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is it possible to do this kind of form using your plugin ?

Thank you

With Gravity Forms it is possible. But not with my Plugin.

hi Gravity-Forms Field-Settings not shown in wordpress dashboard

No. You’ll find the field-settings at the gravity-forms form editor.

sorry , where is the gravity-forms form editor i uploaded ur plugin and activate it but i dont find any form editor :(

As you can read from the Plugin-Description (you need a licensed copy of the Gravity-Forms plugin). You can buy and download Gavity-Forms at

Hello, We want to use the gravity form to implement our online store to sell custom computers, however, we have trouble updating price per lot of components (raw materials). Your plugin is there a way to update the price of centrally components (per lot)?

Example: A hard drive that is used in eight computers, have to update the sales price only once, instead of eight times.

Await response.


The plugin only display existing records as a datatable. There are no functions to update values.

Does this plugin make responsive tables?

Not now. I’m working on New setting to activate the responsive view.

Is there a way to populate the dropdown from “form 1” with the data added on a field in “form 2” with this plugin?

Cheers, Andrei C.

No. Not with this plugin. But this is only a 30 minute coding. You can send me a message via my profile, if you need this.

I sent a message. :) Can you help me with this?

I didn’t get a message

I am very interested in this plugin but i notice the table results is not responsive to mobile phones

This is right. I’m working on a release with a responsive table.

Update in place ,etc Features?

When or what are your plans for having these features – Update in place, Edit, etc..


You can use the “Gravity Forms – List and Edit” plugin with integrated functions to edit or delete existing records

Naraili, are you suggesting there are existing functions for editing and deleting existing records in your application???!

With this plugin, will it only display information that matches what someone enters in the form. For example, I have a spreadsheet that has a customers purchases and email address. If the customer fills out the form and enters their email address, would the form return only their purchases?

The datatable only displays data from that someone enters at the form.

The Magic Tooltips plugin allows Gravity Forms users to add tooltips to their forms. Does your theme support this plugin?

It’s only a Datatable view without any forms.

Is this plugin able to export the datatable to .csv please once you have displayed or set the data?

Man you gotta add that. It would be a real winner if you could.

I got the Gravity Forms List & Edit plugin, Gravity Forms – WPDB / MySQL Connect, Gravity-Forms jQuery Datatable and the Gravity-Forms jQuery Datatable doesn’t work, i read the manual & instructions but nothing, i need help with that please. (my gravity forms version is 2.x, i try with 1.9.x without any results).

I think i need a more detailed description. What does it mean “It doesn’T work”. What doesn’t work ?

hello – fyi the pdf doc is erroring. Can I use this plugin to automatically pull form entries for contributions based on their paypal “paid” status? I would like to create a donor page – Jane Doe donated $5 in honor of Bob the Dog Jack Doe donated $10 in memory of Bob the dog ... like that.

Where is Live preview???

Will be back soon. I’m updating to the next release of the plugin

Hi there, Thank you for such a useful plugin. Actually the only problem is my table have 20 column and because the table does not scroll from left to right, I cannot see the full table in the page. Do you have any solution to make it responsive or at least add scroll left to right?

Currently i uploaded a new release that integrate a new CSS file ( gravityforms_datatables.css ) to add your own CSS. You’ll get an email after the codecanyon staff reviewed the upload

Hi, Thank you for your reply. I’ve updated the plugin. Would you please let me know where should I add custom css code?

there is a Folder /css

Hello, i wrote you an email via the contact field, did you recive it?

nice. thanks.

is there a way to color data with special attributes? i tryed something like this

“fnRowCallback”: function(nRow, aData, iDisplayIndex, iDisplayIndexFull) { if (aData[“name”] == “test”) $(nRow).css(‘color’, ‘red’); }

but it did not work

I think this is a question for the datatables support

Does your plugin allow for multiple datatables on the same page?

No. Only one datatable.

Hello. Does your plug-in show the result if there are more than 2000 entries in the table and the query selects 80 fields

It’s not a plugin to query a database. If you need this to generate choices this is only restricted by Gravity Forms

Hi there, I have a pre sale question for my task: I need a table that displays only the entries that have identical values in a specific field. Is this possible with your plugin? Kind Regards Michael

Only with custom programming


matosd Purchased

very bad plugin, I just through my money

This is a very detailed Problem description.