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We have quite a large and dynamic form with a lot of radio buttons. At the moment we need to ‘style’ each question individually. Is there a way to set the styling of all radiobuttons to a certain style (Dot in our case)?



Yes, it’s possible. Please open a ticket at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/ and I will send you the adjustments there which you need to make. In the ticket, please also let me know if it’s possible for you to add a class to the dynamic fields. If no, do you want only the radio buttons to be styled as Dot or checkboxes as well?

I just posted a ticket. Thanks

Got it. Thanks! Replying you there.

Does your plugin support multisite? We have several sites in a multisite environment for our non-profit and use GF on several of them. How would I need to license this product to use it on multiple subsites? No commercial application. Internal use only.

Yes it works with WordPress Multisite. The plugin uses Gravity Forms Add-on Framework, it works where GF works.

As for licenses, they are not in the control of the plugin authors. You’re better off asking this from Envato directly if you have doubts. From what I gathered though, one regular license is fine to be used on a multisite as long as your sites are under the same main domain.

Reference: https://forums.envato.com/t/locked-products-licensing-for-wordpress-multisite/77838/27

I’d like to be able to create a list of checkboxes with groups and tiers (a hierarchy). Please see this video for the type of interface I am referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5T8SHF7BQ0&t=1m15s

Is this something that can be achieved with your plugin?


Hi, this is Add-on for Gravity Forms that helps you style and layout your forms, generally dealing with UX/UI of the form. The plugin doesn’t offer new field types. As far as I know, the field type similar to the one you’ve linked to isn’t available for GF.

This is great guys! Looks amazing.

1. Can we style the forms similar to this:


(just a line/bottom border as the input)

2. Do you have any adds on that allow a slider to happen with gravity forms like this:


Thank you :)

Hi there,

1. Yes, you can create a design similar to this. The screenshot you shared uses the Google Material style design. We have a theme Ethereal Material (already included) created specifically for such a design.

2. As of v2.1, we do not have sliders or any new kinds of field types. But the plugin extends some regular field types, you can, for example, add icons to all regular fields, and add icons and images to radio and checkbox options etc.


Is there a way to get rid of the border above the button and change the button’s alignment/padding etc?


I was hoping it would be in the settings :)

Yes, it’s pretty straight forward. Please open a ticket at http://gravitystylespro.com/support/

I’ll send you the details there. All support is handled there, you’ll get responses much faster too.

Hello “Make invisible” field. How to get it back? How to make it visible?


Just choose any other option from that row of positioning settings. Default is ‘None”

How? this field is now not visible in the admin panel

“Make invisible” is a field setting. It only applies the CSS to hide the field on the front-end. If it’s not available on the admin panel, it appears you may have removed the field. Positioning settings have no affect on admin view.

If you have follow-up questions, please open a ticket at http:\\gravitystylespro.com\support\ all support is handled there.