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Hi there, I am not still your client, I need some technical informations before purchase.

I have to develop, in a WordPress site, a mechanism that allows anyone who participates in events to automatically generate a pdf with an attestation, entering their own data and a code that will be communicated during the event (which corresponds to the seminar / workshop title and to the place / institution where it was held). Obviously all and only participants can generate the certificate.

The user registers on a form with the following fields to be filled in:

- Name - Surname - Course Title - Date - Location - email: (which will not be reported on the certificate but it’s important to import it into our mailing list)

In the registration form (and / or even in the diploma area), the student will also be asked to enter a code to confirm that he has followed the course (the code is delivered on the day of the event). The best solution, if possible, is that Course Title, Date, Place will be filled in automatically depending on the code you enter (for example, code 001 = Artificial Intelligence course, Milan, September 2, 2017, code 002 = Visual Storytelling course, Turin, September 10, 2020 etc.)

Always, if possible, it may make sense to include the possibility, for each email address, to request a single code only once. Eg by name@mail.it I can use code 001 only once. But if I do another course, and they give me code 002, I can only use that only once.

Do Gravity Forms + Gravity PDF + Gravity Invitation Code plugins solve all together the issue? Thanks for your answer in advance.

No answer for this?

Hi, sorry for the delay. The current plugin would not satisfy your requirements alone. Right now, it is mainly a code verifier. You can set specific codes or codes that “contain” certain sequences to have different logic after submitting (this is via Gravity Forms by default) and then do some action that gets your results, but you will definitely need to do some extra coding and configuration on your site to get all of this done. We do plan on implementing some similar features but it may not be for a month or so.

You may be able to get a lot of this done by using conditional field logic as well though. For example… having the Course title field for ABC Course only show if the Invitation Code field contains or starts with “abc-3mf43-...”. This filed would have a default/pre-populated entry of ABC Course. Hopefully, that makes sense. Cheers!

Hi there – the plugin appears to adversely affect Gravity Forms for us by changing how the date picker fields are formatted. We were trying to work out why our fields’ selected formats (dd/mm/yyyy) weren’t working and were displaying as mm/dd/yyyy instead and causing field validation errors.

Disabling the Invitation Codes plugin fixed our problem with the date fields, but now we can’t use the Invitation Codes, obviously!

You can see screenshots of the errors:

https://pasteboard.co/GNvCuwa.png https://pasteboard.co/GNvCclv.png https://pasteboard.co/GNvCYdC.png

Is this an issue you’re aware of or know a fix for?


Sorry for the delay, but we have not been able to replicate the issue. What theme are you using? Any other GF add-ons?

Actually, I think I see one issue…. it shows that you selected dd/mm/yyyy in the form editor format, but on your form entry you have mm/dd/yyyy. Can you verify that this is not the issue?

That was the problem – I am selecting the dd/mm/yyyy format in Gravity Forms, but on the front end the date picker inputs the date as mm/dd/yyyy – if I pick dd.mm.yyyy it also rewrites the date on the front end as mm/dd/yyyy.

The theme is a custom theme we’ve inherited – as it is a live site it’s difficult to test by switching it away, unfortunately. However, this is also happening in Gravity Forms preview mode – not sure if that’s making use of theme functions at all though.

Other add-ons are some of the GF perks – GP Unique ID and Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types are the two other GF related plugins currently running.

I have gotten around it a bit by changing the date selection to dropdown/select fields instead though.

Presale question: I need to be able to upload a list of pre-generated codes. Once these code have been uploaded I need one code to be shown on the confirmation page and also be emailed to the user after the form has been submitted. Each code can only be used once, so after it has been used it needs to be removed from the list.

Is this possible with this plugin?


You can bulk upload via CSV or one line per code in a text box. If a code is on the users WP account, you can use custom fields to display it on your confirmation page. Otherwise, we have a shortcode that will generate a code when a page is pulled up. However, there is no way to just show codes from the list unless it is on a users profile as a custom field. This will not remove codes automatically but as mentioned earlier, you can set codes to only be used a set number of times. You can also set expiration dates.

Just to clarify, if the user does not have a WP account, then I can still use a shortcode to generate a code on the confirmation page. I just can’t have the code removed from the list via this method.

Yes, regardless if they have an account, you can use the shortcode to automatically generate a one-time use code when the page loads.

Hi, I have a problem … if I insert one by one the code … it works … but if I enter with Add Codes per line the codes do not work … how ever

Can you specify what problem you are having… is there an error you get when trying to enter per line while using that tab? Does any error show at all? Do the codes appear to get added but not working? etc…

Hello, I am considering buying this addon. The website I plan to use this for will use the Groups plugin, the Gravity Forms plugin, and the Groups Gravity Forms addon, as well as this. When a user registers, they will need to have an invitation code, and each group will have its own invitation code. What I would like to do is this: if a user enters a code for a group, then that person will automatically be assigned to the group based on the invitation code they entered. Is such a thing possible using this addon and Gravity Forms?


You can assign conditional logic to the registration feed that says if they use XXX code then assign them to XXX role and so on. So yes, this can be accomplished.

Thanks for your response. I have a slight kink in my original plan, so instead of entering the invitation code on the registration page, the user will enter the code on a form on a different page. Is it still possible to use the conditional logic, and if so, where would I find it? The only options for conditional logic that I see just hide and show fields.

You would want to do it on the registration because that wis where roles/groups are chosen right? If not, your second form with the code needs to be able to update the users role. The conditional logic would be done in the registration feed(s) for the form. Even if you are updating a user, that is where you configure the logic. Please visit the docs of GF here… https://docs.gravityforms.com/creating-feed-user-registration-add/


Might you guys have a snippet / hook that I can use to bind email addresses to invitation codes?

I need the invitation code to check the email address entered in the form upon submission and only clear if the set email equals the entered email. It should deny submission if the invite code has been coupled with another email address in the backend.

Thank you!


We can look into it, this will not be a snippet. This will need to be something that is a new feature in the plugin because it must verify against the database upon clicking the submit button on a form.

Thank you for the suggestion. We are looking to push a new update within the next couple of weeks so it should be soon.

Sound great. Cheers and happy coding.

Hi there, loving the addon. Thank you for making it.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the text that appears when an invalid code is entered? Right now it gives the GF “There was a problem with your submission. Errors have been highlighted below.” but it would be great to be able to specifically say that the error was with the invitation code, with some custom text. If I’m getting really greedy, I’d love to put that error at the top of the page instead of above the form, but that’s not necessary.

Are either of those possible?


Hi, you can customize the error message for the Invitation Code field specifically from the edit form screen on the Invitation Code field under the tab Appearance > Validation Message. For the message that appears above the whole form, that is a Gravity Forms function, not from this plugin. You can customize that with this method from Gravity Forms… https://docs.gravityforms.com/gform_validation_message/

I just bought it but it does not work. I uploaded a list of codes and it does not recognize them when I add them to the form

What I did, was to use the add codes per line option and added 1200 codes. When I filled out the form and entered one of the codes, I got an error message that it did not recognize the code.

Then I added one more code using the register code feature, and it worked.

But I am frustrated that I need to add those 1200 codes one by one in order to make it work, instead of adding them in bulk.

Hi, please make sure you are entering the codes per line as it shows in the documentation. You need to choose how many times the codes can be used. Also, please make sure there are no extra spaces or foreign characters when you paste.

Hi, pre-sale question here, I want to use this plugin for two use cases:

1. GF with invitation code field to register for an event. Codes used by registered users should be listed in ‘Used Codes’ section.

2. GF with invitation code field to verify that the code is valid and show an error otherwise. Codes verified by all users (registered/non-registered) should NOT be listed in ‘Used Codes’ section.

Is it possible to support both use cases simultaneously with your plugin, especially #2?

Hope you can clarify on this. Thanks!


This will work for both cases.

1) The plugin was designed to work this way There is a seciton for Used Codes

2) Codes will only show in the “Used Codes” section if the user is registering with an invitation code. So if the form is a registration form, then yes it will show. If they are not registering, you can still use the field and will not show in “Used Codes”, but it will show in Entries either way so you can track them.


cgalway Purchased

Hi there, i am looking for a solution for the following: I am publishing several brochures for different upcoming events. One event is for the UK and another for Australia. I want to provide each seminar participant with a unique code so they can access the UK Pages to the site and the same for the Australian. I want to create the invitations in bulk to give to the printer, as well as restrict content for each participant. Is this possible with this plugin?

I know i may have to use somehting like UPME as well for user profiles. Are you able to guide me to the solution with your plugin please? Cheers


You can create the codes in bulk and then bulk upload them via CSV or single line entry. This plugin does not handle permissions so yes you would have to use some kind of members/users plugin. You can use Gravity Forms Registration Add-on to manage assigning roles based on certain conditions. For example if the code contains “UK-XX” then assign “UK Member Role”.


Is your plugin still compatible with the current versions of Gravity Forms?

Would I be able to upload a list of invitation codes to be used in one form and each used only once? e.g. Each user receives a unique code to register.


Yes you can bulk upload via CSV or single line entry. Both of these methods allow you to choose an expiration and/or set the number of times the codes can be used. also, yes it does work with current versions of Gravity Forms.


nenne77 Purchased

Hi I have a problem with the plugin. I tried to upload a CSV file but nothing happend. After that I tried to upload 400 codes through “add codes per line” but it do not work properly. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Please advise. I deleted the “old CSV” from WP/content/temp. Is there somewhere stored the firstly uploaded CSV that interferes with the new codes? Please advise….

Hi, please reference the documentation to ensure you are uploading codes correctly. There is also a link to an example CSV there. You can look for uploaded CSV’s in the following folder… /wp-content/uploads/temp


nenne77 Purchased

As I wrote to you I uploaded trough “add codes per line” 400 codes but it can’t be trusted. I deleted the csv that I uploaded trough csv. Some codes works sometimes but mostly they do not work. I have one code -1 (unlimited use) but it doesn’t work, but another with unlimited use work.

Hello, a pre sale question: I need the following: I send letter by post to client with access code. Client enter code, then access to a restricted page with same info. Code can be used N. number of time I need to know if and when a specific client accessed accessed the page inserting the specific code (Can I be notified when somebody enter the code ny email?) Thanks.

Hi, you can set notifications by Gravity Forms. Everything else this plugin can handle, but notifications are handled by GF.

Hello, I have two issues that I need help with. I’ve purchased and installed the plugin.

1) The plugin is allowing me to use codes more than once, and I seem to have them set to be valid for one time use only.

2) is there a way to buk delete codes? I see that I can select all codes, atleast all in one page but I don’t see a way to bulk action delete them. Can this be done?

Hi, we can send you an updated version with bulk delete via email. We are still working on this version but that feature is there.

Okay I received the verion via email. Should I deactivate, delete and then reinstall the version you sent? Will this disrupt the “code” field from my existing Gravity Form (meaning: should I rebuild my GF form after installing new version)? And lastly, is this version stable for long term use or recommended that I use it only to delete the codes then revert to most recent active released version of this plugin?


You can upload the newest version via FTP if you have access, otherwise, deleting and reuploading the new one is fine. That version is stable, we will be releasing an updated version in coming weeks too.

HI! The invitation code works on desktop but in mobile it says I need to enter a valid code, thoughts?

Not sure, please check the capitalization of the code you entered on the backend and that it matches what is entered on mobile to see if it makes a difference.

I checked both. Desktop works but mobile just spins. I am using an Iphone 6. Below is a link to the page with the form. Here is the invitation code: REPAIR


Hi, we tested this out on our test site and it worked fine. We set up a multistep form that used ajax ad it worked fine on desktop and on mobile. It seems it may be an issue conflicting with ajax/javascript on your site when it switches to mobile because we had the issue you mentioned when we tried your site on mobile. It could be something in your theme or one of your plugins. Please try disabling some plugins to find the issue or switching theme momentarily to test it out.

Hi there, first of all, congratulations for the awesome plugin.

we already bought it and we were wondering if it can be used on this situation:

we have 2 diferent forms on our website that need a validation code, however we will have to guarantee that we will create a code that only works on one of them.

Is there any way for your plugin to allow us to create a few codes that will only be valid on a specific form?


Thank you! Unfortunately, there is not the functionality to validate per form at the moment. But this is definitely something we can consider adding for our future update.

Regardless, the suggestion would be to create codes that have a specific beginning (or ending) like “cfrm1-345…” so that every code for Form 1 you know begins with “cfrm1-”, that way within the forms submit button conditional logic you can set the button to not show unless the Invitaiton Code field begins with “cfrm1-”. Adn then you’d do the same for Form 2 and have all codes begin with “cfrm2-”. That way you can still use Invitaiton Codes for validation and be able to separate codes for your forms. Hope this helps!


componto Purchased

Hi again, sorry for the dalay. Thank you for your answer and tip, it helped a lot.. we will be waiting for the update. Once again congratulations for the awesome plugin.


epicweb Purchased

I have an issue with adding long codes like 50 char long.I need to use email addresses as the code and some of the emails are very long.

Can you help… this is very urgent

Hi, sorry for the delay, there was no email notification for the comment. There should be no issues using 50 characters. What issues are you having exactly?