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Hi warplord,

I’d like to style just the checkbox in a form, the gravity base style is ok ..

thanks for your time

Hi there,

The themes included are just the starting points. You can change them the way you like from Styles Pro Settings. Getting theme styles should be straight forward enough. There are ways to use inherited theme styles, but they’re not advisable to use most of the time because it’s a less controlled environment.

Can you please open a ticket at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ All support is handled there. If possible, please also provide the link to the form.


Hi, Isn’t it translation ready?

Hi, The next version will be. We’re working on it. If you have more questions, please send them to http://gravitystylespro.com/support/

Is there a way to build answer selection buttons like this site on the right hand side and once the questions are complete it goes to an email capture section and once email has been captured it forwards to a results page? https://sleepsense.net/

Button-like styles, yes. But not exactly this style. We have several different styles, some of them are similar to this one. Please contact at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ and I will show you some examples.

Ok that’s fine just wanna jazz up the radio section buttons. Thanks I am gonna grab this:)

Great! Please feel free to use the support link above if you have any questions. All support is handled there.

pre sales question

is there a way to insert short-codes into a radio button field using this plugin?

Hi there,

Not sure what you mean, exactly. But if you’re asking about using WordPress shortcodes in choice labels, then I’m afraid not.

Love the plugin…but it breaks my upload image and doc in mobile view. It also doesn’t seem to work with gravity flow It breaks its layouts. I didnt think it wold affect it, but it does. Any ideas?

This is odd. Please send us more details on the link mentioned below, all support is handled on the site. In the ticket , can you also confirm that you’re using the latest version of the plugin? We’ve not found any issues using with Gravity Flow and we’re aware of several users who use it without issues as well. Even though Gravity Flow doesn’t entirely work inside the Gravity Forms framework; we want to extend the usability of Styles Pro as much as we can for users’ sake. If there are still issues we’re unaware of, we’d like to sort them out ASAP, if possible.

Please, send us more details, screenshots or better yet, links to the form, if possible at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/

I want ask you, can i put image on dropdown option?

I want to using dropdown because i have more picture. Customer need to choose one picture only.

But i have image around 100 – 150 picture. I can using radio option, but i think give a problem about need to long scroll down or looks like messy if appear all image.

Or you have any idea to make?

If can using radio option but user still can slide to choose another image or have pagination page. On site just preview around 20 image next image display in slide or pagination.

Do possible ?


The option to put different images for dropdown options isn’t available, we have experimented with it successfully earlier, but decided not to implement it, I wouldn’t get much into that right now.

I do, however, have a suggestions which might be a possible solution to your problem. Please contact here at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ I will send you the detail accompanied by some screenshots.


heirani1 Purchased

Hi, this plugin looks great. I’m wondering if I can apply the pop-up style box you have for validation errors to HTML Content fields. To give you an example, I have an option field with 1, 2, 3, 4. an HTML field is shown using conditional logic if 1 and 3 are chosen. Can I have this html field in a pop-up window when either option 1 or 3 are clicked on?


Hi there, I’m afraid this isn’t something built into the plugin at the moment. But it seems like something that could be added without much difficulty. We’ll definitely consider this.


heirani1 Purchased

Great. I do think it’s a great addition to have and will be handy for a lot of people. I’ll purchase this now as this plugin is great and await on an update with this feature added. Thanks.

Thanks! We’ll definitely work toward this or something along these lines. I do really like the idea! Please feel free to send us any suggestions or pointers for improvements at https://gravitystylespro.com/support/

Does this work with gravity forms product addons?

Yes, it’s been tested and some of our customers are using it with it. Please note that there are a few different Product Add-ons by different developers in the market, it hasn’t been tested with all of them. But it’s been tested with the one available on Woocommerce.com if you’re referring to that one.

Just wanted to add a fyi that I found that if you are using the Gravity Wiz repeater field modal plugin, it is really important that you check “reinforce customization” in this plugin’s settings.

I have extensive custom css in a couple of places and the modal field’s styling fell apart when you clicked the modal a second time to add a second entry.

I really like this plug-in, by the way. Mostly for the bootstrap side of things. Definitely looks sharper.

Edit: I was mistaken. Still having the issue:

Sitaution: I am using Gravity Wiz’s repeatable modal, and when your plug-in is activated, the layout settings in the modal itself go away the second time you click it in a given form. I did a couple hours of validation to make sure it was the plugin and there wasn’t an obvious non-Jquery solution.

-Tried multiple themes -Tinkered with theme settings and all other settings for plugin -I set up my manual css layout for the modal with no theme activated, and the issue didn’t appear. Repeated this multiple times in different scenarios to make sure it was, in fact, the plugin.

If there is a way to override your plugin just for the modal, that should work !important isn’t working.

Hi there,

In the emails you followed with, you suggested that you’re also using some modal which works the first time well, but removes the theme the second time it’s opened. The problem might be with the modal plugin you’re using, but I’d still like to check it out and see if there’s something we can fix.

The right channel for support is: http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ If possible, please also send us the link to the form you’re having trouble with in the ticket.

Just wanted to follow up and say that this plugin’s creator has been going above and beyond to help resolve this plugin conflict for me.


trishiss Purchased

Hello Warplord, i’m loving the plugin so far :) Just wondering if there’s any support or styles to aid the gravity pdf plugin? I realised output of the forms are not looking the way it should.. i.e when i have my fields in 3-col the pdf exports them all as 1-col.

HI Trish,

That’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the plugin!

Please update to the latest version. We’ve added support for Gravity PDF (as much as we could without intrusion.) The columns should work as expected now.


trishiss Purchased

oooh yes i see it now. thank you so much!

Please send us any and all feedback at https://gravitystylespro.com/support/ It is also the right place to request features and support.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the updates!