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The Gravity Forms License Key is the same as the PURCHASE CODE, located in your account on CodeCanyon website. https://codecanyon.net/ > Your Account ID (upper right of page) > Downloads. Then look for the small link, ‘support’. Also, on that page, click on the Download button. You will see some dropdown options. Select LICENSE CERTIFICATE & PURCHASE CODE.

Here’s the message from the Wordpress > Gravity Forms > Settings: Note: you will need to log in to your Gravity Forms support account to process the renewal. If you don’t have a support login [...it can’t be done!]


Yesterday, March 3rd, 2018, in the Gravity Forms settings in the Wordpress admin area of my website, a message said my license would expire in THREE DAYS. However, when I clicked on the link in that message and tried to RENEW my Gravity Forms License, I was not allowed into the support area of Envato (or where ever it is) to purchase the renewal. (This was due to the fact that my support access was only for the first 6 months.) I found another way to purchase a license. Later that same day, I was looking for my Purchase Codes (License Keys) on the CodeCanyon site, and I finally found it.

So now I have two LICENSES. The first one, it turns out, does not expire until May 2018. (So why did it say three days?)

Can you please extend my license until May 21, 2019?

This will give me the two or three months I should have had if the renewal process had been processed correctly.

Thank you.

License Ending: dc : Purchase Date: 2017-05-21 20:22:36 UTC
License Ending: c0 : Purchase Date: 2018-03-04 06:38:26 UTC

hi yes. your welcome if it is okey please change rate from 4stars. thanks

I would be happy to rate your product a 5 star. The interface for purchasing and managing product licensing on Code Canyon and Envato is still very confusing. Your product, however, works at a 5 star level.

Is there a way to edit my previous review to add a star, or do I need to post another review?

hi you can re-rate again and new rate will be override on ex-rate. thanks alot

Hi, Is there any way to change the system msgs such as: “In order to continue, you must verify your mobile number.” and “Enter the code you have received by SMS in above field to verify your mobile number.” Thanks

Hi, problem seems to be solved. I just changed the text in the verification.php file. However, I run into another problem. once I’ve filled a number, it seems to be stored in some memory and no further verification is needed later on for this number. The one that filled this number wouldn’t need to verify it in the future as it seems. I’d like to change it please so each time the user fill a number, it must be verified in order to continue. how can I do it? Thanks

hi you can change translate or edit source. maybe in next version i consider this options.

When I send form i get this error in console and the form seems to be stuck:

Uncaught Error: MetaMask detected another web3. MetaMask will not work reliably with another web3 extension. This usually happens if you have two MetaMasks installed, or MetaMask and another web3 extension. Please remove one and try again. at Object.eval (VM370 inpage.js:1) at Object.1../lib/auto-reload.js (VM370 inpage.js:1) at i (VM370 inpage.js:1) at t (VM370 inpage.js:1) at eval (VM370 inpage.js:1) at eval (<anonymous>) at jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2 at Function.globalEval (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Ha (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3) at a.fn.init.append (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:3)

forgot about this. it’s a bug with a chrome addon.

Hello, I have purchased your awesome plugin and have got it working with Twilio for mobile number verification.

However, when I create a Multi-page form with Gravity Forms, the mobile verification doesn’t work.

Can you help with this?

Hello Hannansoft, any updates on this? =)

hello you put mobile field and verification field in same page?

Hi there in your next release can you please make a slight adjustment to the {calendar} shortcode, currently it says ‘Wednesday, March 14 2018 on 11:45 am’ when the ‘on’ should really say ‘at’ like this – Wednesday, March 14 2018 at 11:45 am

Do I need to have an SMS gateway to make your plugin work? If so, which one do you recommend?

hi yes you must i sugget twilio

Hi, do you support 2ways SMS from clicksend.com ? I cannot see any info on this in your description. Thanks

no answer yet ?

hi it supports clicksend but doesnot 2ways sms

Hi, thank you for answer

Hi, This is Muhammad here. Need you support. The plugin is not sending verification codes. Thanks Akmal 00971565482966

hi you must fill all of options from verification field. and must dont fill blank any option from verification fields.

Need your assistance. i purchased the plugin and its not working. I have Twilio account.

hi what error did you get?

it is possible to integrate with the “smsgateway.me” system that uses android celualr as a gateway ?

hi sorry no yet

Does this your plugin work with Lastform? Also is it possible to edit the code that is sent to user upon verification?

hi it only works with gravityforms.

how to install gravity form sms pro

hi like other wp plugins

Hi, great plugin! I was wondering if you could please help me configure my gateway (SMSBroadcast)? thanks!

hi you can use sample-gateway in downloaded package and add your child gateway.


Can the plugin work with any telecommunications service provider in any country? I live in Nigeria, will i be able to send sms any phone using any telecommunications service provider in the country?

hi what is your sms provider api?

I haven’t done this before, so i don’t even know what and what to put together in order to make it work. I came across your plugin and i thought it could provide the solution. What sms api would you advise me to use? Or are there specific ones that work in my country that i need to research about? All i know is that there are three major network service providers in my country (Nigeria).


Let’s say i use Twillo for example.

Pre sales Questions:

1. Since this is my first time adding SMS capability to a site, this might sound silly, but I am assuming an SMS gateway like Twilio is a requirement and not optional. Is this a correct statement?

2. Is there a way to omit the mobile verification? I think the client’s interest in adding text is to make the process as quick as possible. If not, that is alright. Just checking to see if that is an option.

3. Do you have a different add on that would allow a customer chat window that communicates by sms?

Hello can You tell me how the user regiistration / subscription to sms newsletter work? What are the options?


Is it possible to recieve replies TO a Nexmo number, which your script can store in Wordpress?

So a user sends a text to a Nexmo number, that SMS and the senders number is stored in Wordpress.