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Hello, I have a problem to upload massive csv file. The system say “upload successed ok”, but i can’t find the codes uploaded in the page.

Have you an sample cvs file? Can I send you my file to check.



Yes, you can download a sample CSV from the link in the documentation under “Uploading Codes via CSV”.


Hello, I have a Gravity form developper licence Version 1.8.1 I bought today your addon, and install it on fresh wordpress your plugin is activated but, i can’t : - add an invitation code (nothing happen on click) - and then, i m not able to add any other element to the form.

I can send you my login to the backoffice if you want to check

Could you help me Thanks

Okay, and what text field are you trying to populate? Like where are you trying to display this information… on a page? into another form?

i would like to have this value on my gravityform backofffice, where the entries of the form are listed. (for csv export), and also to generate a RSS Feed with this entries.

There is currently not a way of doing this as things form the “Entries” view, but we can look into this… On the “Used Codes page we do show this info though.

Hi Leapmarketing, I am interested in purchasing this plugin. A few pre-sales questions:

1. I see the latest update to the plugin was done more than a year ago. Is the plugin compatible with Gravity Forms

2. I need to send predefined usernames and passwords after submission to access a demo area. Can two invitation codes be added to a email confirmation?



1) We just updated the plugin. It should be approved in the next day or so here. The current version and the new version of Invitation Codes is compatible with the latest version of Gravity Forms.

2) An invitation code can be used as a post custom field, so you can figure a way to use ut this way but it would still only be a single code at once. There is a shortcode included to generate a code, so maybe you can set it up so that after the first code is received, the second code is given upon confirmation of the first on a page. Something to that effect…

Let us know if you have any other questions.

How can I do a ‘bulk’ export of the imported codes? Unfortunately, the original source file that we used was lost.

If not exporting, can I download a file that the plugin uses? If so, location?


Sorry to hear you lost your files.

Please try looking in the following folder… /wp-content/uploads/temp

i have issue with the system,

the code i have is A-82111881-JAPROMO

I cant use it.. i only can successfully submit with A-82111881.

but i need the complete code any idea to fix it?


Not sure what you mean or what you’re referring to. Can you be more clear? Do you mean you are trying to use “A-82111881-JAPROMO” as an invitation code in the plugin and it is not working?

Hello, I am unable to bulk upload my .csv however I am able to upload the sample included in your documentation. I have copied your headers to make sure they are correct in my csv but still no luck. It is a very long list of codes so I shortened it way down to 20 and it still didn’t work. The files did upload as I can see them in wp-content/uploads/temp but if I search for a code it isn’t found. I am using Excel on a Macbook Pro to create my .csv I am not sure if this is causing the problem. Other than that it is a great plugin. I would simply enter in my codes manually but I have 20,000 but so far the test ones I’ve done have worked wonderfully!


Not sure why you would have that issue. Can you send an email (from our user profile) to us with a login to your website? Once we reply you can forward the file you area using as well.

Hello, took it to my boss’ desk and he was able to upload it on his windows desktop. Not sure if the operating system made a difference or not. Although it did time out and only uploaded about 9,000 the first time and less each time. Took 6 files to get them all uploaded and about 10 minutes but they are all there now. Looking forward to getting this up and running. A little more info, we are both hard wired into the internet, I am on a 2016 Macbook Pro I tried uploading on both firefox and chrome and he has a desktop running windows uploading on chrome. When I uploaded the .csv file it would load for maybe 10-15 seconds before just stopping. No error message or anything, just stopping like it was finished. I would refresh and there was still nothing. When he uploaded it, it ran for 30-45 seconds and then there was a timeout error message. He refreshed and the codes appeared and were paginated. But only about 9,000 of the 20,000 uploaded. We uploaded the rest and the same thing happened but only about 5,000 uploaded. We did this 4 times and each time the uploaded decreased by about half. Not knocking the plugin at all, I think it’s great and meets our needs perfectly just trying to give you a little more insight into what we went through.

Okay, thank you for the info. Have not had any browser issues reported, but will check into it a bit more. Honestly though it sounds like more of a hosting issue. If you have a VPS or dedicated server try raising the timeout limit for processes and/or adding more memory dedicated for those processes as well. We;ve had users uploading 20,000+ before without issue so that’s why the suggestion about hosting. If we find any issues we will update the plugin however. Thanks!

Can this be used to distribute codes? Specifically, we want to: 1. Upload a CSV of custom codes for 3 different products 2. Allow user to fill Gravity form to choose product 3. On Successful purchase, send the user a code for the chose product.


This can only be ised to verify codes that are uploaded, it cannot distribute them directly. Maybe we will look to add this kind of function, but for now it does not operate that way.

Can I let the users create their own codes, then use them?


There is a shortcode you can use that generates a new code when the page is viewed. They are one time use codes that get generated.


I intend to send offline invitations with, for each person, a unique personal code and this unique code is needed to submit the form. Each code can be used once to submit the form. Can this be done with this plugin?

Regards, Hans.


Yes, you can upload the codes via CSV, Manually 1 at a time, or paste them in bulk as 1 line per code. You can specify an expiration date if desired and you can specify how many times the codes can be used.

Great and thanks for answering ;-)

You’re welcome!

Can I explore the users according to the code?


You can map the Invitation Code to their profile if they are registering, also there is a section in the plugin to view users that register using an Invitation Code.

Otherwise, you can use the Custom Post Type integration to map to their profile (this is more aimed for advanced WP knowledge though; developers).


Just installed the Gravity Forms Invitation Codes pluggin and when bulk uploading I receive the message. Succesfull upload, but codes aren’t generated. Can you help me with this?\


Rob Arnts

Purchase codes 6c13d9cb-356e-421d-ac91-feef807b89e8

When downloading your sample file it works! Case closed!

Happy that you figured it out. Cheers!

Hello, i just purchased this and installed it on my website. I would like that the person doesn’t see the rest of the form until they have entered a valid invitation code. What’s the best way to achieve this?


The best way to achieve this is to page break your form. The first page would be the Invitation Code and then the next page(s) can be the rest of the information you want to collect. See Gravity Forms instructions for page breaking… https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/page-break/

Thank you!!

You’re welcome! :-)


Expo5ure Purchased

Hi, how do I add an Invitation Code Name when adding codes per line? The only options I can see appear to be number of times code can be used and an expiration date.

Hi, it was configured to only include those options. Please use the CSV upload function if you want this kind of control. If you do not have the Excel program, you can definitely use Google Sheets for free and just export it as CSV.

How do I reactivate a used code we used for testing? So it´s not used anymore?


You can change the date on the code or the amount issued by clicking “EDIT” next to the code.

Clean database for all “old” codes would be a appriciated feature. If an import gone wrong etc. A must feature!

Yes, we will work on this for the next update.

I just purchased this plugin. I’m using the shortcode [invitation_code_name code=”{The Label of Invitation Code Field in Your Form Goes Here}”] on the Gravity Forms confirmation page.

Each code name is labeled with a persons name so I want the confirmation to say “Welcome, NAME HERE” using the shortcode. When I use it though the confirmation page just says “Welcome” and isn’t showing the invitation code name.


Please make sure the label of the Invitation code is inside of the shortcode exactly as it is on the form. For example… our label is “Invitation Code <—can be renamed” on our form, so our shortcode reads exactly like this…

[invitation_code_name code=”{Invitation Code <—can be renamed}”]

If you still have issues, please private message us an admin login to your website and we will look into it.


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Does this work with Gravity Forms I tried it but I can’t submit a form that needs a single use code.


Yes, this works up to the most current version and the current version of WordPress. Please keep in mind that the codes are case sensitive, so it has to be entered as it is in the admin area OR you can enter a lowercase and uppercase version. Otherwise, you may have a conflict with another plugin. Let us know if you are still having issues.

Hi, is it possible to generate codes which will only work with 1 form. For example I will have 10 gravity forms on my page, all with an invitation code field. And I want to separate the codes for each contact form. Is this possible?