bring the gird size down. The grey bar is actually the grid background which also can be changed via options.

Very nice work! Good luck with sales!

Thank you :)

Cool effect dude! Looks awesome!

Demo isn’t working?

It works. What’s the problem?

The page fails to load when I click on the live demo.

I double checked and it works. I don’t know why you can’t see the page :(

Dear CodeBurner i use this script in <iframe > and use the link a href target = _top but it dont work the target is the same iframe.

How i can fix it?


This version of plugin doesn’t support link targets (intentionally) but it’s pretty easy to modify. Just check the source code

Hello, Can this be used on Wordpress?

The short answer is: Yes it can …
It’s not a Wordpress plugin per se, but it’s regular JavaScript and HTML so it can be used on any website or CMS including Wordpress too, it just has to be done manually (actually it is very simple if you know a little coding or let someone do it for you). Anyways, now that you’ve mentioned it maybe I’ll make it a Wordpress plugin too but in the meanwhile you can still use it the old school style :)

I know a bit of coding, but I am lazy. I need you to start working on the WP version, like yesterday… :)

Well, I don’t wanna disappoint but there are other projects that I’m currently working on so it will be a couple of weeks before I have some free time to do a Wordpress plugin. I still suggest the manual option and there are many good developers out here who can do it for you very fast

Hello CodeBurner,

Great script.

Is it possible to have each “box” be a link?

Would appreciate your help.

Very nice, glws