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Hi, can this plugin fulfill the scenario

Before user open the form, they need to input the invitation code.

IF the invitation code correct then the user can see the form and fill ?

Hi, yes this is possible. You can achieve this 2 ways..

1) Create a multi-step/page form and the first step/page is just the invitation code field. If correct it moves to the next step/page on the form.

2) Create a form with just the invitation code field on it, if correct set the confirmation page of the form to send to the page with the full form.


How to get invitation code via url parameter

Using Dynamic Population

Hi, this is currently not possible. We will see about adding this feature in the next update.

Hello, I need help. I bought this plugin because i want my website lock completely. I have gravity license basic. But i don’t know if i need more plugins. I don’t know who i can lock my website. Plese tell me how i can do this , like a demo, and i change my feedback. Thank you

Hi, sounds like you may want a plugin that can control roles/memberships. For something free, I would recommend Members plugin. This helps you to create different roles and loc pages. You can use Gravity Forms Invitation Codes on your registration form to block out users if they don’t have the correct code.


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Hi there,

Is there any way to specify codes to specific form?

Thank you

Hi, you cannot make codes for specific forms within the plugin itself. You can use conditional logic to help you with this though. For example… only show questions 1,2,3 if the Invitation Code field contains or starts with “abc-...”. We work to get this feature in an update though.


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Hi there thank you for the previous message it did help me to find out a workaround. The is an “issue” on the file gform_invitation_code_plugin.php line 230, jquey-style is enqueued without https, would be nice if you can add ”//” this will serve https and http

Hi there. Is this plugin still maintained / developed?

Hi, yes we still maintain it. We have some backlogged updates to release, but with feature requests, the future outlook of the plugin, and newer Gravity Forms capabilities we honestly just needed to rebuild. So that is what we are working on. Don’t worry, we will not make anyone purchase a new one or anything, we will just be updating this one. tHis works with the latest versions of WordPress and Gravity forms.

Hi, about the function use only invite code to register>

- So this basically a one-factor-Login solution for Wordpress? The user is logged in after typing in the code?

- What happens in the database when a customer uses this invite-only-login? Does it create a randomized username, password and E-Mail? Could a user log in to that same account a second time?

For example: I’d like to offer E-Learning on rather sensitive topics, so I am interested in providing a completelly anonymous Login via Invite-Codes. With that, user would login and re-login onto the system, gradually working through the online courses. Could this Login be accomplished with your plugin?

Hi, the invitation code plugin just verifies the code on a form. As far as logging in/registering, that is all a matter of ingenuity on your part when sing Gravity Forms. You can have your login form be an invitation code, however, WordPress requires that a username or email be used. So maybe their username AND their password could be the invitation code.

Hi there,

Your plugin is conflicting with the gravity forms datepicker field it wont allows me to use this date format (dd/mm/yyyy). I have disabled all plugins and only left the gravity forms and gravity forms invitation code active and the problem still persisting. Can you please let me know when you can fix this.

Thank you, Nuno

under js/scripts.js on line 3 there is an issue . You are forcing the date format and that will conflict with the Gravity forms date field options

Okay, please send us an email via our profile. You can try out a slightly updated version that should fix that.

I’ve emailed you.

Hi. I’m about to buy your Gravity Form Invitation Codes plugin and want to ask if there’s any reason you know of that this wouldn’t work with my set up: I’m using Gravity Forms to create user registrations with Restrict Content Pro, according to this post:

It works fine and I want to add your plugin to enable invitation codes that are required to register. Any issue with RCP that you know of, and if I have a problem do you offer money back due to an issue with this set up?

Thanks. Jonathan

Hi, there are no issues with that plugin. The link you sent mentions issues with Gravity Forms itself and registration roles. Adding in the code they suggest should fix that. Please check that you don’t have issues with Gravity Forms and Restrict Content Pro prior to purchasing this plugin

Hey It is possible to use invetation code one time, so if the admin create new invetation code from panel, can the user use this invatation code 1 time and if he/she try to register with different email but with same invetation code it gives error that this code used before? As I see in demo there is Amount of Times Code Can Be Used (Use -1 for Unlimited) for unlimed I don’t want unlimèted Thanks

Hi, yes you can set the number to any amount of times to be used from 1 to unlimited.

Hello, is there a way for the Short Code Generator to pull from a list of codes so that they show up on a confirmation page instead of just being totally random. I would like someone to sign up and then on the confirmation page receive a code that they can then use later for a discount. Right now they are just random but I need the codes to match so I know it is from a valid sign up.

Hi, no there is not a way to pull from predetermined codes at the moment. This is something to consider as a future feature though.

Hi. I notice that is loaded when the plugin is active. As this is interfering with my SSL is it possible to release a version using https so I can avoid another plugin to fix SSL?

Otherwise this plugin seems to work well.



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Not sure if this info is somewhere, I’m trying to migrate an installation of your plugin to a new webhost and would like to carry over the current codes and usage data.

Is this possible?

Thank you


Yes there is a database for this plugin. You can use a plugin like All-in-One WP Migration from the WordPress repository to migrate your site and all of the Invitation Code information will be there.


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Sadly, we’re leaving the current site behind. Can I migrate only the tables belonging to this plugin (if so what are the names)? The Gravity form IDs may change on the new site, is that crucial to ensuring the migrated plugin data is correct?

Thanks again.

Hi. I left a comment a week ago about the plugin’s call to Google using http vs https and don’t see a reply yet. See for the code in your plugin that could be updated to help with SSL errors. Is this possible for you to do, or if not can you please reply to my post? I’ll update the plugin myself but don’t want to have that change overwritten in a future update. Thanks.

Hi sorry for the delay in replying. Please contact us through our profile page here and we will email you an updated copy that fixes this. We have a newer version but have not released it because gravity Forms changed and allowed for some other functionality and we have pivoted to offer a better product but we are still working on it. We can provide you with the interim fix and a few updated features via email though.

No problem. I manually updated the code in the plugin file so as long as this is fixed in the next release then I think I’m all set. Can you confirm? If not then I’ll take you up on your offer of an interim. Thanks.

Yes, this will be handled in the next release. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Are codes strictly alphanumeric? And if so, is there a way to change this to allow other characters?

We added a handful of codes that contain a dash, and can see them in the Invitation Codes section, but they do not seem to validate when entered in the form. Codes without dashes work fine, but codes with dashes do not validate when trying to submit the form.


Hi again. Is it possible to customize the validation messages based on whether a code has been used already vs. being invalid?

For instance: - someone enters a code that is invalid, message is “Sorry, please enter a valid code.” - someone enters a code that has already been used, message is: “That code has already been used. Please enter a valid code.”