Graziella - Full Premium iPhone App

Graziella - Full Premium iPhone App


Graziella – Full Premium iPhone App

With this project, you can create an application that allows you to put your company on the App Store, but they are not, the application adapts to all your needs, whether you’re a musician, DJ, or you have a local, a restaurant etc.. You can add the data about PhpMyAdmin automatically and will appear in the application. ALSO INCLUDED FILES PHP, AND THE PART ADMIN. You can search by keywords and you can update the list with the most modern “Pull to refresh iOS 6.” It is a modern design, created with the latest version of XCode in iOS 6. The background in the main menu shows the effect of Parallax, gorgeous!

With this project, you will learn to:

- Create a slideshow with UIImage and UIScollView.
- Manage animation of objects to click.
- Create a custom Font.
- Create a custom navigation bar.

- Paste data from server.
- Create custom cells.
- Search the contents of the cells.
- Animation fade of SearchBar
- View a map and create an Annotation with their coordinates.

- Parallax background effect.
- Loading images asynchronously.
- Show and Hide the Navigation Bar
- Share to Social Network, Email and other.
- More.


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Graziella is the name of my grandmother that together, my grandfather has made my life better. My creativity also depends on my mood, and you’ve helped a lot. Thanks Sara <3 .