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What type of fields does this form support, does the conditional fields are supported? How easy is to translate and change template for this form? would you mind to make this with Twitter Bootstrap 3?

THanks for your reply, this time we didn’t support for conditional fileds. We are just using fields in our demo script.

In the next update I’ll be add the features you want to script. And It’s too easy to change language and template in our system.

Have a nice day …

Just Want to say thanks to this developer. this Script is exactly what I need and the developer help me to get all my things DONE! highly recommended! Thanks a lot guys

Thanks a lot too, I’m very happy to helping you.

Hi I would really like to purchase this.. does this include instructions on how to install?

Hi, Thanks for your interest. About your first question: Yes all documentations included. Second question: It’ll be able in next version (1.8 or 2)

when will you release the next version? I need this asap.. can you point me to where I can purchase a compatible paypal script for this. thank you very very much

Hi, For this sorry but I can’t recommend you other scripts. Becouse I didn’t used anyone. In my update, I’ll just add a PayPal purchase form. So customers will be redirected to PayPal payment page. But I’ll not add any IPN system to my script.

Hello, The script is not running on my server, even my local server. When I open order.php, a blank page opens.

Thank you for your purchasing, it shouldn’t be. Can you send a ticket from my support page to me? So I can help you better. (Please don’t forget to confirm your purchase from here: ) Regards …

Please confirm your purchase before getting support from us. We need to do this, thanks for your understanding.
Confirm Your Purchase:

MErhaba, admin demosu var m? görebilirmiyiz.

Merhaba, sistemin belirli bir admin paneli bulunmamaktad?r. Sistem sipari? bilgilerini email adresinize SMTP ile göndermektedir.

Admin panelinden ürün ekleme sipari?leri görebilme gibi bir güncelleme gelecekmi? Gelecek ise almak isterim çünkü bu durumda biraz amatör olmu?.

Çal??man?zda ba?ar?lar bol kazançlar dilerim


Yorumunuz için tesekkurler. Admin panel eklemesini yapmay? dusunuyorum.

Versiyon 2.0’da Admin panel ozelligi gelecek, 2.5’de ise siparis kayitlari veritabaninda tutulacak ve otomatik fatura olusturma sistemi eklenecek.

Fakat bu dediklerim kesin olmayabilir, o yuzden hayata gecmeden once almamanizi oneririm. Fakat guncelleme geldig zaman haberdar olmak isterseniz bana email adresinizi profilimden ozel mesaj olarak gonderebilirsiniz.

Saygilarimla, Evrim Altay KOLUACIK

Hello When will the new script with editable fields and a PayPal interface be ready?


Hi, thanks for your reminding. I’ll add admin panel and editable fields option. I’m still working on update but it’ll be ready asap.

On the local server does not send the order form.
Displays a message: An Error Occured, Please try again later.
On a real hosting did not try, it’s possible in this script can send the order only through SMTP ???

Checked, everything works.
For future versions it would be nice to protect the admin panel and Robots, set captcha example. And another note, is not quite well what the administrator password is stored in clear text in the database melon. At least you can protect through md5.

Hi, I’m on it. So I was thinking to send a new update about changing preview images and adding russian language file. I’ll fix it too. (Actually It fixed.) But I need your meail adress. Can you send an email to me from my profile page?

sent you my mailbox

Very nice script!
I really like in this design is that the script is not tied to any CMS systems and will work separately. Thus you can connect virtually any site, without prejudice to the site files.
There are of course minor flaws, but judging from the pace of work and good developer support, I think that he will fix it and fix complement. And in general, the script is very good potential!
This is just my opinion, I do not impose it to anyone! ;)

Thank you, I have lot of work to do, so It’s really hard to me, updating Great Order Form. But I’m still doing it :) I hope you’ll use it happily :)

Hi nice looking form but I am confused howw it works and what happens when a form is filled out.

1. A person fills out the form, but does all it do is send an email somewhere? I filled out info and clicked button but just got error msg. Is there another page where they purchase item? I saw you mentioned something about adding PayPal so I guess there is no actual purchase at this time?

2. Once a form is completed does it only send an email, or does it store it in the admin area?

3. The editable fields is locked in the sample admin so are these only the fields I see in the form and you can just change the names or can you create additional fields?

4. can this be sent to multiple emails addresses?

Thanks, I look forward to your answrs…

Thanks for your comments. About your questions;
1. Yes It’s just order form at this time. It’s getting orders and sends emails to your email adress (that you set in admin panel).
2. In this version all orders are sending with email. But the next update I’ll save them all to the mysql. So you can send your invoice to the customer too. (And you can set invoice as paid or not paid etc.) In this version i can add PayPal entegration too. (So It’ll change invoice status automatically.)
3. You can set their names with small changings on translation files. In this version there is no editable fields. I’ll not thinking to add this feature now, I have an update order so In the next update, I’ll add mysql support for the orders.
4. I didn’t do it in this version but If you purchase I can do it for you with small charges.

Hi there, just bought this. Is it possible to do multiple products in one order? Like a product per line. And then the grand total at the end?

Hi, I’m sorry but this script supports only one product in each order. Thanks for your purchase…

Hi, is it possible to set free shipping if the total amount exceeds a certain value? Sorry for bad English. Regards

Hi, sorry about it. Then please send me an email from my profile.

Thanks you are very kind and helpful and you have fulfilled all my requests quickly. You’re great, as the script! ;)

Thank you very much!


Please I am looking for a PHP script that I can intergrate into an html website to make the html site to have a functional shopping cart.

I will like to know if you script can do that for me.

The site is responsive so I need to know if you script is also responsive.



Hi, Thanks for your interest, our script is not a shopping cart, it’s an order form (it supports to order only one type of a product). And at this time it’s not fully responsive, sorry. But if you want I can help you just with small charges..Send me a ticket from my support page.


I can’t enter to orders section in demo, could you help me please?

Kind regards, Luis

Hi, In this version it’s not available. But I’m planning to add it while changing the admin panel’s template. I’m not sure when.

is it possible to attach image files along with the orders?