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I would like to have a web page with a two field form where I can go and enter the phone number and name of our customer. When I click send it will send the customer an SMS with a short message and a button to review our company on Google.

The SMS message outlined above will be set up with a premade template so that we aren’t manually typing messages every time we reach out to a customer. Is this possible using Gravity Forms SMS pro?


This plugin will work in india?


hi you must add india sms gateway.

Hello Hannansoft,

I have an issue with your plugin because I can’t send any text from the “send sms” or from the “verify fiedl” into gravity form. The gateway is Twilio and I believe that I have insert the right Sid and Token.

The fact is when I try sending it into the “send sms” section I have this error: Failed for : +33649XXXXX =>Error:The ‘From’ number “Name” is not a valid phone number, shortcode, or alphanumeric sender ID.

I don’t get it because everything seems right.

Could you give enlighten me on this matter please ? It’s pretty urgent :)

Thank you

hi very excuse me for delay. i didnt access to net. you must send support tiket and send below text for giving they answer :

+33649XXXXX =>Error:The ‘From’ number “Name” is not a valid phone number, shortcode, or alphanumeric sender ID.

Hi, we have a question about the plugin’s functionality.

Here is our test case:

1. When a user enters his mobile number FOR THE FIRST TIME and presses the submit button, the code is send to his number succesfully. 2. If he refreses the page, reenters the same number and press submit again, then the code is no longer sent. The only way for him to get his code is by pressing the resend button.

Is there, any way, to avoid this?

Thank you

hi for first time that he got sms, his number will save in database. on other time that hi open the form the sms will not send becuase he recieve the sms before. and if hi is required to get again, he can submit resend button.

Hi, I use the thing but not work with twilio

Form here http://demo.webs.sg/project/carquotation/how-to-get-quotations/

how I send you the screenshoot for it

please send an sms via below link of your site. and give me the error resutl:


Prebuy question. I want my customers to be able to text in their Coffee order to our coffee kiosk from our website. Can this accomplish that?

hi please describe more

Hey! This looks like a plugin I need. I have a question, will this plugin be compatible with LastForm? It’s a WP plugin that changes GravityForms to look like TypeForm.com forms.

hi it is only gravityforms plugin

but lastform is a gravityplugin addon, I am just asking if it will work it it.

does this plugin works in United Kingdom ?

I am all set to buy this plugin, just need some info, can you share the installation and attaching this plugin with twilio Video ? or any other document? which can help me to understand the functionality also. Thanks

hello hannansoft, still awating for your reply. thanks

hi there are some gateway in plugins and all of them need some keys in plugin settings. if you select your desired gateway some new fields will be appeared and you must get these keys from your sms gateway provider and enter in these fields to connect to your sms gateway.

unfortunatly there is not video.

Hello, I just bought the plugin and installed on my theme using BULKSMS gateway. It only sends me 3 times verification code and suddenly not working now. Could you please help me resolve it? I exactly follow the instructions from the download.

Regards, Bensn

hi i checked your demo site.

in sms feeds: you must fill message body to send sms. if message body will be empty this means you dont want to send sms for user or admin.

in verification fields :you must fill : Enter a custom mask , The SMS text , Maximum number of retries allowed , Maximum number of resending the code

but you left them blank!!

Hello, I also create a demo login so you can login to check. The URL is: www.starx.com.au/admin Username: demo Password: demo


what are these sections about and where to find these, I am using textlocal.com as a sms gateway

username and hash

are working fine and my sms credits are showing fine, http://prntscr.com/jmmf29

but I dont know what to do with the sender box and your default number box.

Looking forward to hear from you soon Thanks

hi sender is a number that sends your sms. in other hands it is “From number” when sms recieve in phone this number will be appeared.

default number is not important. it is admin mobile number.

Anyone who want to add his our SMS Gateway to this plugin contact me on zyxjha@rediffmail.com

hi send an email to hannanstd@gmail.com

Custom SMS API and SMS Providers for India and other places codes are ready. Contact me on zyxjha@rediffmail.com to buy.

hi send an email to hannanstd@gmail.com

Hi, can u help me setup my custom gateway?

hi i answered your email.


samym Purchased

Hi, Can I use this plugin to send admin notifications, with details of the form entry, like Name, Contact number? Just like default gravity form notification emails.

hi yes. you can use merge tags in admin sms body.


Pasiaulis Purchased

Hi! I’m trying to find the best approach to send SMS to certain number depending of the choice on the form.

So if name 1 is chosen, SMS will be sent to number 1 etc. Any suggestions or examples to start with?

hi use conditinal logic in sms feed.

Hi, we have a question about the plugin’s functionality.

The number of messages is limited ?

hi 1- i cant suggest, but i heared twillio is most famouse. 2- what? i cant understand

https://www.gravityforms.com/pricing/ Why their price there is $ 50 And Hana with $ 25 What is the difference

hi this is not my site. you must first study about gravityforms and rocket genuis.

Hi hannansoft please check my email i need you your help for my new gateway setup thank you.

hi okey. replyed.

The plugin is not working with MSG91 (India). I get an authentication error.

For testing, please use the following AUTH key: 221279AVzRZB1G1Y5b28e683 Sender ID: GOBEEP

Can you please recheck your integration code? I notice you are not sending the country ID.

API Doc: https://docs.msg91.com/collection/msg91-api-integration/5/pages/139

hi i tested it before and some users are using it now.

if your problem was been country code you must get balance correctly. because country code is for sending sms and not for getting balance.

you got authentication error in balance.

for authentication error you must check your auth informatation. please check it via msg91 supporter to sure it is active.