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Hi, can this plugin fulfill the scenario

Before user open the form, they need to input the invitation code.

IF the invitation code correct then the user can see the form and fill ?

Hi, yes this is possible. You can achieve this 2 ways..

1) Create a multi-step/page form and the first step/page is just the invitation code field. If correct it moves to the next step/page on the form.

2) Create a form with just the invitation code field on it, if correct set the confirmation page of the form to send to the page with the full form.


How to get invitation code via url parameter http://siteurl.com/form-url/?your_parameter=value

Using Dynamic Population

Hi, this is currently not possible. We will see about adding this feature in the next update.


frans076 Purchased

Hello, I need help. I bought this plugin because i want my website lock completely. I have gravity license basic. But i don’t know if i need more plugins. I don’t know who i can lock my website. Plese tell me how i can do this , like a demo, and i change my feedback. Thank you

Hi, sounds like you may want a plugin that can control roles/memberships. For something free, I would recommend Members plugin. This helps you to create different roles and loc pages. You can use Gravity Forms Invitation Codes on your registration form to block out users if they don’t have the correct code.