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We have quite a large and dynamic form with a lot of radio buttons. At the moment we need to ‘style’ each question individually. Is there a way to set the styling of all radiobuttons to a certain style (Dot in our case)?



Yes, it’s possible. Please open a ticket at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ and I will send you the adjustments there which you need to make. In the ticket, please also let me know if it’s possible for you to add a class to the dynamic fields. If no, do you want only the radio buttons to be styled as Dot or checkboxes as well?


stijndw Purchased

I just posted a ticket. Thanks

Got it. Thanks! Replying you there.

Does your plugin support multisite? We have several sites in a multisite environment for our non-profit and use GF on several of them. How would I need to license this product to use it on multiple subsites? No commercial application. Internal use only.

Yes it works with WordPress Multisite. The plugin uses Gravity Forms Add-on Framework, it works where GF works.

As for licenses, they are not in the control of the plugin authors. You’re better off asking this from Envato directly if you have doubts. From what I gathered though, one regular license is fine to be used on a multisite as long as your sites are under the same main domain.

Reference: https://forums.envato.com/t/locked-products-licensing-for-wordpress-multisite/77838/27

I’d like to be able to create a list of checkboxes with groups and tiers (a hierarchy). Please see this video for the type of interface I am referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5T8SHF7BQ0&t=1m15s

Is this something that can be achieved with your plugin?


Hi, this is Add-on for Gravity Forms that helps you style and layout your forms, generally dealing with UX/UI of the form. The plugin doesn’t offer new field types. As far as I know, the field type similar to the one you’ve linked to isn’t available for GF.

ok, thanks

This is great guys! Looks amazing.

1. Can we style the forms similar to this:


(just a line/bottom border as the input)

2. Do you have any adds on that allow a slider to happen with gravity forms like this:


Thank you :)

Hi there,

1. Yes, you can create a design similar to this. The screenshot you shared uses the Google Material style design. We have a theme Ethereal Material (already included) created specifically for such a design.

2. As of v2.1, we do not have sliders or any new kinds of field types. But the plugin extends some regular field types, you can, for example, add icons to all regular fields, and add icons and images to radio and checkbox options etc.


Is there a way to get rid of the border above the button and change the button’s alignment/padding etc?


I was hoping it would be in the settings :)

Yes, it’s pretty straight forward. Please open a ticket at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/

I’ll send you the details there. All support is handled there, you’ll get responses much faster too.

Hello “Make invisible” field. How to get it back? How to make it visible?


Just choose any other option from that row of positioning settings. Default is ‘None”

How? this field is now not visible in the admin panel

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How many sites can I use this plugin on with a single license? Tx

The licenses are not in control of the plugin authors. You’re better off asking this from Envato directly. From what I understand, a single license allows you to use it on one domain only. Multiple uses on the same domain are okay.

You can read more about it here: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/terms/regular

Have you tested with X Theme X or Pro?

Yes. No issues were found.

Can I create my own templates in the plug-in on CSS?

Yes, if you know CSS, you can easily copy a theme to create your own. The theme will be available to select just like built-in themes, it will also have the same customization options as all themes. A guide is available in the Docs section on http://gravitystylespro.com/

Thank you! I’ll think about buying.

Hi Warplord! loving the plugin so far… saved me a lot of headache! just wondering if there were any plans to implement a range slider? :)

Hi there! Thanks for the appreciation. I’m very glad that you’re enjoying the plugin. Right now we’re focusing on some very exciting new features that’ll help you get a lot more control over the form design and make your workflow much faster and more intuitive! But as of now, we do not have immediate plans for adding new field types to the plugin. We have recently introduced a feature request system on our website. If we see enough interest, we will surely consider adding the features requested there. Please feel free to add your ideas there. You should be able to find the link in the plugin page in your WP admin.


Quinn86 Purchased

Hi, Im struggling to see how to re-hide fields once an applied theme shows them.


Quinn86 Purchased

Apologies found the setting – nice work on a great plugin :)

No problem. Thanks for the appreciation :) Please feel free to contact us on support at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ at anytime you’re having trouble with anything.

Hi, your plugin looks great. Presales question… Anyway to apply your styles to the GF login widget or login shortcode that is part of GF registration addon?

Not at the moment.


lizasim Purchased

are you able amend the field border?

You can do that in the upcoming update, which is due to be pushed next week. Please contact us at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ if you’re looking for an immediate solution or if you have further questions.

Field border customization options can now be found under “Advanced Field Styling” on the Theme Customization page. If you haven’t updated to the latest version, please do so.

Great plugin but I can’t help thinking that the button options should include the hover settings as well. Having white text results in being unable to read the button on hover.

absolutely great plugin though… I’ve paid for loads of different gravity form stylers and yours is by far the best!

Hi. Thanks very much for your appreciation! Yes, agreed, that’s already in the pipeline and coming soon too, in the next update, along with a bunch of new stuff. Please consider rating if you’re happy with the plugin. Please send us any of your suggestions on http://gravitystylespro.com/support/

We’re always keen on learning on how we can make it better.

Is this accessible compliant? Like when the form errors, and it scrolls to the first error, will it be readable by a screen reader?

Hi, As of now, it adds no new functionality for screen readers for Gravity Forms.

Is the plugin will overwrite the default gravity form field classes and id’s and also the custom classes we add to the field. I need to ensures that not replacing the core gravity form structure.. because i use that id to do custom logic by my own. Please advice. tq.

Hi… The plugin does not override/remove or change the default classes or id’s. Even if you have added custom classes to your form or fields, they would remain intact.

Dude just bought the plugin, what is the recommended settings in the GENERAL gravity forms settings regarding CSS?

1. CSS output: 2. HTML5 output: 3. No-conflict mode:

Hi Asteratos, thanks for the purchase!

It should work with all these settings set either way. Please send all your questions to http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ You’ll get all your answers much faster and all of our support is handled there.

Hey guys! What was added to the latest update? (don’t see a changelog)

Thanks :)

Hey! The changelog is always included in the plugin package. Here’s on online version:


Is there any way to add a custom icon to standard fields?


As of now, 4 icon-sets are included (including Font Awesome and Material icons) which can be used straight from field settings but there isn’t a way to add a custom icon from settings at the moment. However it may be possible to override the icon with one of your own. Is it an icon font or an SVG?

Please reply at: http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ All support is handled there.

Pre-Sale Question. This plugin looks awesome but I wanted to know if any of the styling created with the plugin would carry over to Gravity PDF or the notifications? I supply users with specific recommendations on products and it would be amazing if this could send them the product images and styling in some format (email or PDF). Thanks :-)

Thanks. Do you have any idea when that may be completed by? Appreciate the hard work. I purchased the plugin…

We’re hoping in Feb sometime. This is going to be an involved one. There are some features we’re working on at the moment to release before we move on to next updates. If you have some more features that you think would be a nice addition to the plugin, please feel free to start a conversation at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ All support and customer care is handled there.

Looking forward to it. Thanks!

Hey guys! Any new styles coming soon? :)

Hey! We added some new List styles in the last update. There are more styling options and new styles coming in the next update. If you have suggestions, please feel free to send them our way at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/