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tiffer Purchased

Hi there – could use some help. I have uploaded codes to verify on form submission but the form fails verifying the number every time. The form will only submit when a user is logged into the site. Is there something I’m missing?


Ryan a984594a-cee1-4500-8784-75233bd5ac20


It sounds like your form may be set so that only logged-in uses can submit it, otherwise it should be working. If you are still having trouble and have not figured it out you can message us on our profile with a link to your site and an admin login so we can check it out.

Hi there, your plugin seems to work great except for one small issue.

I am using this on a multisite but it is just enabled on my main site. However the plugin seems to be adding two tables: invitation_code and user_invitation_codes for every site in my network.

Is there any way to turn that to disable that if the plugin is only active on my main site?



Sorry for the late response. Unfortunately, the way the plugin works it can’t be turned off. It would need separate tables for each site so that is why it behaves this way.

Hello, May I ask some questions related to this plugin?

1. Is it possible to connect each unique code is owned by specific user?

2. And can we create scenario like this?

User A have code: “abc123” , then give the code to the “become User B”

Then user B register using the “abc123” code. And after that, User B will automatically have new code generated

3. Is there shortcode to show “Each User Owned Code” in front end?

Thank you very much

Hello, I try to find the “capabilities” of this plugin and want to enable it in Members/User Role plugin, but I can not find it

Are you only using the Members plugin for everything or are you using the Members plugin and the separate User Roles plugin? Please provide a link to the plugin you are using for verification.

I use this plugin (member plugin) for everything. To create new user role, add capabilities, etc

This is the plugin: https://srd.wordpress.org/plugins/members/

How can I change the error message when an invalid invation code is entered? A part of the message I can change but on top of the form there appears “Er was een probleem met je inzending. Fouten zijn hieronder gemarkeerd.” (this is in dutch), but I don’t see where I can change the text to make it bilingual

You can change the error message of the Invitation Code Field in the form editor on that field. Just enter something for the Validation Message on the Invitation Code field on the form editing screen.

I have installed Canyon Invitation Codes and added the Invitation Code box within a Gravity Form, but it is not appearing when I preview the form or the page with the form on it. It was appearing initially, but after editing the code, it stopped appearing.

Okay, glad to know you figured it out.

Please ignore previous query. I got it to work!

When submitting a form that uses an invitation code generated from Gravity Forms Invitation Codes I keep getting a 303 page error. Do you know what might be causing this?

I have another Gravity Form on the site that doesn’t use an invitation code, and it works fine.

Thank you.

Can you send an admin login via our Envato profile? We can take a look at it.


This has been fixed. The issue was two parts…

1) The Invitation Code and the Invitation Code Name were in the wrong places (switched), not a big deal on it’s own but the second issue is what caused the error when trying to verify the code, or double verify so to speak because issue 2…

2) You had a condition set for the Submit button to only show if the code was entered correctly in the Invitation Code field of the form. So GF was trying to verify it as a correct code when submitted PLUS Invitation Codes plugin was trying to concurrently verify the same field (which was switched around, Name vs. Code). So they basically clashed with each other for not verifying correctly.

Your form works now. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you very much for your quick response, detailed explanation, and test email confirmation of form. I will check how you configured the form with your explanation so I understand fully what you did. All of this is very much appreciated!

Hello, how can i send a email with confirmation to the person who did the registration.. is that possible? i ask beceause if you are finish with all fields and you press “send” the page will go automaticli to the top of the page.. and nobody knows, that you have to go back to the form to see the confirmation… any idea?


You have not purchased our plugin. We are NOT GravityHelp.

i have purchased your plugin invitation code. 100%

Where did you purchase it from? If you purchased it from here then the label “PURCHASED” would show on your profile, but it does not.

Hello Friend,

i need your help.. the invitation code pluigin is no more able to read the data in the database. also im not able to send the person who did the registration send a confirmation email..

can you help me pls`?

CHeers Rinaldo

who is responsible for the support from invitation code? im realy confused…


yarongo Purchased

Hi I would like to buy this addon , but just wanted to know if the following is possible:

I have a registration page with gravity forms and user registration add on, where the user fill all the fields and than go to paypal. after the user payed. he will be registered.

I need to have an option to have few codes (for one time use only) and if the user put in one of the codes, he/she don’t need to go to paypal.

Can i do this ?


Yes this is possible. You would have to set up some conditional logic around if they entered a code or not, but yes you can use this as a “gateway” to register or before moving on to the next step/page in a form.

Also, you can create/upload one-time use codes or any other amount of times to be able to use a specific code.


yarongo Purchased

Hi, thanks. I bought the add-on. but now i see that this field is required. i need the user to fill this field only if they have the code. if they don’t than it will take them to paypal. I add all the conditionals but i don’t have an option not to fill this field. What can i do?

I see, you can do something like make the Invitation code field conditional depending upon if a user indicates they have a code via a checkbox or radio box.

This way the Invitation Code field only is only present if they indicate they have a code first and is therefore not required.

I have some problems when i try to upload some inviation codes because the code are loaded but don’t work on the website. Can you help me?


What is not working exactly? Can you clarify if the codes are not verifying, if the invitation code field is not showing, etc…

Dear Sir/Madam, We would like a plugin that can do the following for us: we want to put a plastic card with a unique number in the product box. With this number the client can register on the website and get access to a resticted part of the website for 6 months. After 6 months they can buy a new product and in this box is again a unique number. Now with this number the can extend they access for 6 months (no need to make a new account) the numbers need to be printed and somehow be imported to wordpress. I hope you understand what we want. I hope you can help. We also are willing to pay you to get a plugin like this. yours sincerly, Maurice


We can help you build out something like this. Can you email us through our profile here please? Send any details of the project including the ones above and we can give you an estimate. Are people purchasing this product box through your website or in person?