Green Light - Ionic 3 / Angular 6 UI Theme / Template App - Multipurpose Starter App

Green Light - Ionic 3 / Angular 6 UI Theme / Template App - Multipurpose Starter App

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Green Light - Ionic 3 / Angular 6 UI Theme / Template App - Multipurpose Starter App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


  • 100+ screens
  • Built with Ionic 3 and Angular 6
  • Firebase backend
  • Fully responsive
  • Built with mega-powerful Sass
  • Helpful documentation & free updates

We went green with our latest Ionic app template! Ionic 3 Angular 6 multipurpose starter app Organic Green Light is a set of 100+ screens and a bunch of interesting features that will make your app developing process fundamentally easier.

This is a multipurpose starter app, but it is especially convenient for the ones keen to build a food-related app, such as restaurant, food delivery, nutrition, or healthy travelers’ app.

Core features included in Organic Green Light Starter App

We are well aware of the fact that app templates should include a wide array of features, in order to be suitable for building apps. Therefore, we made our Ionic 3 starter app truly feature-rich, to save you as much developing hours as possible.

Firebase backend

Ionic 3 Angular 6 Organic Green Light starter app comes with a flexible and powerful solution for backend management – Firebase. This BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) owned by Google enables developers to power the backend of their apps, including user authentication, data storage, static hosting and much more.

Via Firebase, you can change all static elements. You can change text (button text, content text, header text…), images, or icons in no time without the need to code.

Built with Sass

Change almost everything on every screen at once over super-organized main Sass file (Font, Opacity Levels, Box Shadows, Colors (Main, BCG, text blend mode), Blend Modes).

Push notifications

Push notifications are text message alerts that users receive in their devices, even locked. They are extremely useful as they have the power to stimulate user engagement and increase conversion rates. If you choose Organic Green Light starter app for your development endeavor, you will be able to easily send push notifications over Firebase.

Fully responsive

All 100+ screens are made responsive over Split Pane component that makes it possible to create multi-view layout. In addition, ion-grid is included in each component.

MailChimp integration

Our starter app provides MailChimp integration that can help you in collecting leads for your e-mail campaigns and track results. You just need to change the ID of your MailChimp list and your job is finished.

Google Maps integration

There is a total of 3 screens with implemented Google Maps API – About us, Location details and Full page screen. Satellite and Map functions, along with Street View browsing are also enabled.

Form validation

The process of implementing form validation can be an overwhelming and tedious task, but you can avoid this risk with Organic Green Light starter app. In this app template, form validation is already set up, so incomplete submits and empty fields are now a thing of the past.

QR and Barcode scanner

After you purchase our Organic Green Light, you will have at your disposal a fully functional scanner with the support for various types of code.

Fast customer support & lifetime free updates

A good piece of software means nothing, if it is not accompanied with a quality documentation. Therefore, we have prepared a thorough documentation to lead you through the process of adjusting this template to your needs. If you encounter any hurdle that cannot be solved by following our documentation, you can contact our customer support via e-mail

We are constantly upgrading our starter apps, so after the purchase you will get all the future updates for free.

Breathtaking design to enchant your users

Designing a mobile app can represent a real challenge. Apart from the functionalities the app possesses, its design plays a crucial role in its success. Luckily, there are out-of-the-box solutions like this starter app that come with a beautiful design.

Unified graphics

Consistency is extremely important when it comes to designing apps. All 100+ screens included in this starter app are made in the same style, so you can combine them endlessly without losing the consistency of your app style.


More than 800 icons are included in this app template, all in one font size and color changeable.

Blend modes

You have at your disposal several blend modes (darkening, gradients, b/w), so every image in the app will look great, thus drastically improving the UX of your ap


On every button we have provided a clickable “event” that you can override and customize by your needs.


Fonts used in this vibrant starter app are free, and a part of Google FontsGoogle Fonts Library.

Full list of components available in Organic Green Light Starter App

This section of Organic Green Light starter app review unveils the full list of mobile app components that are common in today’s modern app. Just choose the components you need, and assemble your app like LEGO blocks.

  • Alerts (3 layouts)
  • Profile (5 layouts)
  • Segment (3 layouts)
  • Timeline (3 layouts)
  • Comments (2 layouts)
  • Payment (1 layout)
  • Select (2 layouts)
  • Forms (4 layouts)
  • CardReader (1 layout)
  • List views (21 layouts)
  • Parallax (4 layouts)
  • Left menu (1 layout)
  • Image Gallery (3 layouts)
  • Wizards (3 layouts)
  • Login & Register (2+2 layouts)
  • Splash screens (3 layouts)
  • Check boxes (3 layouts)
  • Search bars (3 layouts)
  • Spinners (10 types)
  • Google Maps (3 layouts)
  • QR and barcode scanner (1 layout)
  • Action Sheet (3 layouts)
  • Toggle (3 layouts)
  • Radio Button (3 layouts)
  • Range (4 types)
  • Tabs (3 layouts)

All the above-listed components can be added to your app just by following our detailed documentation. Additionally, we also have our own YouTube channel, where you can check out videos that contain explanations regarding the implementation of the components.

Incorporated technologies and open source projects

Building such a massive and comprehensive app template like this one could not be possible without the following technologies and open source projects.

Ionic 3

Ionic is the open-source mobile app development framework released under a permissive MIT license. It allows developers to build apps for the majority of platforms using a single codebase. It leverages technologies such as HTML, CSS and JS and platforms like PhoneGap/Cordova to deliver a native-like experience.

Angular 6

Since its beginnings, Ionic Framework was built to work just with Angular. Therefore, it is logical that Angular will be on the list of technologies incorporated in Ionic app template. Angular is a comprehensive JavaScript framework, with a modular approach to web design and a large support community. This starter app is built with v6 of this JS framework.


Sass is a stylesheet language that beats the repetitive nature of CSS with features such as variables, mixins, nesting, and inheritance. Sass was initially designed by Hampton Catlin and developed by Natalie Weizenbaum.

Cordova plugins

Considering the fact that Ionic is an HTML5 framework, it needs a native partner like Cordova to ensure its own functioning as a native app. Ionic framework is equipped with Cordova plugins, so it enables Ionic app developers to access native features such as camera, Bluetooth, GPS etc.


Animate.css is a CSS library that makes it easy to obtain really nice animation effects using just CSS.


Crafted by Sam Herbert, SVG-Loaders represents a group of animations which are meant to entertain users while the app’s content is loading.

Elastic header with zoom

Elastic header with zoom is an Ionic/Angular directive for elastic headers crafted by Ola Christensson.

NOTE: If you plan to sell your application over Play Store or to have in-app purchase, you should buy extended license.

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