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Hi, we have been using your plugin to populate drop downs in our form from custom post types. All has been going great but we have found an issue with form notifications.

We have used the merge tag of {all_fields} to display all the fields of the form. The problem with this is that the output of the fields that are post types are displaying the ID of the post rather than the post title. Can you advise on how we can get the title to display rather than the post ID?


Are you able to forward an example of what you are referring to, to my email:

Thanks, just emailed you :)

Just responded.

Hi. I want to buy your plugin. I have some questions.

I read in a comment that this plugin can list posts filtered by post type and category on different dropdown buttons.

I have a form where you can add team members with name, age, email. This form will make a custom post type with the filed data.

I can populate a dropdown button in another form with the names of the team members added in the custom post type with this plugin?

I need this ASAP!

Cheers, Andrei C.

Hi, I don’t understand fully what you are asking, however, The plugin does have the ability to change the WP_Query args that are used to display each drop down field.

You can use this page to customise the query.

You can put this in you functions.php file:

add_filter("gfpl_post_args", "theme_gfpl_post_args", 10, 5); function theme_gfpl_post_args($args, $post_type, $meta_key, $group_by_taxonomy, $field) { return $args; }

Thanks a lot Nathan. i bought this plugin.

I ussed the code below to change what the dropdown with the 43 id will list. I added the category id which is 17.

All perfect.

Now i want to use this filter for another dropdown with id 44, to show another posts category (id 16). If i copy and paste the same code in functions.php having altered IDs, the second dropdown show me the same posts category from the first dropdown with id 43 and 17.

Can you help me with this? function theme_pl_args($args, $post_type, $meta_key, $group_by_taxonomy, $field) { if($field[“id”] == “43”) { // 43 is field id. $args[“category__in”] = array(17); // posts category id.

return $args;


Cheers, Andrei C.

See comment below.

The code:

add_filter("gfpl_post_args", "theme_pl_args", 10, 5);
function theme_pl_args($args, $post_type, $meta_key, $group_by_taxonomy, $field) {
    if($field["id"] == "43") { // 43 is an example of a field id currently in the form.
        $args["category__in"] = array(17); // example term_id's for categories.


    return $args;


Thank you for your prompt response Nathan.

Email address:

Just responded to your email.

The new version solved my problem. Thanks a lost Nathan.

Great support.

Is there a way to populate the dropdown from “form 1” with the data added on a field in “form 2” with this plugin?

Thank your for your time Nathan.

Cheers, Andrei C.


You would need to create a new post type with register_post_type and then use the gform_after_submission hook to add a new post after form2 is submitted.

You will then be able to reference the post type you created on form 1 with the values that have been added.

It’s not super complicated, however there is quite a bit of code involved in achieving this.

I would not be able to offer support for that.

Thank you for response. Appreciate the effort to give me a direction.

Cheers, Andrei C.

Hi Prepurchase question: Can I set the field to list the posts created by the user that is viewing the form? (Posts by current author) Looking forward to your answer :)

Hi, Obviously late to the party on this :s . Yes. It is possible to do that, you would need to use the gfpl_post_args filter to change the query. There are plenty of examples throughout the comments that you could use.

Hi there – I am using your plugin (brilliant an dmuch needed by the way!) to allow users to select from existing woocommerce products and I have grouped this by product categories. Is there any way (for one specific drop down field only) that I could limit the drop down to only two categories of products instead of all of them?

I figured it out myself for anyone wanting to filter by a taxonomy and not a category – posted here for interest

add_filter(“gfpl_post_args”, “theme_pl_args”, 10, 5); function theme_pl_args($args, $post_type, $meta_key, $group_by_taxonomy, $field) { if($field[“id”] == “43”) { // 43 is an example of a field id currently in the form. ); }

return $args;

Excellent you figured it out!

Hello, I have my gforms that has all our locations listed on it. When they select a location that value connects to SalesForce and adds that user to our database. However I need to customize the value of those fields to match what we have on SF. Is there a way to do this?

You could possible create a hidden field, and then use gform_pre_process hook to set the value of the hidden field based on what the user selected.

Hello :) I have just taken over a site which uses your plugin and it’s really amazing, thank you! The only problem I have found is that I don’t have the option to choose “Does not contain” in conditional logic, yet it’s in your changelog for v1.50 and they’re currently using v1.9.15. Can you please advise?

Hi! Gravity Forms changed code base which removed this as an available option. The latest version of Gravity Forms give back the capability of doing this, so I’ll be adding it back in for the next release. Probably within the next couple of weeks.

Hello, I am using this plugin and this is great so far!

Is there a reason it is a “Network Only” plugin? (means that i can only activate it from network plugins [multisite][)

Also, i saw that you already made some code similar to what i need, so it might be easy to get what i am looking for:

After user selected the product from the list and submitted the product, the value that i’m getting in the back end is: $title, $the attribute i choose , $post_id i’m trying to get rid of that number displayed after the title in a ” [[]] ” and replace it with “View” button that get_permalink.


Hi, At the moment, it’s just network only. I don’t see any real issue in removing that, so I might do that in the next release.

The latest release removes the [[]] string at the end.

The New Update – Kills the chosen select option. Downgrading to previous version fixes it.

New update should fix this. You can go into your downloads section and get the latest release.

is this item still supported? cause i see the last author reply was probably 3 month ago?.... will be able to filter the custom postype by categoRIES(plural :) ) which i want to show?

Kind of… :s …

You can use the gfpl_post_args filter in the plugin to change the query to only show particular categories. There are a number of examples throughout the comments here.

Hi, I have just purchased and ran into an issue I wonder if you can help with?

I want to display a drop-down list with the post_type “Class” and the Meta Key “_wc_timestamp”. Two issues: 1) I would like to display the Post_Type post_title along with the Meta Key and 2) I need to convert the Meta Key from Unix Timestamp

You could use the gfpl_post_title filter in the plugin to change the way it’s displayed.

Something like this should get you started:

add_filter('gfpl_post_title', 'theme_gfpl_post_title', 10, 5); function theme_gfpl_post_title($title, $post_id, $meta_key, $taxonomy, $field) { if($field->id == 20 && $post_id == 200) { $title = 'A custom title for the particular field and post combination.'; } return $title; }

Hi there, Im using your plugin with a milti-select, its great!

Wondering though, how can i change the -select- label which appears as the first multi-select item? E.g. - please select -, or even just remove it? Thx

Hi. You can use the gfpl_select_text filter to either change it or remove it.

To remove it:

add_filter("gfpl_select_text", function($text) { return ''; });

To change it:

add_filter("gfpl_select_text", function($text) { return 'SELECT'; });


Presale question: Can i pass a url variable and preselect a value from the list of custom post type values?

I want to attach the form to a Wooommerce product (i can do this) and use your plugin to give a dropdown of custom post type selections, but user should be able to click on a link and load the product with a value preselected.


Hi. Yes this is possible using the standard Gravity Forms functionality. Use the ‘Allow field to be populated dynamically’ parameter. The value of the param you pass should be the actual post id.

1.The following themes are job themes. Can I use this plug-in in the job registration form here?

2.And do you support Korean language?


If Jobify creates a custom post type then it should be possible.

The ability to translate is available, however the Korean language has not been provided.


Hi, Pre sales question, I need using dynamic population from any source, do you think is possible with your plugin? to use a post with list data to show at the frorm?

I’m not sure I understand your question entirely, but it’s possible to have a list of posts in either posts or pages or a custom post type and populate the drop down with this data.

Hi, I try to populate a dropdown with a page content, like a list, is this possible?

Hi. You wouldn’t be able to populate it page content, but page titles.

I purchased this plugin but I can find NO documentation. Seriously, I searched for about 20mins. Nothing? No site, no doc, not hints. Please point me in the direction of documentation or refund my purchase.

Hi! Is there something specific you would like to know?

Hi! Thanks for a great plugin. I am using it to list posts with custom fields which are in unix timestamp format. Please could you indicate how to render these into (‘F d, Y’)? Many thanks.

NOTE: code was edited ‘isnumeric’ was replaced with ‘is_numeric’

Hi Nathan, no problem and thanks for getting back to me.

I am using “wpcf-course-start-date” as the key but am struggling to return the date using the function.

My ultimate goal is to return two fields (wpcf-course-start-date and wpcf-course-location) as a single list item.

I understand that the code you’ve supplied is just a guideline and that this might be out of support scope but your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jef, Perhaps something like this could help:

add_filter('gfpl_post_title', function($text, $post_id, $post_type_meta_key, $post_type_taxonomy, $field) { if($field->id == 34) { return get_post_meta($post_id, 'wpcf-course-location', true) . ' ' . date('F d, Y', get_post_meta($post_id, 'wpcf-course-start-date', true)); } return $text; });


Hi , I have some issue , I can’t see product variation name, I only se variation number and is very confuse when you have many variations, is possible to fix this? many thanks I have Variation # 2021 of love seat instead Variation #2021 Black of Love seat or Variation Black of love seat. Ill wait for your answer, many thanks


i have some issue when i add some. number of fields I can’t update form, i retrieve forbidden access to wp-admin/admin.php ii try in 5 different installations. and. a clean installation with only gf – wp – gfpl and twenty sixteen theme

Hi I think the problem is on server side but I sent you an email for special customization with an extra cost about 15 days ago , ill wait for your answer


jaduger Purchased

hey! Just came across your plugin. I think it may be able to do what I’m looking for but I wanted to get your feedback. Basically, I have a paginated contact gravity form in which I would like to add a list of products currently available in the WooCommerce store for users to choose from. How well does it integrate with WooCoommerce if at all?

Hi, you shouldn’t have issue displaying a product from WooCommerce. You could even display the price, for example:

add_filter('gfpl_post_title', function($post_title, $post_id, $meta_key, $group_by_taxonomy, $field) { $post = get_post($post_id); if($post->post_type == 'product') { $post_title .= ' - ' . wc_price((new WC_Product($post_id))->get_price()); } return $post_title; }, 10, 5);