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Hey! I connected your plugin to my Twilio account & gravity forms in minutes. Super simple, thanks! Quick question. Is it possible to send a line of text on the messages like “Type STOP to remove” from list?

Hi your welcome. if you are glad to this plugin please rate 5stars. but i didn’t understand your mean form “Is it possible to send a line of text on the messages like “Type STOP to remove” from list?” please tell clearly because unfortunately my english isn’t very good.

Like an “Unsubscribe” button for an email. Give the user an option to no longer receive texts by opting out, “Reply STOP to cancel”

Hi is this sms gateway currently compatible with this plugin??


pls confirm ASAP so i buy it

Hi again send me an email and give me your gateway api details. i will update this plugin these days.

i need a live account for testing this operation and be sure to work correctly.


Please add unifonic.com to list.

for more info about you can use http://docs.unifonic.apiary.io/

Thanks in advance.

Hi again send me an email and give me your “http://docs.unifonic.apiary.io/” gateway api details. i will update this plugin these days.

Thank you, great support & fast response.

They solve my problem in less than 12 hr, Also they add new SMS gateway in 24 hr.

never get better than this.

thanks guys, keep the good work.

thanks alot.

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Hi – how do I add my SMS provider? I can;t see any settings. When I click on plugins under wordpress the only options are deactivate and edit? I’m using bulksms

Many thanks Nick

hi you must first install gravity forms. please see documentation for configuration.

How can i create default custom message? I don’t want to create text message every time. I want to create custom text like signature. So it will show when i create sms to send

hi for where? please describe more.

Hi, I think your plugin might solve my problem but I would like your thoughts: I’m looking to sell my users the ability to schedule sms messages. For example, I want my users to input the phone numbers they want to send the message to. Next Input the message body, and last schedule a date to send the message. I would also like to save the list of phone numbers the user entered. So the user can send a message to the same list of numbers next time.

Thank you

Hi unfortunately this plugin does not support schedule smses. may be in other version will add. but not in next week update.

Hi I purchased your plugin and entered all necessary information.

I Integrated it on twillio and I’m getting the error ” The sending of the message encountered an error. Reason = Unable to connect to service”

A few things that I did before contacting you:

1. I’ve read that you need an SSL connection if you want to use Twillio according to your comment on one of the posts.

Yes I do have an SSL Certificate, my website is https://libertynaira.com/

2. I am on Trial Account on Twillio so I try to send using Forms > SMS Notification > Send SMS to Custom Numbers.

I am aware that Trial Account can only send on the verified number so I already purchased a number on Twillio and set it to sender then sent it to my verified/personal number.

A also tried sending messages through the Twillio backend and it work so I’m sure the problem is with the plugin.

I hope you can assists me with this one.


hi thank for your purchase. for your problem you must contact to your hosting for checking conncetion between your server and twilio server. my plugin uses twilio api to connect. when you use twilio backend it sends sms directly and doesnt use api. for using api needs server-to-server connection. and contact to your hosting for reviewing this connection.

Working now thanks! It’s a server config issue.

hi if you are glad to this plugin please rate 5-starts. thanks

Hi, I extremely happy with the sms pro. Recently I’m facing a serious situation. I’m using this plugin for mobile verification. When I submit verify button Verification MSG automatically comes. But even after enter the received code in the mobile verification field and submit the form I used to received verification code continuously to mobile phone. couldn’t submit the form.This problem mainly occurred in mobile users. Please help me to fix this. My client required to finalize this ASAP. thanx in advanced

It seems like final Submit button behave like resend button.

hi please send me a demo link to understand your mean,

Hi, I want to integrate Lion SMS OTP api in your plugin. Please help.

Below is the information which I received from the Lion SMS people.

website : otp.lionsms.com user: lionsms password: 12345678

API Code to integrate into website below http://otp.lionsms.com/sendsms.jsp?user=lionsms&password=12345678&mobiles=9688054555&sms=hi how r u&unicode=0&senderid=MATRIX

Please help me.

hi you can add yourself your gateway base on documentation and we put a child-plugin for adding custom gateway. there is child plugin in purchase pack

I need to collect mobile numbers for a week and sent event reminder SMS to all collected numbers on every Monday afternoon. Then delete mobile numbers start over to collect numbers for next Monday.

Is this possible with plugin or is such a feature coming soon? I will buy this plugin immediately if it gets possible.

Hi i prefer to dont buy this plugin because still it is not as you want.

Thanks for quick reply and great plugin anyway!

thank you too

I just purchased the plugin and i am trying to integrate it with the ”Bulk SMS” service. I tried to set this up on the settings page, however, after clicking save, it displays the following error “Your Credit : Authentication failure” and I am pretty much sure that the login info I entered is correct. i contacted Bulk SMS Support Team and i was told my account is ok and by default my Bulk SMS is working.

Please assist me in this regard.

hi friend. very buyers use bulk sms correctly. please execute below link in your browser’s address bar.


notice: enter your user pass instead of test and 123456

tell me the result.

Hi I’m about to purchase, but I want to make sure this will work with my needs.

I have Gravity Forms and Twilio. I would like to use your plugin so that when a visitor on my website fills out a form, they will receive a custom text message immediately. Is this possible?



I know you don’t support customisation, but are you open to being paid for customisation? Thanks

hi my friend. i,m busy these days. sorry.

Not a problem. Thanks for the response. Is there someone else you can recommend?