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Hi It would be great if we can integrate this with gravity flow workflow steps. How can we do this?

hi what is gravity flow workflow steps?

The registration process in the website is approved by 2 levels. Now this is done using gravity flow plugin(gravity form addon) which sends email to the relevant admins for approval. I want to send them sms also.

hi sorry it doesnt integrat with that now

After updated Gravity Form to the new version, we receive “Please enter your mobile number for verification purposes in the field assigned for mobile numbers.” from the verification field. In case, I updated Gravity SMS to the newly version as well, but it wasn’t fixed. We cannot use the mobile verification function now.

It was okay with the previous version. It is not working. So, we stopped to do the mobile verification now. Could you please check ASAP?

i will update that next week. until that please use previous version

We cannot use downgrade… because of our Gravity form is working with WPML…

Presale Question: Hello, I want to add support for yamamah.com sms gateway. Is there is a way to add it after purchase?

hi i’m afraid it can not do now. if you know programing you can. for adding new gateway we have doc.


URL: http://www.fmsci.co.in/test-5/ Error: Mobile Verification Please enter your mobile number for verification purposes in the field assigned for mobile numbers.

The mobile number field is corrected selected in the settings what could be the error?? for

Please share your mail id.

We have completed the form and the client has approved it. However disappointed that SMS OTP is delayed. Please help immediately. Is there any alternative?

hi i am working to new version for update this 2 3 days. thanks thanks.

Updated to latest Gravity form, plugin stopped working. Needed to downgrade.

hi thanks. new update will be release

I am from SSD Web Solutions (www.ssdindia.in). I have just purchased your plugin and I would like to add our own SMS gateway API as we are also a leading bulk SMS provider in India.

Please let me know cost of it.

hi the plugin needs update to works with gravity forms 2.1.2. after release update send me message


ssdindia Purchased

Can we do it now?

hi ok

Is there an update available yet to get this working with the newest version of Gravity Forms (2.1.2)?

yes . the update will be this week.

Dear hannansoft,

I can see most of your customers (including me) cannot use your plugin with the newest version of Gravity Form. Unfortunately, most of your customers who are currently looking after their business websites, even me as well.

I am not sure that… your response for this major issue is too slow. We stopped to use the mobile verification system from the last Monday. It has been already 1 week.

I think most of people are frustrating because the plugin is not working now. You MUST write a notice to let people know first and give the right schedule for fixing the problem. I can see you keep saying “update will be available within this week.” I heard that from the last week.

Could you please let me know the right schedule for the update to use your plugin? Also, don’t forget that we are your customers who purchased your plugin from Codecanyon. We are not using your plugin for free.

Thank you.

Dear Hannansoft, Unfortunately the other week has been gone… When are you going to publish the new update?

hi i am working to new version for update this 2 3 days. thanks thanks.

Hello. I have purchased your product and cant seem to get it to function. It seems like such an easy thing to configure but everytime I add a number and want to verify my mobile number I get this field.

Mobile Verification Please enter your mobile number for verification purposes in the field assigned for mobile numbers.

Can you please help me out with this. Thank you.

hi mobile verification has problem with gravity 2.1.2 i am working to new version for update this 2 3 days. thanks thanks.


My client is using Gravity Forms. He would like his customers to recive a sms message when they have placed their order through the form.

The sms should contain a link, which they can click 10 min before they pick up their order.

Once the link has been clicked from the phone, my client should receieve an email with a confirmation so he can make the order ready before the client picks it up.

Can your plugin accomplish this?

Thanks a lot!

hi sorry. i’m afraid it isnt.

Hi, ok thank you :-)

your welcome

Hannansoft please advise with professionalism and sincerity when you will fix the plugin to work as expected with latest gravity form – do not force us to review it with no positive outcome. Thank you beforehand

cool thank you for the immediate attention

it is under review yet. if you in hurry send me an email to send you via email.

Ok hannansoft I sent you a message through your envato profile


maelga Purchased


Do you have the same plugin for Formidable Pro?

I am planning to stop using GF and go with Formidable Pro instead.

Regards Mael

hi no sorry. it is working just for GF

Hi, when we can download 1.0.7 version? I can only find 1.0.6 version from Codecanyon. Thanks.

hi you can download the 1.0.7 now

Still having problems with this after update (1.07).

I am using Twilio as the SMS Gateway. I’ve checked all credentials, phone number and credit.

The trigger to send the SMS verification goes through and we see “Enter the code you have received by SMS in above field to verify your mobile number.” but no SMS is sent. There are no other errors and no entries in the server error logs.

Twilio don’t have any entry in the logs.

We can get SMS to send if we can go into a form entry and manually send using the Send SMS option there – so the plugin does have the ability to connect to Twilio but not through the Verification field.

Just in case anyone else has this issue, I had to duplicate the form to get this to work. Very odd but at least it works. Second form has exactly the same setup but there must be some difference behind the scenes.

hi i am been confused from your comments. what is your left problem now? thanks

Hopefully no problems now – SMS plugin wouldn’t work with an existing form until I duplicated it. No idea why this would solve the issue.


kdhuck Purchased

Does sms verification work with the new update?? I have not yet updated gravity forms and need to get sms verification working.. Please let me know when its working so that I may test asap!

hi yes


kdhuck Purchased

Hannansoft! I have tried all varients to try and get sms verification work… please note that I can send regular sms texts through sms settings, but everytime I do the sms verification i get nothing… this is frustrating as I am following your instructions, and still have to go on my own to test other options as it is not responding.. Can you please take a look at https://mybloomen.com/test/ to see why it is not work? Thank you!

hi i tested your form and get verification form code = 1359


ronford1 Purchased

I have purchased the Gravity Forms SMS Pro and installed it in a MU network.

I see there is an update version available (got an email notice). Since auto update doesn’t seem to be available, how do I update the plugin in WPMU?

hi delete old version from your site and replace it.

hi i would like to purchase this, but i wanted to confirm with this , I would like to have Multi-Page Form Sample like you have in the webiste, our form contains 1st page with name, mobile number, email id and once click nect there would be comments and then click next will have few checkboxes . this is the form . however at the time of mobile number in first page the verification code need to be sent and once mentioned he can go to next field to enter , i hope its possible, please confirm


leadcroc Purchased

Having trouble setting this up any chance you can help?

hi what is your problem, excatly?


I have filled in the api key and username for Clicksend but the texts are not beeing send. Could you help me out?

hi go to this url of your site: wp-admin/admin.php?page=gf_hannansms&view=send

try to send sms then you can see the error.

also you can see error in note at entry details.

It says “message was sent successful” but I haven’t received it.

if it say sent then plugin is OKEY. please go to your sms account in Clicksend.com and check the sent log.

if it exist in your account as well , you must submit a ticket clicksend and ask them , why didnet sms recieved?

How many you give SMS in the years?

hi i cant understand your mean?!