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Hello, I have a problem to upload massive csv file. The system say “upload successed ok”, but i can’t find the codes uploaded in the page.

Have you an sample cvs file? Can I send you my file to check.



Yes, you can download a sample CSV from the link in the documentation under “Uploading Codes via CSV”.


Hello, I have a Gravity form developper licence Version 1.8.1 I bought today your addon, and install it on fresh wordpress your plugin is activated but, i can’t : - add an invitation code (nothing happen on click) - and then, i m not able to add any other element to the form.

I can send you my login to the backoffice if you want to check

Could you help me Thanks

Okay, and what text field are you trying to populate? Like where are you trying to display this information… on a page? into another form?

i would like to have this value on my gravityform backofffice, where the entries of the form are listed. (for csv export), and also to generate a RSS Feed with this entries.

There is currently not a way of doing this as things form the “Entries” view, but we can look into this… On the “Used Codes page we do show this info though.

Hi Leapmarketing, I am interested in purchasing this plugin. A few pre-sales questions:

1. I see the latest update to the plugin was done more than a year ago. Is the plugin compatible with Gravity Forms

2. I need to send predefined usernames and passwords after submission to access a demo area. Can two invitation codes be added to a email confirmation?



1) We just updated the plugin. It should be approved in the next day or so here. The current version and the new version of Invitation Codes is compatible with the latest version of Gravity Forms.

2) An invitation code can be used as a post custom field, so you can figure a way to use ut this way but it would still only be a single code at once. There is a shortcode included to generate a code, so maybe you can set it up so that after the first code is received, the second code is given upon confirmation of the first on a page. Something to that effect…

Let us know if you have any other questions.

How can I do a ‘bulk’ export of the imported codes? Unfortunately, the original source file that we used was lost.

If not exporting, can I download a file that the plugin uses? If so, location?


Sorry to hear you lost your files.

Please try looking in the following folder… /wp-content/uploads/temp