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I want to be able to send to specific emails if not only one condition is met but two. Kid of like an if this question is apple and this question a Illinois that it will send to a specific email. But if it is only one of the selected it does not send. Does this plugin have this?

Hi ebizunivcode, GF 1.8 supports this with Notification conditional logic. Check out http://www.nathanfranklin.com.au/plugins/use-gravity-form-geo-conditional-field-custom-feed-processing . It’s for feed setup, but the principle is the same for conditional logic. (Scroll down to the ‘Newer style feed design setup’)

I recently upgraded to Gravity Version 1.8.8 and can’t seem to access the user conditionals anymore. I have this and the Geo one installed and neither shows up under my conditionals. The meta box is there, but if you go to a field those conditions are not visible in the dropdown.

Hi Oakland. I would suspect you have a javascript error occurring in your admin which is preventing the fields from being loaded correctly. This could be a plugin conflict of some sort perhaps.

I have WordPress 3.9.1 with GF 1.8.8 and The latest updates of all my plugins and everything works as expected.

Try deactivating plugins 1 at a time to see if it fixes the problem. If it does then you have found the culprit. I can take a quick look in your admin to see if I can find the problem if you like. If you would like me to do that, please email me: me@nathanfranklin.com.au.


Apologies GF version

We’d like to hide fields in the admin notification based on user input or lack thereof. If a visitor doesn’t edit a field, we don’t want it included in the admin notification. Can your product do that?


Hi Brent, Gravity Forms does that by default. It the user leaves a field blank and it contains an empty value, it shouldn’t appear in your notification. :)

Hi there, I am looking for a form that does this.

An email is sent out as a promotional offer to our customers. A person receives $50 if they refer someone. If they click yes and enters the referred friend then that referred friend automatically gets an email to signup.

Can this form plugin do this?

Hi ibernard, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately this specific plugin can’t help you there, however you may be able to use Gravity Forms to do it (with some additional custom functionality). I am also available for freelance work, let me know if you would like to hire me to look at this.


Hi, I am adding the conditional field user role and saving the form then I am trying to have one field not visible to a user who has edit gravity forms permissions but at the same time I do not want them to be able to access the Approve checkbox that comes with the gravity view plugin. I have a form where I need the user to enter initial data and then at the end of shift add a little more data and I also need a higher positioned person approve the submission. Every combination I have tried with this plugin it still displays the field when the user goes to edit the data at the end of the shift. I am aware this may also be an issue with gravity view but I figured I would start here to see if you have run into this issue first.

Sincerely, Paul

Hi Paul, Please contact me directly @ me@nathanfranklin.com.au. I’m happy to check it out for you, if you send me login details to your site and steps to reproduce the issue.

I haven’t had any reports stating the field isn’t working, so it might be the way your implementing it or Gravity view.



This latest update is not being recognized. I have performed the update via the wordpress update page three to four times now over the past few days and it still keeps showing up as:

Gravity Forms User Conditional Fields You have version 1.31 installed. Update to 1.31. View version 1.31 details. Compatibility with WordPress 4.1.1: Unknown

Hi, there. I will look into it and let you know.

Doesn’t work – through a load of errors on install – don’t buy…

Hi dt99rrc. Please let me know the errors you are receiving and I can look into it for you.

I need to build forms where some fields are show or hidden depends on logged user . can i hide or show fields in form depending on user? Does Gravitform work with together with PrivateContent or another plugin where i can create Users categories?

My need: build many forms where each forms users can see some fieldd as radio or check box depending on his/her login.

Other features of the form:

+ Forms different fields. “Layouts”.? + Extract forms for .CSV files Per user, e-mail, name etc.? + Save progress filling. User can start to fill and finish at another time to login.? + Group of form fields in different pages as the forms will be great. forma pagined? + File upload.? + Validation to fill the fields: email, phone, cellular, text.? + Conditional fields, display fields by choice.?

+ Which Add-ons i need to have to make it happen?

Hi there apologies on the delay. If you were still looking for a plugin this one might be the one. This plugins works with Gravity Forms to hide and show fields based on either whether the user is logged in, the user’s role or the actual user name of the logged in user.


Is your plugin possible to pass the values from the first form and once the user clicks the submit button. The values from the first form goes to the aweber and then goes also to the redirected page. Is that possible?

So when the users goes to the redirected page His values that he used on the first form now shows on this redirected page for additional filling up for the second form.

Please reply asap. So we know if we will buy your plugin or not. Thanks a lot for your reply!

Regards, Jed

Hi there, You can use standard gravity forms features to pass form field values via query string. This plugin will allow you to perform conditional logic based on User Roles, Usernames and whether the user is logged in or not.

Hi, i added a Notification so that once the entries has been updated it will send email notification but i didn’t received anything… here what i did


Hey. Thanks for the report I will check this out. What version of the plugin, gravity forms and wordpress do you have?

I’m not sure about ‘Cronjob Scheduler’. You could possibly hook into gravity forms after submission and queue up a time based email, however this isn’t supported in the plugin.

im using wp 4.3 and gravity forms 1.9

Hiya, just a pre-sales question. We have a number of courses on our website, each course has a PDF outline and we want people to request the PDF via a simple gravity form. To avoid us having to do a form for every course is there a way to do a conditional notification based on the current page using your plugin?


Hey there! This type of functionality is already included in Gravity Forms. You can add a hidden form field and then go to Advanced and Deafult Value and select the {embed_url} merge tag. This will set it so you can then configure notification routing by url.

I have purchased and installed this plugin, but i’m not seeing any buttons regarding this plugin in the form editor. I’m using wordpress 4.3.1 and Gravity Forms 1.9.13. Any ideas why the buttons to add user conditional fields aren’t showing up?

Hi There,

There should be no reason for this. If you are able to provide me login details to your site, I will be happy to check it out for you. I have a test bench site setup locally and everything works as expected.

If you could email me@nathanfranklin.com.au that would be great. Thanks.

Can I use this plugin to email a notification to a specific user group? For instance, if upon form submission I want a notification to be sent to all users with user role “vendor,” can this plugin do that?


Yep, you can. If you add the User Role field to your form then you can use it for conditional logic on the notification screen.

Let me know if you have any issues.


I understand I can use it for conditional logic on the notification screen, but can I send a notification email to the email addresses associated with all users with the user role “vendor.” For instance, if I have 50 users with user role “vendor,” and I want to send a notification email to all 50 vendors that will contain the form entry information, is that possible?


Unfortunately not without some custom coding.


Not working at all. Used Conditional Field “User Role”. Then proceeded to go in to the Advanced Menu to “show” this field if “any” of the following match. Used the “contains” then “Administrator”. Then previewed and got nothing. I know the conditional logic works because I tried other conditions.

Hey! What environment do you have. Could you tell me what PHP version, GF version and WordPress version. THanks.

WP 4.4.1 GF 1.9.14 PHP

Hi. The plugin requires PHP 5.3+.


I want to know if this is possible with your plugin.

I want to show some fields from a form only to a user role. Not to admin or contributor but to a special role.

Thanks in advance

Yes, this is possible. Use the Role conditional field.

Hi, just a pre purchase question:

What we’re wanting to do is have fields viewable with multiple variables.

Best way to explain it, we want to field shown IF X or Y; AND Z, so if X and Z or Y and Z are true, it’ll show.

Thank you for your time!

If I understand you correctly, yes, this is a part of native Gravity Forms.

I have activated the User Conditional Fields plugin. I am an “Administrator” – and I added the “User Role” field, naming it “User Role”. I added a “Section” and made it conditional upon a user role being “Editor”. I still see the section if I am logged in as an “Administrator”. Does this condition mean “Editor” and above? That’s not what we’re looking for – we’re looking for a limitation to specific roles – not specific roles and above.


i just logged in as a ‘Subscriber’ and had the same section show – even though it’s set to ‘Editor’. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Just FYI – we’re at PHP 5.6 and running latest WP.

Any news here?

Hi. A new version has just been completed. If you send me an email to me@nathanfranklin.com.au with your purchase key from CodeCanyon, I can send it to you direct to install.

Is there any option in this PAID plugin to setup Nested Conditional Logic for fields ?? If yes is there any document ??

Hi. I’m not sure what you mean?

Can this work with Membership Plugins for example WP Membership which can create additional User Roles?

Hi! Yes it should work fine. :)

Hi Nathan, I have emailed you. Thanks