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for Documentation Quality

Hasta ahora no había tenido tiempo de probar la aplicación de generador de formularios pero últimamente la he utilizado y he comprobado que me vale aunque utilizo otro generador de formulario este lo veo muy bien ya que su documentación esta muy completa y fácil de entender cumple muy bien con todas las descripciones expuestas mi enhorabuena al desarrollador.
Un saludo

for Customer Support

I chose the forms script so long time and stopped on Green Forms. I think it's the best solution for all tasks. But I met a problem right away because my task turned out so difficult. I would liked to build difficult English language test.

That is why I appreciated the Green Form support. They quite quickly resolved all my tasks which I met.
Thank you Halfdata team.

for Design Quality

This is an Excellent Form Builder Tool. It has many features and what I liked best is the invisible spam filter feature. This app also was easy to learn and very versatile the kinds of forms it can make. Green Forms is my go to app when I need to make an online form for anything.

for Feature Availability

This form is AWESOME!!! I have never seen conditional logic and it allows me to create forms I never imagined.
Customer support is top-notch!


for Code Quality

This is Amazing Work!
It'so easy to use and my best purchase to date!

for Flexibility

Main reason for my rating was nearly all of the above. Highly responsive support even though the support issue was my own fault. This product is extremely flexible in achieving an outstanding number of ways to achieve nearly anything you want in a form. There are so many options that are stored away nicely to avoid clutter unless you turn them on.

It's very rare that I don't have continue coding where the author fell short patching bugs. Installation was the easiest ever and flawless operation so far.

The only thing I can't get it to do but it probably does somehow is validate image upload dimensions. I can not figure out how to make sure the uploaded file equals 350 x 400. I would be surprised if you can't do it somewhere and I'm just overlooking it. Well done.

for Customer Support

U a uuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Instantaneous reply to my concerns..even on Sundays!!

That is why some are on the right track:

“The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be a human." - John Naisbitt

for Code Quality

The plugin is excellent, the code is built with scalability and stability in mind. The author is prone to listening to their customers needs.
Good design, an intuitive visual builder, integrations with third party services and very good documentation makes this product one of the best if not the best here in this marketplace.
I have tried lots of forms scripts and 90‰ of them are just rubbish that will crash over time. This is pro stuff.

for Design Quality

Drop-dead easy to use and great features. Lean and runs extremely smooth. Takes minutes to install and deploy your first forms. Love it.

for Code Quality

The Author is the Master! I love this form, I use it for many websites, they are the most universal solution, it is the best form in the internet!