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Hi, i have a prepurchase question. I am searching everywhere a plugin for autogeolocalize the user address or something like click get my corrent position and send to buddypress members activity. It is possible? Thanks a lot

Hi. Unfortunately this is not possible with this plugin.

Hi, need your help in form setting there is conditional logic option in but in that i did’nt find your geolocation option in that conditions ?

Hi, When you edit your forms, you should see an additional section on the right hand side called ‘Conditional Fields’. You should find the Geo COnditional fields in there. If you add those to your form you will be able to use that in your conditional logic. Let me know if you have issues.

Hi, I just installed and activated your plugin (v. 1.25) and I am not seeing any fields or anything at all related to it in my forms. I have Gravity forms 1.9.15 and I need to be able to email a custom notification to any user who fills out my form who is not from the US. Please let me know how I can achieve that. Thank you.

Are you able to export your site and database for me and email me a link to the zip file?

It’s not multisite. I’m afraid the company may not like the option of exporting it. But you have admin level login, can you see what you need on the live site?

we sent you the link via email.

Pre-Purchase Question: Can you setup city field auto complete with this plugin?

Hi. Cities is currently not supported. The free version of Cities for MaxMind database isn’t really accurate enough. So I haven’t bothered to include the functionality.

Hello Plugin Developer,

Is your plugin providing above functionality?

1. Auto detect Country based on user IP 2. Conditional Logic for end-user like if they are from US or Canada it will ask them for State/Province

I am waiting for your response..!!

Thanks, Purvesh

Awaiting for your response ASAP so i can move ahead and purchase your plugin.

Hi, Obviously late to the party on this :s . It will set the country based on their IP address. You can then use conditional logic to show a particular Drop Down with the applicable state/province.

The plugin doesn’t do anything with cities by Ip Address though.

Does this work with different cities in the same country?

Hi, No unfortunately it’s only Countries and Continents.

Does it check for city also?

Hi, not at the moment, sorry.

Hi there. is your script PHP 7 friendly? Recently updated from php 5 and getting alot of errors.

screenshot of error—

Hi there. That error is related to required extensions needing to be installed with PHP7. It looks like you may need bcmath installed.

Pre-purchase questions, is it possible to set specific currency based on user’s locations?


It might be possible to do this using the ‘gform_currency_pre_save_entry’ filter. You would most likely need to grab the $_POST data for your field and then write a function to override the currency.

I can’t guarantee you that it will be possible but it looks like it might be.


Hi – I have bought the plugin, but I want the “COUNTRY” drop-down field in Gravity Forms to auto-populate based upon the IP address of the website visitor. I can’t seem to make that happen. Is there an easy way?

My purchase code is: 0990b815-fbd3-4ccb-b78f-f26ed7516287

Hi. Apologies for the delay. It would be possible to use some Gravity Forms Hooks to set the default value of the country drop down based on the value that is in the Country conditional field.

If you hunt around for some sample code, look at gform_pre_render hook.

Hi Nathan,

We are getting this error message: (nb. i’ve installed the bcmath extension)

Sun Jan 15 21:51:35.175834 2017 pid 30353 PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined func tion gfgcfMaxMind\\Db\\Reader\\bcadd() in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/gravityformsgeoconditionalfields/3rdparty/MaxMind/Db/Reader/Decod er.php:259\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/gravityformsgeoconditionalfields/3rdparty/MaxMind/Db/Reader/Decoder.php(243): gfgcfMaxMind\\Db\\Reader\\Decoder->decodeBigUint(’\\x00\\x00\\x00\\x00XlV\\xE9’, 8)\n#1 /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/gravityformsgeocond itionalfields/3rdparty/MaxMind/Db/Reader/Decoder.php(132): gfgcfMaxMind\\Db\\Reader\\Decoder->decodeUint64(‘XlV\\xE9’)\n#2 /var/www/html/wp- content/plugins/gravityformsgeoconditionalfields/3rdparty/MaxMind/Db/Reader/Decoder.php(98): gfgcfMaxMind\\Db\\Reader\\Decoder->decodeByType



It sounds like bcmath may not be enabled even though it’s been installed as you say. You can verify with phpinfo();

ahh, good point – will give it a go, thanks for the quick reply

thanks nathan that worked. just an FYI – in the php.ini i needed to set

bcmath.scale = 2


I’m using Gravity Forms with the User Registration Add-on. Currently, we have two registration forms based on where the new user currently resides (at least where they tell us they reside). In our case, users from Canada are asked to complete one form, users from all other countries are asked to complete the alternate form. We do this largely to separate users into unique member directories (community roles in BuddyPress), whereby a hidden field in GF assigns the user to the desired community role.

It seems to me your plugin could do this on the fly so to speak, where conditional logic could assign the user role based on country that the Geo field recognizes. Does this sound about right to you?


Hi there. Currently the plugin doesn’t interact with User Registration Add-On. I’m not sure it would be helpful for you.

Pre-purchase q: would your plugin interact with Gravity Forms’ shipping field? I’m looking for an easy way to add different shipping costs to orders from same country | Europe | rest of the world. Thanks, Phil

You could look at using conditional logic on the shipping field maybe? When the Gravity Form is loaded, the value of the country is already set so in theory, it seems like it would work assuming the shipping field can have conditional logic.

Hi Nathan, Just purchased your plugin as it mentioned. Have updated the database but it’s displaying my country as unknown. I know Australia is not as well known as many, but surely?

Working on localhost so can’t give you access at the moment. Wondering if you can point me in the right direction.

Hi reneegade

Since you are working from localhost, the plugin won’t find a match. This is because your local ip will always be (or other depending on configuration).

Once you deploy the site to production or staging/uat (or setup port forwarding on your router and test with a live ip) you will see the country values.


Thx Nathan

I am using this plugin in conjunction with the Mailchimp GF plugin. When I activate the geo field, the form breaks. It doesn’t show up on the front end, and GF pages in the admin are blank (setting etc).

Hi There, So i have a question raised by one of my clients they are wanting hidden fields added to their form that geolocate the country and city. They only want the results in the backend in the email notification they receive does your plugin do this.

Hi Nathan,

When we move the wp-content directory (as per this plugin fails.

In the plugin_init.php can you please check for the existence of WP_CONTENT_DIR and use that if available instead of ABSPATH

eg: $plugins_dir = WP_CONTENT_DIR . ”/plugins/”;

Happy to provide more info if needed.



Just an update to this we are now using this in your plugin:

$plugins_dir = WP_PLUGIN_DIR . ’/’;

HI there, does this support the latest version of GravityForms?

Yes it does.