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will this work with the UX Flatsome Theme?

Yes, it will. It’s designed to work with any theme.


I really don’t like the way Gravity Forms displays validation/error messages on forms, i.e. in amongst the fields. Can this plugin help restyle those messages, e.g. move them to the top of the form?

Thanks, rt.

Hi RT,

Gravity Forms, does actually show a single message at the top of the form, but accumulating errors on the top is an interesting proposition. The plugin does not do that. However, we noticed that the validation error usually broke everything around the field, style-wise, which obviously we fixed.

The way validation errors are displayed differ, based on which Styles Pro theme you’re basing your styles on.

Here are some examples of the current implementation: http://gravitystylespro.com/screenshots/validation-examples/

In updates to come, we are considering adding an option to enable a (CSS based) pop-up message and automatic-scrolling to the unvalidated field. All ideas and suggestions are welcome. We are paying close attention to all feedback.

Regards, Warp Lord

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Your styles do look better. I hate the red bands that Gravity Forms displays by default to highlight an error.


Yes, this plugin was designed out of necessity. We had just spent too much time and energy trying to “fix” all the visuals, in all of our projects with GF and dreaded any change that needed to be made afterwords. I definitely see where you’re coming from. We’ve been there… :)

Let me know if you have any more questions and/or suggestions.

Best, Warp Lord

A pre-purchase question… I have the developer license of GF and with the Poll Add-on, I need to easily add a unique image for each radio buttons for a contest system. Is this something I can accomplish easily with your plugin? I know how to add an image for a standard form radio button, but those label options don’t exist with the Poll system.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi Pengie, it isn’t something that our plugin facilitates at the moment, but it is actually in the pipeline for a future version.

I have a challenge with displaying a two Column Gravity Form with Conditional Logic. I want to have a main category on the left and a number of fields displayed according to conditional logic on the right. An example: A “Countries” category (checkboxes) on the left and various sub-categories “Regions” (also checkboxes) of each country on the right. The challenge for me is to show more than one country’s regions below eachother on the right. Can your plugin help me achieve that? Thanks! P.

Hi Peter, Yes, it can be done. You will find that you have the ability to position the fields through floats and force some of them to start with a new line if you need to clear a float. This is exactly the kind of usage we had in mind when we worked on field positioning options. It should be a straight forward enough implementation, but you can always reach out to us if you need any help.

for my friend, doesn’t work with Prices fields, like products (quantity, etc), bug with the name fields : The labels overlap with the fields to be filled

Hi William, please ask your friend to contact directly on our website since we can only provide support to buyers. We haven’t seen the reported issue with the many themes we’ve tested with. It seems like a possible conflict with another plugin forcing styles. Please ask them to open a support ticket by going to http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ and we’ll try and resolve this as soon as possible.

In the ticket, please also provide the following:

- Link to problematic form

- Name of the theme you’re using

- Names of any Gravity Forms related plugins you might be using

Best, Warp Lord

Is it possible to have 5 columns?

It’s possible to have 5 columns for options in checkboxes and radio buttons. For fields, you can have up to 4 columns or inline layout.

Just bought this and trying to use it. Not a fan of several things. (1) can’t use the layout without picking a theme (e.g. i like the way my WP theme styles the form as far as colors/borders/fonts go, but i can’t get the columns/rows to work without picking one of your form themes). (2) if i use inline, the responsive does not work properly: as you shrink the page size the last inline item in the row drops down but stays to the right rather than coming underneath / left justified. (3) the way you have styled field size (small, medium, large) is way too small, i liked teh default GF if I picked “large” it stretched across the page as far as it could go (either full width or if I had entered a css-ready class, the the max width that class allowed). Overall not WOWed, wish i had not purchased.

Oh and (4) conditional statements are not working/showing up.

Hi there.

Since Gravity Forms styles have known to cause many issues with most themes, we have completely rewritten the GF Styles, it is necessary to choose one of the Themes to utilize the new Styles. If you’re not using one of the Themes, you’re not implementing Styles Pro in that form, all themes are written to be easily customized from the Theme Customization options, you can customize the themes to go with your Styles. As for number two, you may have chosen for the field to float Left in the Layout settings, in any case contact us on Support so we can look at your use case and see what might be causing these issues and help you maximize the use of Styles Pro..

Please open up a ticket here and send us a link to your form in the ticket so we can help you better: http://gravitystylespro.com/support/

Nice job

Thank you!

Can your plugin help with changing the date format to 3 letter names not use numerics?

I’m afraid not.


suhot Purchased

i bought it but it doesnt work. I dont want to select a theme.. bc they arent that nice. I just want to style the fields…. Is that possible WITHOUT the themes? If not, can i get a refund?

Hi, Yes, it’s possible to use inherited form styles from your WP theme without using any of the Styles Pro themes. You can also style the fields the same way as any Styles Pro theme. Please contact support: http://gravitystylespro.com/support

Hi – just purchased. 5 mins and it’s not for me. Can you please advise on how to refund. Thanks.

Hi, please contact on http://gravitystylespro.com/support Thanks


jds626x Purchased

Is there a way to activate some advanced options on this? One of many examples of things I need control over is the color of the submission button. Right now it seems it’s inheriting the color from the label, but that can’t be right?

I have a grey background, which requires a light label font, then the submission button is basically white with white font (unreadable).

Hi, this feature, among many others is part of version 2 update (it will be pushed today, CodeConyon takes a couple of days to review.) Please contact support at http://gravitystylespro.com/support


shackbill Purchased

Wow. I have a form with over 100 fields. This extension just saved me a stupid amount of time. Any way you can extend this capability to Gravity View?

Great to hear that you’re enjoying the plugin. Gravity View is supported in the new update. Coming in a couple of days :)


shackbill Purchased