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Under GF SMS Fields there is an option to use WP SMS however the message WP SMS plugin not installed. What plugin does this reference?

http://veronalabs.etcil.net I sure cannot figure out how to make this work. Would you like authentication to the site and have a look?

Okay – have it working now. Overlooked needing the country code +1 for USA

is okey?

We recently purchased the plugin and we are trying to integrate it with the “Bulk SMS” service. I tried to set this up on the settings page, however, after clicking save, it displays the following error “Your Credit : Authentication failure”. The system doesn’t clarify what this means. I am 100% sure that the login info I entered is correct. Why would the system be displaying this? Is there other settings I was supposed to enter somewhere else as well?

Can you please also please clarify the following: 1.) On the settings page, it asks for a “Sender” number, and a “Default” number. What is the difference? I assume the “Sender” number is a number that will be displayed in the “From” field on an SMS. What is the other number used for? 2.) On the “SMS Configuration” page, it has two dropdowns “Phone Number Mapping” and “User SMS Body”. that has all the form fields listed inside. What is the difference between these two dropdowns?

hi for BULK SMS you must enter “username” and “password”. you must enter these withou space and other extra parametes.

if you sure the enetered username and password are correct, you can submit ticket to bulk sms team and ask to check if your api is active or no.

1-Sender number is a number for send sms and you must find it form your bulk sms account. but default number is your mobile number to recieve sms as admin when form submited.

2-i cant understand.

Thank you for the reply, I have contacted BulkSMS. Also…. Regarding my second question which you didn’t understand what I meant…. Please go to to the SMS General Configuration page of your plugin. Right at the bottom is a section titled “User SMS Configuration”. Under this section is two dropdown fields titled “Phone Number Mapping”, and “User SMS Body”. What’s the difference between these two fields, and what are they for?

“User SMS Body” is a “text” like “Hi user. your form submitted.” “Phone Number Mapping” is a mobile field that user enter his mobie number in to this.

Hello, I need an addon that will allow me to send a text message from my website with out the “to” number having to belong to a user. Is this possible with this gravity forms addon?

hello this addon sends sms to numbers that assigned to a filed to gravity form. for example you make a mobile field in your form , then sms sends to this field.

Please clarify that this is possible with the addon: A site visitor that does not subscribe to my site can send an sms txt message from this form to the phone number they add to the form field.

yes it is possible. but for sure please first see all of screenshots

Hi there

I have a question. I’ve bought the plugin but have a query.

Because most users don’t configure their phone numbers correctly when entering I have configured a country drop down list with all the country codes, +61, +64 etc and then a field for them to add their phone number without the first 0.

The problem is when I go to merge fields as the receiver number I can only grab one field so it is either country code or mobile phone number


Any suggestions please

hi i answered from email. if you are glad to plugin please rate 5 star.

We purchased this plugin and filled in our Clickatell details. We however receive ERR: 108, Invalid or missing api_id. The API key is definitely correct. Any ideas around this?

hi please submit ticket to clickatell for checking your api_key. if they validate your api_key then tell me thank you for purchase

My wordpress and Gravity Form are up to date. After activating the plugin I got the following message and site broke:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /home/content/70/6960970/html/keepnitkleen/wp-content/plugins/gravity-sms-pro/includes/gateways.php on line 30

Line 30 has this code: if (class_exists($Gateway) && method_exists($Gateway, ‘process’)) { $options = get_option(“gf_hannansms_” . $GATEWAY); return $Gateway::process($options, $action, $from, $to, $messages); }

How can I fix this and have the plugin working? I’m sending FTP and WP-admin info by private message.

PS: I will have to delete plugin so the site can work properly as now it is not loading.


hi you must promotion your php version to php5.3 or higher. just this.

I’ve upgraded php version, everything seems well configured. I still don’t receive texts. Can you please take a look at my account?

I tried to send passwords but i don’t know where to send, since you only provide support by open comments? Please let me know how to send these passwords to you. Thanks

No, I wasn’t able to send, but I did send you an email with all the passwords so you can try to login and help me. Client is very impatient. Please help. Thanks

ok i review now

i sent you an email. please contact me with this email . no comment. thanks

Does this allow multiple Twilio Numbers w/ different APIs to send SMS messages from?

Essentially I’d like to confirm that one form could allow 5 different Twilio Numbers where each are a different feed where API details are provided to send messages meeting certain conditions. This possible?

hi you can do this for unlimited twilio numbers but you can use only 1 api.

one api with unlimited numubers.

Send you a PM about some enhancements. Thank you!

ok i will check tomarrow.


i am having issues with the plugin.

I have tried integration with two gateways – BulkSMS and TextLocal and get the following errors.

BulkSMS = authentication failure TextLocal = invalid login

i have contacted the technical support teams for both of these providers and they have confirmed that i have filled in the fields within the settings correctly. they have both confirmed that this is not an issue at their end.

please let me know what else you will need from me to resolve this issue.

thank you in advance


also check sending sms.

send a test message from below link of your wordpress:


but i am not receiving a text message when using the form :(

for reciving sms after submit form you must config a feed for each form. please read documentation,

please answer below question. did testing sms recieved from below link? wp-admin/admin.php?page=gf_hannansms&view=send


accon Purchased

Hi, I want to purchase, but I have one question. I only would like use it to notification when someone submit a form. it is possible?

hi yes

Hello , can i use this plugin to create a new gravity forms and let the form create a new contact in any list on clicksend? thank you

hi no , sorry

thank u :)

Hi, I’d like to have the mobile verification field “resend” code button to appear by default when the form loads. Currently the user has to click on “Verify Mobile Number” before the verification field and resend button appears. How to do this?

hi unfortunately , first must click to sumit form to show verification field and this options i.e resend , ...


I have already purchase gravity form and need to purchase sms pro add-on. Before purchasing this I need to make sure that is it possible to have own sms gateway other than default, If yes, Do you provide the proper guideline hence I’m not familiar with the codes.


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I tested sms through following page


hi please send an email to hannanstd@gmail.com and describe your whole request.