Discussion on Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on

Discussion on Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on

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The forms disappear if they have any conditional logic field. But only if Gravity Forms Styles Pro is active.

Thanks in advance :)

Hi, Please make sure that you’re using the latest versions of both Styles Pro and Gravity Forms. If the problem is still there, please send us a link to where your form is at

have you given up on this plugin? used to be so great, with the gravity forms overhaul, it no longer works as its supposed to

Hi, the pouyin is in active development. We also did a complete rewrite of the plugin rith the bug overhaul of Gravity Forms. It works with the latest version, we’re also working on another release with updates as well. Which version are you using?

the latest on envato, clean instal

Hi could you please send us a link to one of your forms on our support so we may have a look?

Hi, How to except the plugin’s style for specific form field id?

Hi there. I’m not sure if I understood correctly. Do you want to target the CSS of a particular field ID within a Styles Pro theme?

Please use the support here to send us a link to the form if necessary as well:

Has potential but needs modernising badly. Can we expect an update anytime soon?

We’ve made a number of modernization in our last few updates. A lot has been overhauled since version 3.0. Which is the last version you’ve used? Please feel free to send us suggestions directly as tickets on our site and we’ll consider them for future releases.

Appologies i was still on the old version. I can see progress has been made in the latest version. Thank you.

mela030 Purchased

No update since December 2021 :(

We’re working on releasing one soon.

“Soon” is now 5 months ago :(

I bought through Envato and have no way to log in as I have no account with you. What do I do… and yes, the plugin has current maintenance (through envato).

Are you talking about support? Just Register and open a ticket. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

BTW, our plugins are only available through Envato/CodeCanyon.

Looks like a great plugin, I just bought it but for some reason, when I edit the labels text size, they don’t work. Colors work, underline, italics work, but not the font sizes or family type like 100 or 900 for Open Sans or any other font. Only the field fonts change not the label. I’m using The7 theme. I look forward to seeing if an update corrects the problem, as I’ll add this to all the sites I create, most are done with The7 Theme.

Please send us a link to your form on our support at

If there’s a conflict we would like to ideally patch it.

You could also try the “Reinforce customization” option. That remedies almost all conflicts immediately.

Pre-sales question.
I´ve read in a previous question that your plugin doesn´t work well with “multi-page auto advance for gravity forms” plugin.
This issue as solved?


Styles Pro Add-On has no such issue with that plugin that I know of. That question you mentioned was regarding Supercharge Add-On that because Supercharge Add-On has it’s own auto-advance feature.


Are there option to animate multi page transition ? And animate error container ?

I want to have a super smooth multi page form

I didn’t quite understand what you mean by this. Could you open on a ticket on the link below and add some more details? I should be able to give you a lot more detailed answers there.


I’m using Gravity Forms Styles Pro with the Modern Carbon theme. How can I remove the horizontal line that separated the last for field and the submit button? Thanks!

Hi there,

That occurs in the older styles of the forms. If this is an old form, you may turn off the “Use legacy markup” checkbox from Form Settings and that should solve the issue immediately. If for some reason you still prefer to use the legacy markup, please open a ticket with us and I will send you specific instructions.

I am also having trouble seeing the live customizer link. I have embedded a blank form to a page, but no links are in my admin toolbar or anything…

The link says “Styles Pro Customizer” under the “Forms” menu in the admin bar. If you don’t see the Forms menu, it’s possible you’ve turned it off from Gravity Forms Settings and you can turn it on easily. More about it here:

If you have Gravity Forms’ Toolbar Menu showing but no Styles Pro Customizer menu item, please open a ticket here:

The Live Customizer link is not showing under the Gravity Forms menu. What am I missing? I’ve looked for 20 minutes and I can’t figure out how to customize live.

Have you embedded the form on a page or post? The Live Customizer link only appears on the front-end. The page you’re at, then opens in a preview.

Hi! My support has already expired, but there is a problem with the plugin. Styles do not apply to the form. When I click on the Update All Settings button, the browser console gives an error and the settings are not applied to the form screenshot : please check . thanks

my gravity forms version : gravity styles pro version : 3.0 But there is a problem

Please try a hard refresh on the admin page, if that doesn’t work. Contact us on our site.

Just pushed an update. Please update and let me know back on the ticket.

Hi. Examining the codes, I realized that you did not follow the principles and standards for translation (textdomain). I can not translate this plugin into other languages using the software Poedit ! Let me know if you fix the problems so I can buy.

Yes, these are all fixed and will come completely translation ready in a few days time. Please contact on support if you have to use it sooner.

I can help you with that, I’m also familiar with RTL.

I sent you an email.

I would use your plugin to collect cv from applicant; how can I let people search the records stored from frontend with some keyword?

Data views on the front-end are not possible out of the box using Gravity Forms as of now. This plugin is used for designing the forms themselves, not the data views. For displaying data and sorting views and workflows you might find a solution with Gravity View or Gravity Flow. Styles Pro will let you style the forms themselves.

Hi, can you style the confirmation page with this plugin?

The confirmation page takes similar styling to the form, like background color and font color and size. You can also output options from the Checkboxes and Radio type fields as images or icons, if you’ve added them. More about that here:

Hi! My support has expired already, but on the latest version we are facing an issue with the save button not working, and the popup styling has also broken.

Screenshot: Error message i get is:

“admin.php?page=gf_edit_forms&id=5:2921 Uncaught ReferenceError: gfsp_save is not defined at HTMLInputElement.onclick (admin.php?page=gf_edit_forms&id=5:2921)”

WP: 5.5.3 GF: 2.4.21 Styles pro: 2.6.4

Hi there,

If you have recently updated, its worth a try to do a hard refresh on the page. There are no known issues or conflicts with the versions you’re running. Please feel free to contact on our support if you’re still facing issues.

Hard refresh did fix the saving option. Layout is still broken though, but it works :)

Hmm. That’s probably a styling conflict with another plugin that’s using the thickbox and overriding its default styles in the back-end. So long as it doesn’t get in the way, I suppose we’re okay. You may let us know on our support which plugins you have installed, or if any particular one you suspect could be causing it, we could have a closer look.


I have a pre-sale question. Is it possible to change how the Submit button behaves using this plugin?

e.g. once user submits, the loader/spinner will appear and the Submit button will be grayed out or disabled. Visual example here:

Best regards.

No, currently we do not have such features.

I want to buy Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on, could you tell me if your plugin is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder?

There are no known conflicts. Quite a few of our users are using it with WPBakery to our knowledge. If you still find any issues, you can always contact our support.

When using radio buttons with images, still seeing radio buttons but in one our installation i am using also radio buttons without seeing radio buttons (just image) as preferred. I add a css snippet to disable it, but how to work without css ?

HI, There are different ‘Style’ options that you can choose from in the Style Selector. Some of them have the ticks and other icons some of them don’t, one of the options is to use the browser default radio buttons. If you’re still seeing the buttons after you’ve selected similar option in both sites, please open a ticket on our support and send a link so we can have a look.



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